Dollar Cell Review – $1500 Guaranteed the First Week?

Dollar Cell Review

Price: Free to join

Rating: (zero stars)

dollar cell reviewThis might be the easiest review I’ll ever write.  The real trick is to see if I can manage to write 1000 words about it, which is about the length I target when writing reviews.  I’ve been told about a product called Dollar Cell, and the Website says that it’s about “Earning from home, made easy!”

Well, I’m all about earning from home and I’m as interested in easy as the next person, so I thought I’d see what was up.  Even better –  Dollar Cell says they’ll guarantee that you earn $1500 your first week.  Oh, and it’s free to join, too, making it a no-brainer to sign up.  So I did, and in this Dollar Cell, I’ll tell you what it’s all about and what you’ll be doing to earn that $1500 per week.

Is Dollar Cell a scam?  Read on for the full Dollar Cell review.

Dollar Cell Overview

Dollar Cell is free to join, and there’s not a whole lot to that process. Like the paid news sites I’ve written about recently, this site requires a username, password and email address in order to sign up.  Nothing is confirmed; you just sign up and you’ll be logged into the Website instantly.


According to the Dollar Cell Website, you can make money easily by sharing your link with others.  Really.  That’s all there is to it.  I guess I can end my review here.

dollar cell scamDollar Cell gives you an affiliate link and tells you to share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, forums, etc.  When you do this, and someone clicks on your link, Dollar Cell says they’ll pay you (5-10$) for each click.  Note that they’re not requiring that anyone actually sign up; they’re saying that if anyone clicks on your link at all, you’ll earn money for it.

They then add that they have anti cheat software in place, so you can’t send a bunch of fake traffic to their site and expect to get paid for it.  Payment is by PayPal, Payza, MoneyGram and check.  The minimum amount that you’ll have to earn in order to get paid is $300.  After that, they say they’ll pay you right away.

There’s nothing else to the Dollar Cell site; the entire “make money” plan consists of asking you to share your link to their site all over the Web.  They claim that “We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our advertiser’s websites. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them and paid commission to you people.”

dollar cell scamThey must be doing that, because there’s a graphic at the top of the page that shows me how much money they’ve paid out today and when the most recent payments were made.  You can refresh the screen periodically to see the numbers change.

Here’s the weird thing – the numbers do change, but if you log out and log in again, the numbers go down.  Odd; if the page showed that they’d paid out $82,483 today a few minutes ago, why are they showing $68,527 now?

Odd thing, though – I can’t find any advertising on the site.  I usually use an ad blocker, but I turned it off for this site, just to try to figure out what they’re doing.  I don’t see any ads, so I’m not sure why they’d pay to get you to bring people to see them.

Another odd thing is that the navigation link at the top of the page that says “home” is actually a dead link that points to another site called  That site is dead, but I found an archived version of the site, and it simply redirected to Dollar Cell.

dollar cell ripoffClicking on the FAQ link at the top of the page takes you to a page that doesn’t exist.

I have no idea who owns the Dollar Cell site; the domain name is registered anonymously.  The site’s been online since January, 2016.  I also did a reverse IP lookup and found a bunch of similar Websites hosted on the same server, including one called and

Oh, one other thing about Dollar Cell that’s kind of important – they don’t pay people.  Apparently, there have been lots of complaints all over the Web from people who have reached the $300 payout threshold and then haven’t been paid.  Yes, this sounds an awful lot like some other sites I’ve reviewed.

If I had to guess as to what Dollar Cell is about, I’d say that they’re about harvesting email addresses.  There are lots of ways to do that, including automated ones, but it’s a whole lot easier to get someone’s email address if they simply offer to give it to you.  So, Dollar Cell is promising easy money to people who sign up, and to sign up, you need to give them an email address.  Why wouldn’t you do that, since they’re guaranteeing you $1500?

Once you give them your email address, it will likely go into a huge pool of addresses, and soon you can expect to see a whole lot of junk mail from people selling products in the dating and pharma niches.  There’s lots of money in sending spam email messages out, and even though the response rate is only about 25 per million, that can add up if you’re sending out millions of messages per day and you’re selling a product that sells for $50-$100 or so.  It’s a nice living if you don’t mind going to prison if you get caught, but these people likely won’t, because they’re almost certainly living somewhere where it’s difficult to catch up with such people.

Pros and Cons of Dollar Cell


  • Free to sign up
  • They guarantee $1500 your first week


  • They don’t pay

Dollar Cell Summary

dollar cell - thumbs downIt was a bit of work stretching this review for Dollar Cell to the usual length, simply because the site has so little substance to it that it’s hard to write anything about it at all.  The site promises that you’ll earn $1500 your first week and that it’s an easy way to earn money from home.

All you’re doing with this program is spamming the Internet with links to the Dollar Cell site and you’re not going to get paid for it.  In all likelihood, all you’re doing is helping spammers harvest email address.  Well, and wasting your time.  You’re doing a lot of that, too.  If you want to learn how to make money, there are better ways to do it than by wasting your time at Dollar Cell.

Dollar Cell is not recommended.



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