DirexNews Review – Read News for Fast Cash?

DirexNews Review – Read and Get Paid


Note: We have no relationship with DirexNews.

Information is valuable and getting your information out to the public is important, so lately, we’ve seen a lot of sites that offer to pay you either for your opinion or for reading news articles.  The latest of these is DirexNews, which will pay you an average of $7 for reading news articles.  You can read about 35 of them per day, making it an easy way to earn money.  Or is it?  Is DirexNews a scam?  Read on for our full DirexNews review.

direxnews reviewWhy would anyone pay you to read news?  Most people in the news business are trying to sell the news, so it seems rather odd that a site like DirexNews would try to get you to read the news by paying you to do it.  Nevertheless, that’s how DirexNews works.  You choose the articles and read and they’ll pay you.  In fact, they’ll even pay you more if you refer other people to the site.

DirexNews Overview

DirexNews looks a lot like All News Round or Till News, and the site appears to be owned and operated by the same people who run those other sites.   Signup just takes a minute; you put in a username and a password and you’re good to go.  From the DirexNews site dashboard, you click on “Read News” and you’ll be given a list of articles.

You select an article, read it, and after a couple of seconds, you’ll be able to click “confirm.”  To confirm, you have to answer a short math question to confirm that you’re not a robot.  Once you do that, you’ll find $7 added to your account balance.  Then you can do it again and again – up to 35 times per day.


If you refer friends or family to DirexNews, you can earn a $40 bonus, plus 15% of what they earn, making it easy to pile up a lot of money in a hurry.  You won’t get paid right away; the minimum amount for a payout is $1400.  Of course, if you read 35 articles per day, you can get to that amount in about a week and even sooner if you refer friends.  Sounds like easy money, right?

direxnews_scamMaybe.  This just seems to easy, and there are a few red flags that pop up with DirexNews that make me suspicious about the site.

Red Flag #1 – DirexNews claims to have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past few months, but as I write this, a WHOIS lookup of the site shows me that the DirexNews site was created just yesterday.  That means that they’re lying about having paid out all of that money as no one has had time to earn any money on the site.

Red Flag #2 – The news “articles” are just headlines.  What possible reason could anyone have for paying you to read a headline?  There might be a reason for someone to pay you to click a link that takes you to an actual news site with a full article, but this is simply a headline.

Red Flag #3 – The math problem is what is known as a CAPTCHA.  While the site claims that you must answer this problem to confirm that you’re not a robot, the underlying code on the page suggests that you’re actually doing some work for them, rather than simply confirming you’re human.  More on that in a minute.

Red Flag #4 – DirexNews is an exact copy of several other sites that are already known not to pay people.  That’s right; when you reach the payout threshold, and ask to get paid, you’re not going to get paid.

Red Flag #5 – No way to cancel your account.  Don’t want your account anymore?  Too bad; there’s no way to get rid of it.

Red Flag #6 – The contact form doesn’t work.  It’s there, but it appears to have no function.  Don’t bother contacting them, as they’re not going to reply.

If you’re not going to get paid, then what is DirexNews doing?  It’s hard to say, exactly, but given how many sites this company has put online in the past month, whatever it is they’re doing must be working pretty well for them.
Here are my guesses as to what they’re really up to at DirexNews:

Harvesting email addresses – They’re asking you to post your affiliate link to Facebook, so they’re likely looking to market things to real people with valid email addresses.  Look for lots of spam in your inbox soon.

Hacking PayPal accounts  – PayPal has pretty good security against hacking, and you only get a couple of attempts to hack an account before you get locked out.  But if you have tens of thousands of email addresses, you’re likely to be able to hack a few.

direxnews scamPutting you to work – Remember that CAPTCHA I was talking about?  People who use automated blogging and comment software have to break CAPTCHA codes by the thousands, and they often have to pay services to do that for them.  It gets expensive.  It’s possible that DirexNews is functioning as a CAPTCHA-breaking site that’s disguised as something else and you’re really just providing free labor for someone.

DirexNews Summary

Is DirexNews a scam?  Yes, it is.  You’re not going to get paid.  You likely won’t be harmed, but I can’t guarantee that.  On the other hand, you’re not getting paid, either, so the best possible outcome is that you’re wasting your time.  At worst, you might have your PayPal account hacked.  If you’re interested in making money online, there are ways to do it that do work.  Instead of wasting your time with DirexNews, why not join Wealthy Affiliate instead?  Wealthy Affiliate is a site that offers training that shows you how to build a profitable online business.  Even though it’s free, you’ll have access to training videos, an easy-to-follow course plan and live comments where you can learn from others.  It’s a far better way to spend your time than reading “news” articles at DirexNews, which isn’t going to pay you and which may cause you some harm in the long run.

DirexNews is not recommended.


79 thoughts on “DirexNews Review – Read News for Fast Cash?

  1. trastnews.com is a scam. I have 3 payments in process. I should have received the first payment on 7/29/2015. They do not respond to messages either. There is no way to unsubscribe from or cancel your account. I also have a payment in process from Direxnews.com and grade-news.com. Same issues. They do not reply to messages and you can not cancel your account. I’m glad I did not link my bank or a credit/debit card to my paypal account.


  2. I happy to start this payment but since i cant get money today is 1st payment receive date
    But i cant get money,please do needful

  3. They are using Google Adsense in their pages, that means they are traceable.

    script type=”text/javascript”
    google_ad_client = “ca-pub-7728541990446085”;
    google_ad_slot = “7875676251”;

    also their counter script is based in Russia.


    • I usually have an ad blocker turned on, so I didn’t see the ads. I turned it off when I reviewed the first couple of sites from these guys, and saw nothing, so I didn’t disable it when reviewing the newer sites. Perhaps they added the advertising later.

      Yes, ads would be a good angle for them; they’re getting lots of traffic.

      I don’t see much point in tracking them down; you’re not going to get anything out of them. On the other hand, Google is likely to disable their Adsense account soon enough, as these people are definitely on the shady side.


  4. If they do not pay, I will make it my life’s mission to hunt them down and feed their own kids to them.

  5. You don’t get paid i am waiting on a payment and it says in process and nothing you email them they don’t message back. My friend is waiting on 2 payments and her first one she request almost 2 months ago. I do believe this company is a scam.

  6. Ashley Has Yet To Give Proof That The Payment is Real?? I Have Been Doing It For atleast a month and currently waiting on 2 payments.The First One The 14th and the 2nd the 24th. The Paypal account I Do Not Use So I’m not worried about them taking funds. I do suggest though that if you’re going to provide any card information do not use the card that your funds are mainly stored on. I used a prepaid card I barely use and linked it with my PayPal acct. Be careful!!!!!!!! And Ashley said she got paid her full amount but how when it says that it only pays out 70% of what we made Maybe she’s in on the Scam LOL

  7. Unless I get paid for this, I will go on craigslist and every other internet web site and make sure everyone is aware of the fact that you are frauds and scammers who just lie to everyone and don’t pay! You should all be ashamed of yourselves there are so many people out there looking for jobs and actually think they got lucky! then 14 days later find out that they never received their money!

    • I tried to make that clear in my review. In order for someone to pay you for something, there has to be some value to them in what you’re doing, and that value has to be more than they’re paying you. There’s nothing like that here. It’s just a scam.


    • Hey I know a girl that gets paid tomorrow she said that your account has to be at the $2,500 mark to get paid. She said a friend of hers has gotten paid, I’ll let everyone know.

    • Just talked to a girl that works for them, she said that you amount has to be at the $2,500 mark to get paid. She’s suppose to be paid tomorrow, I’ll let everyone know!! She said she has a friend that has gotten paid.

  8. Ashley you keep saying this is real and you got paid but not answering other questions! By far you really are the only one who got paid! How long did it really take for you to receive the funds? What did you actually do in order to receive the funds?

  9. Ashley you keep saying it works! you got your money! But why are you not answering the other questions?
    How long did it take for you to get your money? do you really have proof that this is legit and not a scam?


  11. Ashley I been waiting on my paid for almost 2 weeks on both website will it b directly fourteen days when I get my money please write me back thanks

  12. paypal said they need a transaction number I know I didn’t get one did you get a transaction number

  13. I cashed out it says proccessing.i will let you know what happends. I understand money us recieved 14 says after cashout unless you have 5 recruits

    • I have 42 people under me, and still have not received a payout. It has said processing for almost two weeks, and their contact form is fake, no code use for it to be active, and no reply from any email. I also sent a payment request from paypal, no luck yet…

    • They say they pay out individual for 14 work days n I been waiting for two weeks we should report this to the police is it a scam

  14. I cashed out. On direx news it says it is recieved 14 days after cashout. I will let you all know if I get it

  15. I’m Close to cashing out I’ll probably be cashing out by tomorrow I’ll let you guys know what happens

  16. I believe all these sites are scam they all get your debit or credit card information and then flood your email account. with these lieing emails even this scam report is fake they get your information too. they all are scams. just got a email from here.

  17. Luckinews.com is 100% scam company as it is run and operated by serial scam groups who are scamming people from many years by opening sites like “Lucki News”. The main concept site like Luckinews is to take the information from you and sell those information to the 3rd party. Any sites related with this group never pays to anyone because their business model is totally fake and no one can pay that much amount of money just for doing simple things like reading news article. These kind of sites are scam from its making. The other sites from same group are as follows:-


  18. And why is it that only one person out of hundreds maybe thousands of people that only one person is stating that they were paid, but no proof is provided and just makes it look even more forgazy.

    There’s no legitimate contact information and they never respond to emails and you have to wait a whole 14 days to get paid. You either have to wait a whole 14 days or have to wait till your pay reaches either $1400 to $2500.

  19. Can somebody capture and post a screenshot of proof of being paid from DirexNews or luckinews? I find it hard to believe that anyone would pay someone for just reading a headline. Proof would be suffice. Clearly it’s a scam, it reads so in the headlines… is all I’m saying.

  20. I want to see proof too. Somebody post a screenshot or something. Honestly I think it’s bs. Why would you be paid to read a headline.

  21. It was direxnews.com and no payment yet, been about a week. I put in a request for payment through paypal.

  22. Want to ask Ashley who she cashed out with. I cashed out with Luckinews on June 6. What Ashley should do is put it on Facebook and show people the proof because y’all is saying it’s a scam so need to no the true

  23. I wanted to as Ashley which one she cash out on and she really get paid if so show proof of it in Facebook I cashed out with Luckinews on June 6 if it true u can make over 2000 a week

  24. Yall lieing because my money just came on my card ,,,the whole amount i cashed out …all these websites work faithfully!!!!

    • hi Ashley I would like to know did ur money came on the fourthteen day cause I been waiting almost 14 days dats good enugh for me that ur money came

    • Ashley did you get your money in 14 days all these people want to know and I am sure that they deserve an answer if the Direxnews is a scam tell them the truth so that they can quit wasting their time.

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