Easy5Now Review – The Ultimate Money Making Machine?

Easy5Now Review – Quick PayPal Cash?



I’m always attracted to products that promise to stuff your PayPal account full of cash in a short period of time.  Part of the appeal is that such products are usually a bit offbeat and part of it is that such products tend to be pretty popular.  Who wouldn’t want to have their PayPal account stuffed full of cash, as Easy5Now promises?  In fact, the Easy5Now sales page says that you can earn $3000 a month or more working just 2 hours per week.

easy5now reviewThat’s pretty interesting, especially when you see that Easy5Now sells for a whopping $4.99.  OK, a system that offers the chance to earn $3000 per month for a $5 investment sounds pretty intriguing, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what’s going on.  Chances are good that you’ve read about the product on Facebook or heard about it from friends, so I’ll do you a favor and tell you what’s what, including what you’ll find on the inside in the member’s area.  Read on for my full Easy5Now review.

Easy5Now Overview

The Easy5Now sales page is pretty elusive; it doesn’t offer a lot of information about the product, aside from showing a picture of four ebooks and telling you that you’ll make your money by placing ads, and that they’ll tell you where to place the ads and what they need to say.  After that, you’re asked to signup by paying $5 through either PayPal or Clickbank.  Once you do, you’ll get access to the Easy5Now members’ area, where you’ll find full instructions and all the tools you need.


Easy5Now promises to give you your very own Website.  That’s not really the case; what you’re getting is a series of Web pages on the main Easy5Now site.  Your pages will have a URL that reads something like Easy5Now.com/r/your_name so that’s not really a Website, and if you were interested in drawing search engine traffic, you’d have a huge problem with such a page, due to the fact that search engines tend to ignore duplicate content, and every page on the Easy5Now site is pretty much identical – every member gets the same page.

You don’t get just one page; you actually get about a dozen.  Some offer variations on the basic Easy5Now sales page and others are “lead capture” pages that allow you to build a mailing list by giving away one of the free ebooks you receive with your Easy5Now membership.

easy5now scamWhat you need to do to make money with Easy5Now is to get other people to sign up for Easy5Now using your special pages.  When they sign up for $4.99, you get all of it, paid right to your PayPal account.  Then the people who buy from you will get access to the members’ area, where they will be given their own page and instructions to get people to buy Easy5Now from them.

The Easy5Now members’ area includes nearly two dozen pre-written text ads, along with a list of a number of places where you can run those ads to get people to sign up for Easy5Now using your Web page.  You also get some instructions about how to run email ads, with stern warnings against engaging in spamming to sell the product.

Your Easy5Now membership also includes access to five ebooks:

  • Marketers Guide to Resell Rights – a book about making money with resell rights
  • Affiliate Marketing Masterplan – a book about affiliate marketing in general
  • My First Internet Business – a book about building an Internet business
  • Plus Authority – a book about leveraging Google+ for profit
  • The Money is in the List – a book about making money with mailing lists

These books are all older Private Label Rights (PLR) products that have been around a while and aren’t particularly revolutionary.  You do get full rights with them – you can read them, ignore them, give them away, or even resell them if you like.

Your Easy5Now Web pages also give you the opportunity to build a mailing list by giving these books away.

easy5now systemYou actually get quite a lot for your $4.99 purchase, and part of the appeal of buying Easy5Now is that it’s really cheap.  People will throw down $4.99 on a lark, and they’re not too worried about getting ripped off because it’s only $5 or so.

So, is it possible to make money with Easy5Now?  Possibly, but you’re going to have to consider a few factors before you get started:

  • Most people are going to be using the advertising sources that Easy5Now recommends.  What’s wrong with that?  Those places are going to be saturated with people reselling Easy5Now, so you’re going to have a lot of competition.
  • Easy5Now doesn’t really offer a product; you’re just reselling what you just bought.  Markets for products like that get saturated pretty quickly and after a few thousand copies are sold, you eventually run out of people to buy.

The thing that baffled me about Easy5Now is this – how is the owner/creator of the product making money?  They’re selling the product for $4.99 and if you buy it directly from them, they’ll get the money, but if you buy it from someone who bought it already, then they get the money.  In that case, the product owner and creator of the Easy5Now Website would seemingly get nothing.

No one goes into business to make no money, and no one is going to build and maintain a Website with a members’ area if they’re not getting anything out of it.  There is one upsell offered within the Easy5Now members’ area – an advertising program that they claim will make it easier for you to make money with the program.  This advertising program, called BMID Trafficbox, is a “specialized advertising and traffic network” that comes with a $9.97 monthly fee (or an annual fee of $99.97).  It’s optional, but the owner of Easy5Now isn’t pushing it too hard.

And then I realized how the owner of Easy5Now is making money.  While the money for the basic product is mostly going to people who are reselling the program, everyone has to sign up and work from a common Website – the Easy5Now site.  And while the owner of Easy5Now isn’t getting the money from the $4.99 sales, they are getting something that’s worth a whole lot more than that from every sale, whether they’re making that sale themselves or not.

They’re getting the email address of every single paying member.

What Easy5Now is really about is this – the creator of Easy5Now has put together a system where they’re getting hundreds or even thousands of people to help build a gigantic mailing list for them.  That means that the owner of the product can mail out offers regularly to every single person on that list, regardless of who sold the product to them.

$4.99 isn’t much, but the accepted wisdom in the Internet marketing world is that a mailing list is worth approximately $1 per month for every member on the list.  If your list consists of 1 person, you might earn $12 per year that way by mailing offers to one person.  But if your list has 100,000 people on it, you might be earning more than a million dollars per year that way, and the creator of Easy5Now is likely doing very well by mailing offers to their mailing list – a list they didn’t even create themselves!

Easy5Now Summary

easy5now - thumbs downIs Easy5Now a scam?  I’ll stop short of saying that, but as money making products go, this one is pretty light on substance and it’s not likely to make money for anyone but the owner.  Easy5Now reminds me of a low-budget version of another product I reviewed a while back called Internet Business Kits. That product was a lot more expensive, at $197, compared to $4.99 for Easy5Now.  That said, the Easy5Now product is essentially the same – you’re really selling something with no substance.  You’re just selling the right to resell the same thing that you just bought.  That can potentially get you in trouble with PayPal, as that company really doesn’t like Internet marketing at all.  The worst case scenario is that you might have your PayPal account canceled and you’ll have to forfeit any funds you have in that account.

I wouldn’t risk that, even for $4.99, so despite the really low price, I can’t recommend that you buy Easy5Now.






4 thoughts on “Easy5Now Review – The Ultimate Money Making Machine?

  1. how can easy 5 now be a scam . they don’t even touch your money . you are paid directly into your paypal account
    and what’s wrong with a system that can make 5 over and over again

    • I did not say it was a scam. I said it wasn’t a very good product. It isn’t.

      You won’t make $5, and you certainly won’t make $5 over and over again, because the Website that they give you won’t rank in Google. You’ll be forced to use paid traffic to get people to your page…so they can give you $5.

      The entire point of this system is to get your name on the product creator’s mailing list so that he can sell things to you.

      If you’re OK with that, go ahead and sign up.


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