Easy Funnel Profits Review – Quick $210.92 Per Day?

Easy Funnel Profits Review

Price: About $10 (plus several upsells)

easy funnel profits reviewEveryone wants to make money online and everyone wants it to be a simple as possible to do. So we see a constant flood of products hitting the market with terms such as “simple,” “quick,” “fast,” or “easy,” in order to get buyer attention.  That’s certainly the case with Easy Funnel Profits, a new product from Michel Sirois and Jaason Lee.

They claim that their Easy Funnel Profits allows them to earn an easy $210.92 per day, and that they’ve made more than $150,000 with it in the last two years alone.  Sounds interesting, so what’s it all about?  Is Easy Funnel Profits a scam?  Read on for the full Easy Funnel Profits review.

Easy Funnel Profits Overview

Easy Funnel Profits is sold as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.  It runs about 35 pages or so, and includes a number of bonuses, including resale rights and a complete “done for you” Website that you can use to resell the product.


In addition, there are a couple of upsells, including a number of prewritten email “swipes” or sales messages and some custom consulting.  The basic Easy Funnel Profits product itself, however, is pretty affordable.  It’s sold on a “dimesale,” so the price increases after every few sales. When I reviewed it, the price was $9.61.

It’s important that you know that Michel and Jaason are in the business of selling Private Label Rights, or PLR, products.  That’s their primary business.   What is PLR?  Private label rights products are information products, such as ebooks, software, and articles that are sold with the understanding that the buyer may do whatever they like (occasional restrictions apply) with the products once they buy them.  They can modify them, rename them, resell them, and even claim the product as their own creation.

easy funnel profits scamThere are hundreds of sites on the Web that sell PLR products, and some sites have literally thousands of products for sale.  These products often include graphics and complete, “ready to go” Websites that you can use to resell the products.  PLR products are often pretty affordable, too, and many ebook courses can be purchased for less than $10.

The downside of PLR is that it tends to be “tired” material.  There’s little out there in the way of information products that hasn’t been around for a long time and little of what’s out there will offer anything new to anyone who might buy it or read it.  PLR products are often used as bonuses for newly created products, though.  If you write a new ebook and want to include a couple of other ebooks as a bonus to your buyers and you don’t want to take the time to create them yourself, PLR books are a great way to go.

I mention all of this because Easy Funnel Profits relies heavily on PLR products as part of their moneymaking system.  What they’re suggesting that you do is buy PLR products, repackage them, and resell them on a forum that is known for having a lot of buyer activity in the make money online niche.

easy funnel profits jvzooThe authors of Easy Funnel Profits say that you don’t really have to know anything to make this system work, and to a certain extent, that’s true.  The Easy Funnel Profits book suggests that you find a PLR product in the make money online niche that comes with a well-written sales page. Then you just rewrite the sales copy, rename the product, and offer it for for free on the recommended forum, where it costs relatively little to list a product for sale.

Then you give the product away in exchange for the email address of the people who want to download it, and once you have their email address, you can send them sales pitches via email offering to sell them other PLR products that you’ve purchased.

The authors of Easy Funnel Profits then recommend that after you’re done doing this that you rename the product again and repackage it for sale in a different marketplace that they recommend, only this time, they suggest that you recruit affiliates to help you sell the product in order to help you increase the number of units that you sell.

Once you’ve done these two things, you just repeat the process with a new product.

The authors of Easy Funnel Profits also point out that to make this all happen, you’ll need a Website, Web hosting, an autoresponder system, and, of course, some PLR products to offer for sale.  They were kind enough to offer many links within the Easy Funnel Profits book that give you the chance to buy those products – through them, of course.

Can the method described in Easy Funnel Profits work?  Sadly, yes, it can.  The marketplace that they recommend that you use to sell your products is one that’s known to have a lot of buyers in the make money online niche, and many of them are newbies who will see what you have for sale as something new, when in fact, you’ll likely be selling something to them that’s old, tired, and unlikely to help them in any way.

That said, you probably will make sales doing that.  The question I have to ask is “Should you make money that way?”  Yes, the Easy Funnel Profits method will probably work, but you won’t be introducing anything new to the marketplace and you won’t be helping anyone out.  You’ll just be making money selling useless content that others have sold many times before.

Pros and Cons of Easy Funnel Profits


  • Affordable product
  • Method might actually work


  • You’re just reselling product that many people have already seen
  • Numerous upsells

Easy Funnel Profits Summary

easy funnel profits - mehIs Easy Funnel Profits a scam?  Not really.  It presents a method that, if done properly, might actually work.  That’s the upside.  The downside of Easy Funnel Profits is that you’ll be preying on vulnerable buyers who are actually trying to learn something about a market that’s a really hard one in which to make money.  You’ll be selling old, stale, product to people who could actually benefit from something useful.  Whether that’s something you should be doing is a call you’ll have to make yourself.

I rate Easy Funnel Profits so-so.


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