Dollar Zip Review – Make Money from Home?

Dollar Zip Review

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dollar zip reviewThe home page of Dollar Zip is pretty simple -it just says “Start Earning from Home Today!”  Sounds pretty interesting, and the site says that they have paid out 91591$ to users today.  It’s odd seeing the dollar sign after the number, and it’s that way all over the site.

It’s free to join Dollar Zip, so I thought I’d sign up and see what’s going on with the site.  Can you really make money with Dollar Zip?  Is Dollar Zip a scam?

Read on for the full Dollar Zip review.

Dollar Zip Overview

Dollar Zip is a lot like many other sites that I have reviewed, including Duty on Time, Duty Kid and the legendary Fifty News.  These sites all promise that you can earn money very easily by performing simple tasks that you can repeat over and over.

In the case of Dollar Zip, the task is simply to share a link that they give you. It’s an affiliate link, so every time someone clicks on your link, you will see $10 added to your account balance.


The Dollar Zip site says you should share this link on places such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, forums, chat rooms, blogs and other such sites.  To give you some added incentive, they’ve even given you a $25 bonus just for signing up.

The site says that they do this in order to generate traffic for their advertisers.  That seems a bit odd, since they do not have any advertising on their Website.

dollar zip scamTo get paid, Dollar Zip says you have to have a minimum of $300 in your account.  Then you can request payment, and they say that they will pay you via PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, a check or a bank transfer “at the end of every month.”

The FAQ section of the site says that some members are earning more than $300 per day and more than $5000 per month.

That sounds very easy, and I have previously posted my own link to some of these sites and yes, the money does add up very quickly – you can get hundreds of dollars per day added to your Dollar Zip account.

There’s just one problem with Dollar Zip and with every other similar site that this company owns.

Dollar Zip does not pay.

It’s really that simple.  They promise to pay you money for doing a simple task for them, but when people request that they be paid, they do not receive any money.

dollar zip freeThis is the way it works for all of their sites, and I have said the same thing in all of my reviews.  Despite this, people will come to my review pages and post comments like, “I have $1500 in my account.  How do I get paid?”

You do not get paid, because sites like Dollar Zip do not pay people.

OK, then what are these sites all about?  Why do they exist at all?  They do not have anything to sell and they do not have any advertising.

There are three ways that the people who own Dollar Zip might be making money from the site:

1. Harvesting email addresses.  You have to provide an email address to sign up with the site.  Email addresses have values, especially to people who advertise using spam email.  If you sign up, you will likely start receiving more spam than usual in your email account, because the people who own Dollar Zip are either spammers themselves or they are selling the thousands of email addresses they gather every day to people who are spammers.

2. Hacking PayPal accounts.  In order to get paid, you have to give them your PayPal email address.  Once they have that, they can try to hack your PayPal account, which would give them access to your credit cards or any funds you might have in your account.  This is fairly easy to do, since many people use the same password on all sites, and Dollar Zip asks for a password when you join the site.  Many people will likely use the same password at Dollar Zip that they use at PayPal, which makes hacking accounts quite easy to do.

3. Making money at payout time.  When you ask to be paid, you will be taken to a page that asks you to complete and offer.  This is presented as a security issue, but you will be asked to fill out a form for a chance to win a free iPad, or an iPhone, or a gift card, or some other item of value.

This form will ask for your name and perhaps your email address. Sometimes, they ask for a credit card number; it just depends on the particular offer.  These offers are known as “cost per action,” or CPA, offers, and they are a form of advertising.  Advertisers pay people who can encourage other people to sign up for their offers, because they collect an email address every time someone signs up.  They can then send out email messages trying to sell you other things.

Every time someone signs up for one of these CPA offers, the people who own Dollar Zip will earn anywhere from $1-$5.  It adds up, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of people visiting the site every day.

At the end of the day, Dollar Zip is making money from the site by encouraging you to get as many people as you can to visit the site.  You don’t get anything out of it, because Dollar Zip does not pay.

Dollar Zip Conclusion

dollar zip - thumbs downJoining Dollar Zip is a waste of time.  They promise that you can earn a lot of money by joining the site, but you actually will not earn anything because they do not pay anyone.

If you are interested in learning how to make money, you should try another program that actually works.  Dollar Zip does not work, and you will just become angry when they do not pay you.

If you post a comment here asking how to get paid by Dollar Zip, I will just reply that you should read this review, so why not read it?

Dollar Zip is not recommended. 


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