Easy Video Suite Review – One Product Does All?

Easy Video Suite Review – Video Made Simple

Site: www.easyvideosuite.com

I’ll get right to the point.  I don’t like video.  I don’t mean in general; I live movies and I watch as much television as anyone.  But I don’t like marketing video.  I don’t like making them, or posting them, or hosting them, or watching them.  That does make me a bit odd, as most marketers use video aggressively in promoting products and studies have shown that having video on your Website keeps your visitors on the site longer than if you only have text and graphics.  The creators of Easy Video Suite have built this tool with people like me in mind, and they claim that Easy Video Suite is the one tool that does everything.

easy video suite reviewEasy Video Suite is designed to help you create and edit videos, but it does more than that.  It will also upload them to your Amazon S3 account, convert your files to multiple formats for mobile and desktop users, and allow you to add comments, notations, ads and more.  You can also control everything from a single dashboard, and you can buy it for one price.  Sounds good, so I thought I’d check it out.  Is Easy Video Suite a scam?  Read on for our full Easy Video Suite review.

Easy Video Suite Overview

You buy and download Easy Video Suite at the main site.  Price as I write this is $197, with a $97 upsell that includes a commercial license that removes all branding from the product and allows you to create videos for resale. Depending on what you’re using Easy Video Suite for, the upsell may be useful too you.  The price of $197 isn’t cheap, but it does compare favorably to Camtasia, which is perhaps the most popular screen capture recording tool and which sells for $299 and doesn’t include some of the features that you’ll find in Easy Video Suite.

Easy Video Suite, first and foremost, has the ability to accept video from a camera, if that’s your style, or it can record from the screen directly.  If you have a microphone, you can do things on screen and narrate while you do them, and then convert that demonstration into a finished video.  There’s a built in whiteboard feature, too, so you can scribble things on a whiteboard, as these sorts of videos are rather popular these days.


Once you’re done with that, you can use Easy Video Suite to edit the product, and then you can tweak your video by adding optin buttons, “Buy Now” buttons and more.  The system even allows you to create multiple versions of the same video and do split testing to compare one version to the other to see which one is generating more sales, more clickthroughs or more optins.  It’s all done with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, which makes it a good tool for newbies.

easy video suiteNot only can you edit your video or add buttons to it, but Easy Video Suite also allows you create custom landing pages.  You can add headlines, text, social media sharing buttons and more, and you can do it in seconds. Then you just cut and paste the HTML code that Easy Video Suite provides and you’ve got a squeeze page, sales page or landing page, all done with drag and drop ease.

Easy Video Suite includes built in search engine optimization, or SEO features, making it easier for people to find your videos.   You can add titles, keywords, descriptions to your videos and Easy Video Suite will even create a video sitemap for your site.  This makes it much easier to get your videos ranked in the search engines.

Video conversion can be a nuisance, as there are a number of different formats out there and you never know what kind of device your site visitors will be using to watch your video.  Easy Video Suite takes the drama out of that; you can import video in a variety of formats, and the software will automatically generate multiple versions of the product for you.  When someone visits your site, the software will detect their device and show them the version of the video that’s optimized for their device.

using easy video suiteIf you’re worried about security, Easy Video Suite has some pretty good feature for protecting your video.  The links and code generated by the software provide no clue as to where your video files actually reside, making it difficult for anyone to rip or copy your files.  You can also provide a list of specific sites that are permitted to display your videos and the video won’t play elsewhere.  As this software was created by marketers, they understand the importance of being able to protect content.

One good point, though possibly a bad one, is the fact that Easy Video Suite is designed to work with Amazon S3.  That’s Amazon’s cloud storage, and it’s a great place to host your videos as S3 is both robust and affordable.  It’s always going to work, it’s always secure, and it’s not very expensive to use.  That makes Amazon S3 a favorite among marketers of all kinds.  On the downside, using Amazon S3 is a requirement for those purchasing Easy Video Suite, so if it’s not in your budget to get an S3 account, you might want to think about it before you make the decision to purchase Easy Video Suite.

Easy Video Suite Summary

easy video suite- thumbs upAs I mentioned earlier, I don’t care for video much and I don’t like having to buy a bunch of video tools for creating, editing, uploading and otherwise manipulating video.  It appears that Easy Video Suite does a good job of doing all of those things, plus it has the ability to embed buy and optin buttons into the video and the ability to create landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages all within one, easy to use interface.  While the price of Easy Video Suite isn’t exactly cheap, it’s a good value when compared with other similar products, many of which don’t do everything that this one product can do.  Is Easy Video Suite a scam?  No.  In fact, it’s a very good product.

Easy Video Suite is highly recommended.


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