Dollars in Job Review – $5000 Per Month?

Dollars in Job Review

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dollars in job reviewEveryone wants to make money, and these days, the ticket to making money is to do it online.  If you can make social media work for you, then that’s even better because a great idea (or a bad one, alas) can “go viral’ and explode overnight.

That’s sort of what they’re promising at Dollars in Job.  They say you can earn money just by sharing a link on social media, and if you do that, you can earn $5000 per month or more.  The “job” you have to do is a really easy one, and they even give you a $25 bonus to start.  That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a look.

Is Dollars in Job a scam, or can you really make money with it?  Read on for the full Dollars in Job review.

Dollars in Job Overview

There isn’t much to the Dollars in Job Website.  Just a badly-proportioned photo of a young woman at a computer and links to register and login.   It just takes a second to register, as the site doesn’t confirm your email address.  Just give them a username, password and email address, and you can log in and see your dashboard.


The Dollars in Job dashboard is also simple.  You’ll see your current account balance of $25, because they give you $25 just for signing up.  Then you’ll see your referral link, (they add “for making money”).  There’s also a simple FAQ section that explains how the site works and what you’re expected to do with that referral link.

The way you add money to your account balance is simple.  You share your referral link with others.  For each person who clicks on your link and signs up at Dollars in Job, you will have $10 added to your account balance.  They suggest that you share you rlink on chats, messages, forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, Facebook wall, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Whatsapp, and advertising sites.

dollars in job scamYou share the link, others sign up, and you’ll see $10 added to your Dollars in Job account balance every time someone signs up.

To cash out, Dollars in Job says you need to have at least $300 in your account and at any given time, your dashboard will show you how close you are to that goal.

Dollars in Job says that they will pay by PayPal, check, Western Union, Payza, Moneygram or bank transfer at the end of every month.  The FAQ page says that some people are earning $5000 per month and others are earning $300 per day.

So what is this all about?  The Dollars in Job FAQ page says “No, we are not giving away free money. We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our advertiser’s websites. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them and paid commission to you people.

That is somewhat true, as I will explain in a minute.  First of all, however, I have to share something very important about getting paid by Dollars in Job:

Dollars in Job will not pay you.  They do not pay anyone.

Read that again, so that you understand it.  I say that because every time I review one of these sites, I start seeing comments at the bottom of the review from people who complain that they haven’t been paid.  That’s because Dollars in Job does not pay.

Dollars in Job will not pay you.

People will still comment and send me email, asking how they can get Dollars in Job to pay them.  You can’t.  They do not pay.

dollars in job ripoff

They want money from YOU.

So what is Dollars in Job really about?

They are trying to get traffic to advertisers.  That part is true.  What they’re not telling you is that they are trying to get you to pay them.

When you reach the minimum $300 that you have to have in your balance in order to cash out, a link to cash out will appear on the site.  When you click on that link, you’ll expect to see some sort of form to fill out so that you can get paid.

You won’t see that.  What you will see is a survey, or a form to fill out to complete some sort of offer for a free gift.  It might be a gift card, or a pair of sneakers, or a chance to win a free iPhone.  The offer varies every time you see it, but each time, you’ll see an offer for something that will require you to fill out a form.  Some forms will ask for just your email address.  Others will ask for a credit card number.

Once you complete the offer, will you be redirected to the place where you can get paid by Dollars in Job?  No.

What will happen, however, is that the people who own the Dollars in Job site will earn a couple of dollars because you completed the offer.  These are known as CPA offers.  CPA stands for “Cost Per Acquisition,” and advertisers pay people who can provide new paying customers to them, and once you fill out one of those offers, you’ll be on their mailing list.

Then you’ll start getting phone calls or email messages trying to sell you things.  Meanwhile, Dollars in Job earns anywhere from $1-$10 for every person who completes an offer.

So the entire Dollars in Job site is about getting as many people as possible to their site to complete the offers.  They probably make a few hundred dollars per day that way, and this company owns dozens of sites just like Dollars in Job.

Dollars in Job Summary

dollars in job - thumbs downDollars in Job will not pay you.  That’s all you need to know.  It’s a waste of time.  Can you make money online?  Of course you can.  But there are better ways to do it than with Dollars in Job.  Try one of those methods instead.  You’ll learn more and you’ll get better results.

Dollars in Job is a complete waste of time and is not recommended.  Stay away.


20 thoughts on “Dollars in Job Review – $5000 Per Month?

    • I cannot help you. Dollars in job does not pay anyone. Also, Dollars in Job is not my Website. I do not own it.


  1. i have 3445$ dollars in job,je ne sais pas la langue anglais, quand dollars in job payera mon l’argent à chèque ? aide moi et parle en français s’il vous plaît

  2. I m nt get paid on dollars in job website and I have 650$ today.
    I have tried my level best to withdraw but I can’t withdraw ithe.
    So you pepole also do not waste Time in this website.
    Thank you

  3. I m not get paid on dollar in job website and I have $430 this morning.
    I have trying all the way I can use to withdraw my dollar.

        • Their goal is to get you to sign up for advertising offers for which they get paid. It clearly works, as they’re doing this on hundreds of Websites. No, it is not honorable, but that is the business model that the site owners have chosen.

          Stay away.


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