Drop Shipping Empire Review – Profitable Business in 14 Days?

Drop Shipping Empire Review – Two Weeks to Profits?



I’ve written a lot on this site about two ways of making money with a Website.  The first one is affiliate marketing, where you simply refer people to a product using a special link and you earn a commission when they buy.  The second method is direct retail, where you build an online store, stock products, and pack and ship them when people buy.  There’s a third method that also works well, and I haven’t written too much about that – drop shipping.  With Drop Shipping Empire, product creator Theo McArthur says she’ll show you how to build a profitable online store within two weeks.

drop shipping empire reviewDrop shipping can be a nightmare, but it’s also a good way to earn money if you can navigate the many hazards.  Theo says that she (yes, Theo McArthur is a woman) will show you everything you need to know to get your site up and running, and she’ll do it all for a relatively small sum, which as of this writing, is a mere $37.  That seems like a pretty good deal, so I thought I’d check out the product and see if it measures up.  Want to learn more about this great way to make money online?  Read on for the full Drop Shipping Empire review.

Drop Shipping Empire Overview

Drop shipping is a system of selling where you advertise a product for sale, but you don’t have to actually keep the product in stock, nor do you have to package it or ship it when you make a sale.  The packaging and shipping is done for you by the wholesaler, and you don’t need to purchase the product from the wholesaler until you’ve made a sale.  It’s a great way to offer relatively expensive products without having to spend a lot of money on inventory.  Drop Shipping Empire is a course designed to show you how the drop shipping business works and how to build a profitable Website using that business model.

Drop Shipping Empire is a video course, which initially had me a bit frustrated.  A lot of people are visual learners, and these days, video seems to be the preferred method of sharing information for any kind of course.  I’m not like that, though, and I’d much rather read at a pace that suits me than listen to a video at a pace that suits the person who created it.  Fortunately, Drop Shipping Empire offers two options – the basic course does come in the form of a series of videos, but each video is accompanied by a transcript in the form of a PDF file.  That’s great, because a PDF is easy to skim, and you can gloss over the stuff you already know, or skip back to re-read the things you’ve missed.  Regardless of your best method of learning, Drop Shipping Empire has you covered.


The basic Drop Shipping Empire course is set up in five modules, or “stages” as Theo calls them.

Stage 1 – Finding a product to sell.  This section of Drop Shipping Empire has five videos that show you how to pick a product.  It’s not enough to just find a product, though.  There are “rules” for picking a product so that you find one that’s profitable.  You want to pick a certain price point and you want to find one that has relatively little competition.  There’s also a video that allows you to gauge demand to make sure that there are buyers for the product you want to sell.  After all, there’s no point in selling something that no one wants!

drop shipping empire testimonialStage 2 – Finding a supplier.  This section of Drop Shipping Empire, covered by a single video, shows some recommended sources for products and some rules for selecting a supplier.  Most people might think, “Aren’t they all in China?”  Yes, there are a lot of suppliers in China, but ideally, you want to find one in the U.S. (if you live there) in order to avoid paying huge shipping fees.  This section of Drop Shipping Empire makes some great suggestions about finding reliable suppliers, as you want to make sure that the product and the support behind it are first rate.

Stage 3 – Building your drop shipping Website.  You’re not going to make sales if your site looks awful, is hard to navigate, or lacks proper functionality.  The third stage of Drop Shipping Empire offers six videos that show you how to build a Website, what pages the site must include, what features it needs to have, and why certain simple techniques can dramatically increase your sales.

Stage 4 – Launching your Website – Putting up a Website isn’t enough, so this section of Drop Shipping Empire is devoted to helping you draw attention and traffic to your site using Facebook, YouTube and an autoresponder service.  More attention means more visitors, and more visitors means more sales.

Stage 5 – The “Growth Hacking” section of Drop Shipping Empire offers a dozen ways that you can increase your sales and grow your business.  Some of these methods are quite simple, while others are a bit more involved.

drop shipping(Stage 6) Whiile Drop Shipping Empire is actually divided into five stages, there’s a sixth one, and it’s important – it’s about optimizing your site for the search engines in order to get the maximum amount of traffic from Google and Bing.  This section of Drop Shipping Empire includes 5 videos that show you how to get your site to rank faster, how to avoid having your site penalized by Google, and how to spy on your competitors to see what they’re doing.

An additional section of Drop Shipping Empire has several downloadable PDF checklists that you can use to make sure that you’re following all the steps and not leaving anything out.  This includes a basic business setup checklist, a growth hacking checklist, a list of more places to help you get traffic for your site, a list of tips for international (non-U.S.) sellers, and a bonus list of apps and plugins that can help take your store to the next level.

While the Drop Shipping Empire videos are thorough and cover the material well, I found that I was more comfortable reading the information.  The video quality is good, though the audio quality was just a bit muffled.  Plus, while Theo is articulate, she’s not an American and some people may have a bit of trouble understanding her.  On the other hand, the PDF files provided with the Drop Shipping Empire course accurately transcribe the contents of the video and they’re well-formatted and easy to read.

Drop Shipping Empire Conclusion

cash blurbs - thumbs upWhile I don’t write about it much, drop shipping is a viable and potentially profitable method for making money online.  If you don’t know much about it, Drop Shipping Empire is a great place to start.  The product is fairly priced, the information is thorough and well-presented and takes you step by step through the entire process of finding a product and building a Website to sell it.  If you want to do something that’s a bit different and want to have an online store without the hassle of actually shipping products to people, Drop Shipping Empire is a great way to start.

Drop Shipping Empire is highly recommended.

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