Dark Post Profits 2.0 Review – Useful or Scam?

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam?

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It’s always a bold statement to say that your product is the “best” or the “greatest” and that’s what Dark Post Profits 2.0 creator Chris Record is doing when he says his course is the “ultimate” Facebook ads course.  Dark Post Profits 2.0 is getting a lot of buzz and a lot of the big names have been promoting it, but is it any good?  Is Dark Post Profits 2.0 a scam?  Is it a smart buy?  Read on for our full Dark Post Profits 2.0 review.

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Overview

dark post profits 2.0 review logoDark Post Profits 2.0 is a new and improved version of the original course, which came out last year.  While portions of the advertising suggest it’s a general marketing course, Dark Post Profits 2.0 is actually a course on how to sell products on Facebook using paid advertising.  A lot of the emphasis is on selling T-shirts and how to design them, but according to Chris Record, you can actually use the Dark Post Profits 2.0 course to promote anything on Facebook.

The Dark Post Profits 2.0 course consists of more than 100 different instructional videos that explain the details of running Facebook ads, from creating your account to designing your ads, to targeting your demographics to deciding how much to pay.  There’s also a lot of emphasis on what sort of page you should use as a landing page for those who click on your ads.  While the Dark Post Profits 2.0 course claims to be newbie-friendly, it does get into a lot of detail regarding the workings of Facebook advertising.  There are also additional videos from “expert earners” which, in my experience, aren’t really worthwhile. Those videos are either motivational in nature, or they give you an overview of some process without actually giving anything useful away.  Still, it’s a nice addition to the course, and these “expert” videos aren’t being used as a primary selling point.


The custom software that comes with Dark Post Profits 2.0 allows you to keep track of your ads and comments.  By integrating with the Facebook API, you can have all of your pages accessible via a single dashboard.  The comments manager will allow you to view comments from all of your posts in a single place.  In addition, the comments analysis feature will let you see, at a glance, whether your comments are positive, negative or neutral, which allows you to quickly and easily delete them or provide a response.

dark post profits chris recordDark Post Profits 2.0 also provides a database of more than 10,000 Facebook ads that you can use as a resource.  They’re not just dumped into a folder somewhere, but are actually organized in a database so that you can find good examples of ads that are similar to what you might want to run yourself.  The best success often comes from simply finding what’s already working and tweaking it a bit for your own use.  That’s a better way to go, especially for newbies, than to try to reinvent the wheel.

The 100+ instructional videos are relatively short; they average about 5 minutes each.  That’s a nice change from some other courses we’ve seen, that have videos that run up to about two hours.  It’s much easier to learn when you can have a concept explained to you simply and quickly, via a single video that covers that topic only.

While the Dark Post Profits 2.0 course is centered around the popular T-shirt niche, Chris emphasizes that you can use this to promote anything – Clickbank products, MLM, local marketing and more.  The course also includes a case study that shows how someone made nearly $300,000 in just 16 days running Facebook ads.

The Dark Post Profits 2.0 course is thorough, and likely provides all of the information you’ll need to get started making money by running Facebook ads.  100 videos will more than cover the topics needed, and the additional materials make a nice addition, though they’re not necessary.

While Dark Post Profits 2.0 does cover the material well, it’s not without its problems.  First of all, the course is expensive.  Dark Post Profits 2.0 had a launch price of $297, but that was only temporary.   A few days later, the price has risen to $497.  That price point makes Dark Post Profits 2.0 one of the more expensive courses out there regarding Internet marketing, aside from the super-expensive seminars run by the big (and overrated) Internet marketing gurus.  At $497, that price is likely to deter a lot of would-be buyers, especially since you’ll also have to have a budget for running the Facebook ads themselves.

In addition, while the Dark Post Profits 2.0 course says it’s perfect for newbies, paid advertising is generally not the place for newbies to start.  If you’re new to trying to make money online, you don’t usually want to start with paid advertising of any kind.  You want to start with information about affiliate marketing in general, building a Website, finding products to market, choosing a niche and a marketing angle, and so on.   Then you move on to generating organic search engine traffic, perhaps by building a Facebook page where you can attract visitor.  Buying paid advertising usually comes after that.  The reason is simple – paid advertising can be really expensive and it can also be a really good way to lose all of your money very quickly.  You want to have everything else in place and working properly before you take the risks associated with running paid ads on Facebook or anywhere else.

Dark Post Profits 2.0 Summary

dark post profits - mehDark Post Profits 2.0 is actually a pretty decent course, and we can recommend it for anyone who is certain that they need to run a paid advertising campaign, that they need to do it on Facebook and that they have $497 to spare to learn how to do it.  As we’ve said, at $497, Dark Post Profits 2.0 is expensive, and there are likely more affordable ways to learn about Facebook advertising.  We do not recommend it for beginners or newbies, as buying a course about paid advertising is not the place to start and neither is spending $497 to learn now to make money online.  Newbies would be better off with an affiliate marketing course like Wealthy Affiliate, where they can learn from training videos that show them how to get started online and learn how to do everything you need to do before you start spending money on paid advertising.  Since Dark Post Profits 2.0 is OK for some marketers and not for others, we’re going to rate it as OK, with reservations.


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