Daily Profit Machines Review – Easy $100 Per Day?

Daily Profit Machines Review


daily profit machines reviewIf you’re trying to earn a living online, the general benchmark for success is the $100 per day mark.  If you have achieved that, you’re generally considered to be earning a living.  And if you’ve figured out how to get to $100 per day, you can probably figure out how to go beyond that to $200, $300 or more.  Of course, getting to that threshold in the first place is quite a task, as thousands of people discover every year.

Daily Profit Machines says that they can show anyone, even complete newbies, how to easily reach $100 per day and how to scale that up to earn even more.  Not only that, but the Daily Profit Machines creators say that you can do this without having to create a product and without any budget.  That’s sounds like a tall order.  Is Daily Profit Machines a scam?  Read the full Daily Profit Machines review below.

Daily Profit Machines Overview

The basic Daily Profit Machines course is a video course, narrated by creator Richard Mortimer.  Daily Profit Machines consists of ten videos that run between four and twenty eight minutes.  In addition, there are a couple of scripts included that can help you set up your Website and sales funnel more easily.


The basic premise for Daily Profit Machines is that you’re going to build a mailing list and sell products to people on that list.  There’s nothing revolutionary about that; it’s pretty much how all Internet marketing works.  But the problem with doing things that way is that you’re going to have to build that mailing list before you can sell to your visitors, and that’s a time-consuming task.   Building a mailing list takes time, and even if you can somehow get a lot of traffic to your Website, getting those people to sign up for your list is pretty dicey.  If you can get 5% of your visitors to sign up, you’re doing well.

daily profit machines Daily Profit Machines, on the other hand, says that they have a method for getting a 100% optin rate.  That’s insane, and there’s a bit of sleight of hand going on in that claim, but their basic plan is that you’re not going to have to build a mailing list in the traditional way.  Instead, you’re going to sign up with a specific company that Daily Profit Machines recommends, and you’re going to buy optins for your mailing list.  You sign up with this company, and create a small ad, and the amount of money you’re willing to spend every day will determine how fast your mailing list can grow.

Once someone signs up for your list, they are automatically added to your autoresponder, and you can start sending messages to them to encourage them to buy your products.  After all, as they say, “the money is in the list,” and building a list by buying leads is certainly a quick way to do it.  On the downside, those leads are going to cost you upwards of 50¢ each, so if you want 50 leads a day, you’re going to have to spend $25 per day to do it.

The Daily Profit Machines sales page says you can do this with no money.  How does that work?  There’s sort of a loophole there; if you sign up with their recommended source of leads, you’ll receive an automatic bonus of $25 in your account, which should be good for about 50 leads or so.  You’ll have a hard time making any money with only 50 leads, though, so you really will need to spend a few hundred dollars per month just to get the leads.

daily profit machines scamYou’ll also need a Website and an autoresponder service in order to make the Daily Profit Machines system work.  The list of autoresponder companies that works with the Daily Profit Machines system is lengthy, but it does not include either Aweber or Trafficwave, so if you already have accounts with either of those companies, you won’t be able to use them and you’ll have to sign up with a company that’s compliant with the Daily Profit Machines system.

The videos in the Daily Profit Machines method are as follows:

  • Video one  Introduction (4:00)
  • Video two Comparing Optin Funnels (14:00)
  • Video three Software You Need (10:00)
  • Video four The Traffic Platform (32:00)
  • Video five Scaling Up With the Software Part One (24:00)
  • Video Six Scaling Up With the Software Part Two (17:00)
  • Video Seven Scaling Up With the Software Part Three (16:00)
  • Video Eight Scaling Up With Your Funnel Part One (20:00)
  • Video Nine Scaling Up With Your Funnel Part Two  (28:00)
  • Video Ten Summary (6:00)

There’s also a bonus video called Product Creation Mastery (73:00) that teaches you how to create your own products, though the Daily Profit Machines course stresses that you can sign up with various companies that will offer products for resale that you can sell instead of creating your own.

There are also three upsells offered with Daily Profit Machines:

  • 800 Subject lines ($27) – This is a list of 800 subject lines that you can put in your email messages to get more people to open your messages and therefore increase your sales.
  • Super Subscriber Profit Funnel Mastery ($47) – This course will teach you to refine the entire process of selling things to people on your mailing list by improving your sales funnel
  • 60 Days of One-on-One coaching ($197) This one’s self-explanatory; they’ll give you two months of hands-on help

The Daily Profit Machines videos are fairly easy to follow, but I think that if you’re a complete newbie and don’t understand anything about front end offers, upsells, and autoresponders, you might find the course a bit short on explanation.  On the other hand, as I write this, the basic Daily Profit Machines course is only selling for about $10 or so.

Within the course are numerous links to other products that can help you build your system, including hosting companies, autoresponder companies, and companies that can provide you with products to resell.

One thing that I don’t understand about the Daily Profit Machines sales page is the claim that you can earn $100 per day with this system with a single Website, but if you want to earn more, you can just build another Website.  Given that your first Website’s profits come as a result of buying leads from a specific source, I don’t see how building a second site is going to increase your profits.  Instead, you should simply buy more leads for the first site.

Does Daily Profit Machines work?  The entire premise hinges on whether those leads that you’re buying for 50¢ (and more) each are going to be immediate buyers of your products.  In my experience, the sorts of people who end up on these lists are people who get offers from dozens of people per day, so they tend to quickly get “burned out” on sales pitches.  That said, if you have the right offer, it might work.

Daily Profit Machines Conclusion

daily profit machines mehIs Daily Profit Machines a scam? No, it’s a complete, coherent system, that might work under the right circumstances.  I have my doubts about buying leads this way, as I don’t think these people will be buyers, but they will cost you hundreds of dollars per month (minimum) if you want to build a list of any size.  I also have issues with the Daily Profit Machines promise that you can do this with little or no money.  I’d say that if you don’t have at least $1000 to invest in this, you’re not likely to see success.  Will Daily Profit Machines work?  Maybe, but I wouldn’t recommend it for newbies.

I have to rate Daily Profit Machines as so-so. 


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