Dollars Plug Review – Fast Easy Cash?

Dollars Plug Review

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dollars plug scamFew things in life are certain, but there’s one thing that is pretty much guaranteed – if someone builds a Website that promises people that they’ll make a lot of money without having to do any work, people will flock to it.  That’s exactly what’s happening with Dollars Plug, a new site that promises that you can earn $1500 per week by performing simple “jobs.”

There’s not much about it on the Website itself, so you’ll have to register to find out what the “job” is that you’ll be doing.  Since it’s free to sign up, I went ahead and did it and in this Dollars Plug review, I’ll let you know what’s going on.  Is Dollars Plug a scam?  Read on for the full Dollars Plug review.

Dollars Plug Overview

Dollars Plug isn’t entirely unique; it’s identical to a number of other sites that appear to be owned by the same people.  On the plus side, it’s free to join, so you just need to give them a username, a password, and an email address, and you’re ready to log in.  They don’t even ask you to confirm your email address, so you can literally type anything into the form.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your Dollars Plug dashboard.  There’s not much to it, as you can see in the photo.  It shows you your current earnings (you get a $25 bonus just for signing up) and the number of “invites” that you have.  “Invites” are what Dollars Plug is all about, so they’re kind of important.


You’ll also see your referral link, which is what you’ll use to do the “job” that Dollars Plug says will allow you to make $1500 per week.

So, what is the “job?”  The task that they ask you to perform is to share that link with other people.  They want you to send it out in email, post it on Facebook, post it in comments on Websites, post it in discussion forums, and share it pretty much anywhere that you can think of to share it online.

dollars plug reviewThat’s it.  That’s all they ask you to do.  Just share the link.  Every time someone clicks on the link and signs up at the Dollars Plug site, you’ll have $10 added to your account balance.  When your balance gets to $300, you can ask them to pay you.

Dollars Plug says that they will pay you via one of six different methods: check, PayPal, Payza, Western Union, Money Gram, and bank transfer.

That’s really all there is to it.  Dollars Plug says on their site that they are doing this in order to generate traffic for their advertisers.  They also add that they have a strong anti-cheat system and that they can tell if you are using fake traffic to bump up your signups.

They also add that if you do not log into the site for a 30 day period, that you will lose all of your earnings.

Those last two things are pretty funny – the anti-cheat threat and the threat of taking away your money if you don’t keep visiting the site.

Why?  Because Dollars Plug is never going to pay you.

Please read that again in order to make sure that you understand it.

dollarsplug scamOnce you have $300 in your Dollars Plug account balance, you can ask them to pay you.  A link will appear and when you click on it, you’ll think you’re being taken to a page where you ask to be paid.  What will happen instead is that you’ll be taken to a page where you are asked to “complete an offer.”

This will consist of filling out a form for the chance to win a free gift card, or a free iPad, or some other free thing.  You’ll usually have to submit your email address and sometimes a credit card number to qualify.   Dollars Plug wants you to think that this is some sort of security feature to ensure that you’re a human or something.

It’s not.  Getting you to complete the offer is the only reason that Dollars Plug exists.  That is how they make their money.

These offers pay well, particularly if you can have them filled out in volume.  A simple offer that requires only an email address might only pay 50¢ or $1, but if you can get 500 people per day to fill out those offers, it pays pretty well, especially if you have dozens of Websites that are just like Dollars Plug and you have hundreds or thousands of people sharing their links online.

Not only that, but some offers pay even more – up to $10 for every time someone fills out the form.

That’s what Dollars Plug is all about.  They’re promising you $1500 per week for bringing other people to the site, but really the only thing they want is for you and all of your friends to fill out offers for free gift cards or iPads.

You won’t get paid.  If you fill out an offer, however, you will start getting lots of email messages from advertisers.  Good luck with that.

Pros and Cons of Dollars Plug


  • It is free to join
  • It is very easy to add a lot of money to your account balance


  • Dollars Plug will not pay you
  • You will start getting a lot of advertising messages via email
  • They might try to hack your PayPal account

Dollars Plug Summary

dollars plug- thumbs downDollars Plug is not a good way to spend your time and you are not going to make money with it.  It’s a ruse, designed to get you to sign up for advertising offers for which they get paid.  You will get nothing.   This is where it gets fun for me.  I write reviews like this all the time and I emphatically say in the reviews that “You will not get paid.”

Every time I do this, people post comments saying things like, “I have $2000 in my Dollars Plug account.  How do I get paid?”  Apparently, people will see “Dollars Plug” at the top of the page and then go post comments without reading the review I’ve written that says that they are never going to pay you.

So I’ll write it again: Dollars Plug is not going to pay you. 

If you want to make money online, there are better ways to do it than signing up with Dollars Plug.  Try one of them instead.

This product is a waste of time.  Do not go there. Do not sign up.  OK?


5 thoughts on “Dollars Plug Review – Fast Easy Cash?

  1. You ppl am looking for a lawyer because I share and share and make 340 and cant access the form to get my pay out ok

    • I wish you the best of luck with that. You’re going to hire a lawyer because you believe that Dollars Plug owes you $340? How many thousands of dollars are you willing to spend paying a lawyer to get that $340 that you believe they owe you?

      I suggest that you simply forget about that Website and move on.


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