Duty On Time Review – $1500 Per Week From Home?

Duty On Time Review

Site: www.dutyontime.com
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duty on time reviewI’ve been giving a lot of zero star ratings lately.  I guess that’s because those sorts of products are pretty common and they’re more fun to write about than the average, run-of-the-mill product that kind of works, but not really.  In this case, we’re going to talk about a site called Duty On Time.

Duty On Time says you are guaranteed to earn $1500 in your first week by doing five to ten minutes worth of work.  That’s certainly interesting, and I’m all for doing little work while earning a lot of money.  I mean, who wouldn’t be?  So I decided to sign up and see what Duty On Time is all about.  Is Duty On Time a scam?  Of course it is, but I’ll write about it at length anyway.

Read on for the full Duty On Time review.

Duty On Time Overview

I’ve mentioned before that I like to write at least 1000 words when I create posts.  That’s partly to be informative, as writing more conveys more information.  It’s also because Google and Bing give more authority to articles with greater length.  That’s fine, provided that you can find 1000 words to write about a topic.  If I can’t, I usually move on and write about something else.  I don’t know if I can write 1000 words about Duty On Time, but we’ll see.


Duty On Time is a Website that says you an earn $1500 per week, by doing simple tasks.  The home page doesn’t exactly tell you what those tasks are.  Instead, they just tell you that you need to create a “Job Holding Personal Account,” that you need to log in to your “Job Management Area,” and that you need to “start work.”

OK, but what is the work?  The site seems similar to other sites I’ve reviewed, and might have been created by the same people who create all of the fake “get paid to read news” sites that I’ve been writing about for the past year or two.

Those sites claim they’ll pay you to read short news articles.  At least you’re doing something for the money.  In the case of Duty On Time, it’s much simpler.  What sort of work do you need to do to make money with Duty On Time?

Share an affiliate link.

duty on time ripoffThat’s it.  When you log in to your “Job Management Area,” you’ll see a screen that shows you how much you’ve earned so far (they give you $25 to start) and a referral link.  You also have a counter that shows you how many “referral visits” you have.

That’s all there is to it.  There’s nothing else to the site.  Duty On Time says they will pay you $10 for every person you refer to the site who signs up.    They say that you need to have a minimum balance of $300 to get paid, and they can pay you via PayPal, Payza, MoneyGram, or check.

What does Duty On Time claim that they’re doing?  They say that the point of their site is to “generate traffic to our advertiser’s Websites.”  The problem with that is that the site doesn’t seem to have any ads, nor does it seem to have any links to any other sites.  There’s nothing more to the Duty On Time site than what I’ve described.

You sign up.  You get your link.  You share your link on “forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, Facebook wall, groups, Twitter, pay to click sites, and advertising Websites” and they say that they’ll pay you.

They will not.  There’s no reason for them to pay you, since you’re not doing anything to generate any revenue for them.  All you’re doing is sending them traffic.  There are no ads.

duty on time scamSo, what’s really going on with Duty On Time?  My guess is that they’re harvesting email addresses.  Perhaps they’re spammers.  Perhaps they’re people who sell email addresses to spammers.  It used to be easy for spammers to harvest email addresses.  Over the years, it’s gotten a lot more difficult.  You used to be able to grab millions of email addresses from eBay, for instance, using bots.  They’ve long ago secured there site against that sort of thing, so it’s a lot harder for spammers to collect the millions of addresses that they need so they can spend 24 hours a day sending out junk mail for ….well, you know what for.

On the other hand, if you build a site like Duty On Time and you tell people that you’ll pay them $10 for every new person who signs up, then people like you will (presumably) start sending tens, hundreds, or thousands of new people to their site every day, with each and every one of them simply giving them a valid email address.  With a site like Duty On Time, they don’t have to do any work at all.  The email addresses will simply be given to them. Then they can turn around and try to sell junk to you via your inbox.

The people who run this site are certainly lazy.  If you look at the text on the home page, you’ll see that they mention “myearlycash.com.”  That’s another site they own, and Duty On Time is just a copy of it.

Anyway, that’s all speculation, but I cannot imagine anything else that they’d be doing with a site like Duty On Time other than trying to collect thousands of email addresses without doing any work.  You can rest assured that Duty On Time will not pay you, so don’t waste your time trying to sign up and please, do not send your link out to everyone you know just to try to make money.

You will not make money with Duty On Time.

Pros and Cons of Duty On Time


  • You can sign up for free
  • You don’t really have to do any work


  • They will not pay you
  • You will likely be helping spammers

Duty On Time Summary

duty on time- thumbs downDuty On Time is a waste of time.  They aren’t going to pay you.  If you want to make money online, there are better ways to do it than by joining Duty On Time.   I’d try one of those instead.

Duty On Time is not recommended.


29 thoughts on “Duty On Time Review – $1500 Per Week From Home?

  1. This is fake site.dont cheated by them.I didnt got money. This is time waisting..they are not going to growth more…they are stuppids..they will be cached immedietly..

  2. I have sighed up for it, reached over $300 and tried for a pay out. It lead me to another website to download a file and I had to go through offers to get my money. I did the offers, it was not downloaded. There is no number to call for support. So, it is a scam. Sorry folks.

  3. We should file a class action lawsuit against them for those who signed up. First, it’s false advertising, second, they are not paying what they owe. Since it goes over state lines, it becomes a federal case too.

  4. We should file a class action lawsuit against them for those who signed up. First, it’s false advertising, second, they are not paying what they owe. Since it goes over state lines, it becomes a federal case too.

  5. Bonsoir chers(es) amis(es) je suis très content de faire parti de ce site j’ai déjà dans une somme de 1075$,j’ai besoin comment je peux le récupérer bientôt par western union. Comment nous comte de me payer Mercie

  6. If the company States, you get paid at the end of the month, then wait till the end before calling it a scam.
    To start you invested no money to get started, therefore you were not scammed.
    You can also contact, PayPal if you don’t know how PayPal works they must certified this site, otherwise it will be Suspended by PayPal.

    • This company has built hundreds of sites in various niches – get paid to read news, get paid to take surveys, get paid to share a link. I’ve reviewed at least 30 of those sites over the past two years. On several of those sites, I’ve signed up, participated, and qualified for a payout.

      They don’t pay. Ever.

      All they’re doing is harvesting email address and enticing people to sign up for CPA offers for which they get paid.


  7. Esto es pura estafa yo hice mis 300 y nada q ver para cobrar eso es mentira hay q denunciar esta página por fraude

  8. I have already registered there and reached to min pay out of 300$ but no money recieved now i got realised that it is scam

  9. I have already registered there and reached to min pay out of 300$ but no money recieved now i got realised that it is scam

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