Date of News Review – Stay Informed and Get Paid

Date of News Review – Quick Cash for Reading?



The number of paid news and paid survey sites that are springing up are growing in number so quickly that I almost can’t keep up.  They’re obviously attracting a lot of attention or they wouldn’t keep making so many of them.  The latest site that says they’ll pay you to read news articles is Date of News.  They’ll show you a list of news articles, you read one, and you get paid $7 for your 30 seconds of time.  Then you can do it again and again – up to 35 times per day.

date of news reviewDate of News sweetens the deal by offering an affiliate program.  If you refer friends, you’ll get paid when they sign up and you’ll even earn a percentage of their income when they read news articles.  This makes it possible to literally earn thousands of dollars every week for what is likely no more than an hour or so of your time.  That’s pretty enticing, so I thought I’d check it out and write up a Date of News review.

Date of News Overview

It’s easy enough signing up for Date of News; all you have to do is provide an email address and a password and you’re automatically logged in. You’ll also have to provide ID for a PayPal, or Payza account in order to get paid.  To read news articles, just click the “Read News” link at the top of the page.  You’ll see a list of recently posted news articles, along with the time they were listed.  Just pick one you like and click on it.


The Date of News articles are actually just a headline and a sentence or two, so it shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to read.  Then you click Confirm, answer a short math question (“How much is 16+20?” is a typical  one) and you get $7 added to your account.  Then you can do it again and again.  You can read 35 articles per day and that’s good for $245 per day, and it shouldn’t take but a half an hour or so.  You can earn more by giving your friends the special link that Date of News provides and they say they’ll pay you $40 for every person who signs up.  You’ll also earn 20% of what they earn.

date of news scamHow does Date of News make money?  They say that they get paid by news agencies to get people to read their articles for them and that they pass on 80% of that revenue to you.  They encourage you to post your link on Facebook or Craigslist in order to get as many people to sign up as possible.  There’s another advantage to promoting your Date of News link – in order to get paid, you have to wait 14 days after you reach the minimum payout amount, but they say they’ll pay you immediately if you refer five friends to the site.  That sounds great and easy and looks like a good, fast way to make a ton of money.  So what’s wrong with Date of News?  Is it really on the level?

Of course not.  Date of News is the latest site from a company based in Ukraine or Russia.  Their site is registered in Russia but the IP address traces to Ukraine.  The site claims the company is a few years old, but as I write this, the site has actually been online for less than a week.  It’s an exact copy of some of their other sites – Till News, Direx News, Grade News, News Range and others.

date of news articleThe Date of News site offers conflicting information about when you can cash out.  One page says you’ll get paid when you have $1400 in your account and another says you’ll get paid when you have $2300 in your account.  I wouldn’t worry about the discrepancy, since it doesn’t matter. Date of News isn’t going to pay you at all.

If Date of News isn’t going to pay you, then what is the site about?  There are several things they might be doing, but none of them are going to help you:

1. Harvesting email addresses so they can send out spam.  Russia is a hotbed of spammers, so it’s possible that Date of News is simply in the business of finding email addresses so they can send you endless dating and pharma offers by email.  It’s also possible that they’re just selling the names to someone else.

2. Hacking PayPal accounts.  If you give your PayPal address to someone, you shouldn’t be surprised if Date of News uses it to try to hack into your account and steal your money.  If they have tens of thousands of addresses, chances are they’ll be successful enough times to make it worth their while.

3. Collecting ad revenue.  All of their sites are full of advertising, and when they get tens of thousands of visitors to their site every day, a few of them are going to click on ads.  For them, the ad revenue is probably pretty generous.

What they aren’t going to do is pay you.  These sites have been online for months and I’ve yet to see credible evidence that this company has paid even a single person.  Still, in time, there will be comments below this review from people who say they’ve been paid, but won’t prove it, and other comments from people who say they’ve asked for payment and they’re certain that the payment is coming.  It isn’t.

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Date of News Summary

date of news - thumbs downIs Date of News a scam?  Of course.  No company is going to pay anyone to read news articles; business that create news articles don’t pay people to read them.  They sell them to people.  When was the last time someone paid you to read a newspaper?  If you think you’re going to make any money at all with Date of News, you are mistaken.  While you can make money online, you’ll have to take a different approach if you’re going to be successful.   If you’re really interested in making money, you should take a different approach.  Instead of wasting your time with Date of News, you should visit Wealthy Affiliate and have a look around.  There, you can learn about making money online from a community of people who have successfully learned how to build an online business that works.  That’s a better way to spend your time than reading news articles for no good reason.

Date of News is not recommended.


9 thoughts on “Date of News Review – Stay Informed and Get Paid

  1. Thanks for the info… I have experienced the same. My two payments are still pending and I haven’t received any of it.I better do read news on my own without being paid by some scums.

  2. I have not got paid yet I have two payouts that are way over the 14 day and I have sent many emails no responds I have contact ed a lawyer who is checking it out

  3. hi well I have not got paid yet and they do not email you back at all I have email they several times and have not got nothing back I just want to know what is going on with this website I would like to get paid am almost at my oether pay out and I have not got my first pay out yet this is making me very mad I do read all those stories and I don’t know why I have not got any money back yet please can yall email me back I would like a respone thanks advance

    • You simply need to forget about them and spend your time doing something else. They do not pay and there is nothing to be done about it.


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