Digital Altitude Review – $12,000 Commissions?

Digital Altitude Review – Are Huge Commissions Possible?



digital altitude reviewI think you’ll agree that the lure of big commissions is always a draw in affiliate marketing.  While it’s not the thing you should be most concerned about, it is the thing that most people pay attention to when looking to promote a product.  Everyone has a slight tendency towards greed, and products that offer exceptionally large commissions, such as Digital Altitude, tend to get more attention from marketers than products that pay less but are easier to sell.

If you’re interested in huge commissions, then Digital Altitude will definitely get your attention.  How huge?  With Digital Altitude, you have the opportunity to earn as much as $12,000 per sale. Yes, that’s a lot of money, and because of that, Michael Force and his Digital Altitude program are receiving a lot of attention these days.  What is the program all about?  Is it worthwhile?  Is Digital Altitude a scam?  Read on for the full Digital Altitude review.

Digital Altitude Overview

The home page for Digital Altitude says it’s a training program to show you how to create a profitable online business, much like many other programs that are out there.  That’s great; there’s nothing wrong with helping people create an online business.  In fact, it’s what I try to do here, so that’s a plus in the favor of Digital Altitude.


The Digital Altitude training materials are divided into six levels:

Aspire – Everyone starts here, and you pay either $37 or $67 per month for access to what they call “the most comprehensive digital marketing training ever developed.”  They say you’ll have access to sales funnels, tools, resources, and help from the community.

Base – Of course, the training isn’t sufficient; if you want to get more out of Digital Altitude, you’ll have to upgrade to the “Base” level.  Base gives you some additional tools, some extra shortcuts, and some unspecified resources to help kickstart your success.  The cost to upgrade to Base is a one-time fee of $397.

Rise – If you really want to succeed, you must first master your “inner game”, which you can apparently do by upgrading to Rise.  Here, you’ll learn about “key mindsets” and you’ll get, of course, additional tools and resources to “fast track” your business growth.  This fast-tracking isn’t cheap; it will cost you a one-time fee of $1497.

Ascend – In order to get the altitude promised by Digital Altitude, you have to Ascend, of course, and that’s the name of the next level.  This level, and the following two, offer in-person training for two.  Ascend is a 3 day workshop that’s held in Las Vegas, and here, you’ll meet the “world’s most respected experts” for a Digital Business Profit Workshop.  Sounds like fun?  Of course it does!  The “fun” you receive by upgrading to Ascend will cost you a one-time fee of $6997.

Peak – If you ascend long enough, you’ll eventually reach Peak.  Peak is a “Digital Business Prosper Retreat” for two that lasts five days.  You’ve already met the “world’s most respected” digital business experts; at Peak, Digital Altitude is promising to let you  meet the “world’s top thought leaders” to teach you about business success and management.  All of those insights from thought leaders will cost you $11,997, though you’ll only have to pay it one time.

Apex – No, the Peak of Digital Altitude isn’t the peak.  There’s something above the Peak, and it’s the Apex.  From here, you should be able to look down on everyone, because once you’ve reached Apex, there’s no where else to climb.  You’re there, and you’ll be there at a 7 day retreat for two that will teach you the art of wealth building and asset management.  Basically, they’re going to teach you how to handle all of the money you’ll be making with Digital Altitude.  There’s a cost associated with reaching Apex, and that cost is a one-time fee of $19,997.

digital altitude scamWhat happens next?

Your training at Digital Altitude will show you how to make money by selling products.  What products will you be selling?  You’re free to sell any products you like, but the Digital Altitude course is designed to help you sell…

…wait for it…

…Digital Altitude!  That’s right; Digital Altitude is a program that teaches you how to resell it to others.  After you’ve had your training, you go out and persuade others to join, and you will undoubtedly stress the importance of upgrading to each of the six levels.

Every time someone whom you have recruited upgrades, you’ll get a commission, as follows:

  • Aspire – You get 40% of the $37 or $67 that members pay for this basic level for every month they remain a member.
  • Base – You make 60% of the $397 one-time fee, though you only earn 40% if the Digital Altitude team has to help you make the sale.
  • Rise – You earn 60% of the price of a Rise upgrade, which is $899.  Again, the commission is reduced if another team member has to help you make the sale.
  • Ascend – You earn 60% of the $6997 price, for a commission of $4199.
  • Peak – Commission is 60% of the $11,997 price, or $7198.

digital altitude michael forceHow do you get the $12,000 commission?  You persuade someone to upgrade to Apex, and that commission of $11,998 is yours!

This probably all sounds terrific, and why shouldn’t it?  If you can get someone to sign up under you and they go “all in” and upgrade all the way to Apex, you’ll earn more than $24,000 in commissions.

Is there a downside?

Well, there is a bit of a catch regarding earning that $24,000 in commissions.  In order to earn commission at any level, you must first upgrade to that level yourself.  That means that to even be eligible to earn the $12,000 Apex commission, you first have to purchase Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex yourself.  How much is that going to cost you?

$40,885, plus a monthly fee of either $37 or $67.  Once you’ve purchased all of that, you’ll be in a position to earn those big commissions, and all you have to do to earn them is to persuade other people to pay $40,885 to reach those levels themselves.

If you haven’t signed up for a particular level, and someone underneath you signs up for a level that you haven’t reached yourself, someone else will get the commission. That’s a strong incentive to keep buying in to the Digital Altitude program until you reach the top.

Digital Altitude is a program that’s similar to MOBE or Empower Network in that you appear to be buying very expensive training that teaches you to sell the very expensive training to others.   Digital Altitude was created by Michael Force, a former Marine (mentioned often on the site, but why?) who has apparently been successful in previous marketing ventures.

What’s the bottom line?

We’re not real fond of programs that require you to pay money so that you can resell those programs to other people.  In fact, programs that do that run afoul of the laws of a number of states, though we’re not lawyers, so we won’t jump to any conclusions regarding Digital Altitude.  We will note that the Website is not registered in the United States, but is instead registered in Canada.

Digital Altitude Conclusion

digital altitude - thumbs downDigital Altitude is really expensive, so that’s going to keep the majority of people who might otherwise be interested away.  Yes, you can earn huge commissions, but you must first spend huge amounts of money to even qualify for those commissions.

While a few people will make a lot of money with Digital Altitude, most people likely will not.  This is due to the sky-high cost of reaching the top level, along with the difficulty of persuading other people to buy in at those prices.  You might be able to persuade a couple of people to do that, but to keep steady income coming in, you have to continually persuade more and more people to join, and they, in turn, must persuade other people to join and pay and then they must do the same.

Eventually, the world runs out of people, and that’s the ultimate problem with Digital Altitude.  The world just isn’t big enough.

We can’t recommend Digital Altitude, but feel free to check it out if you think it’s for you.


6 thoughts on “Digital Altitude Review – $12,000 Commissions?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is completely different. For starters, Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells. They have no product other than the cost of basic membership.

      Plus, Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that shows you how to make money promoting the product of your choice.

      That’s nothing like Digital Altitude.


  1. This is a great post!!! I tend to stay away from MLM’s like you mentioned here because you are right “The world runs out of people” and “most will not be successful”. I have watched many videos and and read many reviews on the Digital Altitude products and if you listen to most of these people and how they talk you can tell they have more experience than the average person that is not ready to get out of their comfort zone to venture these MLM opportunities. The common saying for negative reviews like mine is that people you say you that because I was not successful I “quit”, “gave up”, and so on. Perhaps they are right, but I am also a realist and I at least tried. My issue with this product is it represents Empower Network which is the one I attempted. I was jazzed to try it, however when I needed questions answered the person that signed me up barely know the products and was ONLY interested in getting people signed up.

    My other issue was there was not real quality information in the products, and the only way to get the best stuff was to PURCHASE expensive products. Not everyone has the money to do this and all they did was push, push, and push for me to upgrade to the next product which I could not afford. I reached out to my Team on Facebook and asked for help with little to NO help. The only help you get is call ENCOURAGEMENT, that does not provide the Meat and Potatoes of the meal, only the over priced appetizer. Now before anyone else comments and say’s I gave up. I would like to note that I payed for most of the products, went to the seminars on different occasions in different cites, and when I finally cornered on of the leaders he provide no value to helping me, I could of learned more form a book on encouragement. I put many hours, weekends, family time to make it successful, but after 2 and a half years and countless money wasted I had to cut my losses.

    When listening to the leaders at the conferences and FB team members and so on here is what they don’t tell on they were such a quick success:

    – When they started they already had a large LIST to use, boom quick money in the bank
    – They don’t share any of their secrets to help the new people so they hype you up to sell
    – They truly have a buddy system, meaning the top leaders help each other other
    – They never mention what happens when so many people join that the pool of people no longer exists, so when be people join and struggle to find others, they will do what so many others do, quit

    To me this is unethical and why I have issues getting people to join because when i rationally/logically/ethnically look at systems like Empower Notwork and Digital Altitude I fail because their products, cost do no make sense to me. If someone wants to make a true MLM that works and will help out the little guys, don’t pass up the money on the products if they can not afford the product at that time, help them build their business in-order to afford the next product then they wont miss-out on commissions. Now people will tell you the big difference is that Digital Altitude has coaches were EN does not, that may to true and cool, but the cost of the products still bother me. Apparently Digital Altitude also has many tools, well so did EN if you payed for them, my question to them is “do you actually have a product that sells and is not all about reselling MLM crap.

    I apologize for ranting and hope this information is informative to others. I always want people to be successful online without breaking the their bank, which is why I wanted to share my thoughts and experience.

    • Nicely put. With products like that Digital Altitude, Empower Network and MOBE, the focus is entirely on recruiting people, rather than the products.


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