Easy 1 Up Review – $1000 Per Day or More?

Easy 1 Up Review


Site: www.easy1up.com
Price: $25-$1000


easy 1 up reviewIf you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re interested in making money online.  Not a surprise; a lot of people want to do that.  You’re also probably here because you haven’t yet figured out how to make money online.

That’s because it’s hard to make money online.  There are lots of ways to do it, but most methods require either a lot of experience or a lot of money to get started.

A new product called Easy 1 Up says that they make it easy to make money online, and that you can get started for as little as $25, but you can use their system to learn how to get commissions as large as $1000.

They even suggest that you can use their system to earn $1000 per day, which works out to $365,000 per year.  That’s a lot of money, and if it’s cheap to get started, and easy to do, then it’s something my site’s visitors will want to know about.

I decided to take a closer look to see what it’s about.  Is Easy 1 Up a scam, or can you make money with it?

Read on for the full Easy 1 Up review.

Easy 1 Up Overview

Easy 1 Up says that it’s a system that will show you how to create your own online business, and that they offer training materials to help you make money through affiliate marketing.

That’s true, sort of.  When you join Easy 1 Up, you’ll have the option of joining at one of five different levels:

  • Elevation – Costs $25 to join
  • Elevation Elite – Costs $100 to join
  • Vertex – Costs $250 to join
  • Vertex Elite – Costs $500 to join
  • Vertex Pro – Costs $1000 to join

Each level also adds a small “administrative fee” to the price.  It’s $5 for most levels, but it’s $100 for the Vertex Pro.


For every level you join, you’ll receive access to some video training modules related to some aspect of online marketing.

The product page on the Easy 1 Up Website shows you what kind of training you’ll receive for each level, and most of the training seems to involve aspects of affiliate marketing, though I noticed that some of the more expensive levels also include some modules on dropshipping.

easy 1 up scamThat’s all good and well, but I’m sure you’re wondering – “How do I make the $1000 per day?”

To do that, you’ll have to get people to buy the product that Easy 1 Up recommends that you sell.  What product is that?

You’ll be selling Easy 1 Up and encouraging other people to join.  Easy 1 Up is the product.

When you get someone else to sign up, they’ll be offered the opportunity to join one of the same five levels that you were asked to join.

When they sign up and pay, using the affiliate link that you’ve given them, you will get paid.


…as always, there are a few loopholes and conditions for getting paid.

In order to get paid for a particular level, you must belong to that level yourself.

If you signed up at the $25 Elevation level, and you give someone your affiliate link and they sign up for Vertex Pro at $1000, you don’t get that commission.  Someone else does.

For you to get $1000 commissions, you must first join Vertex Pro yourself and pay that $1000.

Unlike some other programs, you do not have to join every level.  So you won’t have to pay $25+$100+$250+$500+$1000 to become a Vertex Pro member.  Joining any level at Elevation Elite or above automatically gives you access to all of the levels below.

Still, to earn any commission above the basic $25 one, you’ll first have to spend at least $100 and as much as $1000 yourself.

easy 1 up make moneyAfter that, you can start earning commissions by encouraging other people to join Easy 1 Up.  The first time someone joins using your link and pays, you’ll get paid.

But you do not bet paid the second time someone joins.  That commission goes to the person who referred you to the Easy 1 Up program in the first place.

You get the first commission and every commission starting with the third one, but the second commission goes to your sponsor.

Of course, if you get other people to join under you, then you will receive the commission from their second sale.

And so it goes.  According to the Easy 1 Up site, all you have to do to make money using the Easy 1 Up system is to post something on social media, or send out messages to your mailing list.

You do have a mailing list, don’t you?

Oh, you don’t?  Then you might have trouble making money with Easy 1 Up that way, as creating a mailing list takes both time and money.

The Problem With Easy 1 Up

The problem with Easy 1 Up is very similar to the problem with the now-defunct MOBE, Digital Altitude, and Internet Business Kits programs.

None of them offered a real product to sell.  All you’re doing is encouraging people to join the program that you joined yourself.

You’re not really doing any marketing, and you’re not really selling anything.  You’re just giving money to your sponsor, and then you’re trying to persuade other people to give money to you.

That’s not marketing.  That’s what’s known as cash gifting, and in many places, it’s illegal.  Not only that, but Easy 1 Up says you can get paid to your PayPal account, and while I’m no expert, I suspect that it’s likely that the Easy 1 Up system may violate PayPal’s terms of service.

That means that if you use your PayPal account with the Easy 1 Up system and PayPal decides at some point in the future that Easy 1 Up is violating their terms of service, PayPal may cancel your account.

They also might hold whatever money you have in that account for up to 180 days.

Another problem with Easy 1 Up is that it just isn’t that easy to make those $1000 commissions.  Do you have $1000 to spend right now on a marketing program?  Do you know anyone who does?

It’s hard to find people who have $1000 handy to spend on anything.  You’re not very likely to find someone like that every day.

Pros and Cons of Easy 1 Up


  • Join for as little as $25
  • Training is included
  • Commissions as high as $1000


  • There’s no real product; you’re just selling memberships
  • It’s hard to find people with $1000 to spend
  • Similar programs have recently been shut down by the U.S. government

Easy 1 Up Summary

easy 1 up- thumbs downEasy 1 Up says they’ll give you training that makes it easy to earn $1000 per day in affiliate marketing.  That’s not really what they’re doing; they’re just trying to get you to join and then persuade other people to join, too.

That’s not really marketing, and you’re not learning how to sell products.  You’re learning how to get people to join Easy 1 Up, which is something else entirely.

There are better ways to make money online than Easy 1 Up, and I’d recommend that you try one of those.

Easy 1 Up is not recommended.


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