Elite Mystery Shopper Review – Get Paid to Shop?

Elite Mystery Shopper Review – Cash for Shopping?



People like to shop.  People like to make money.  People love to make money doing things that they enjoy.  So if you like to shop and could get paid for doing it, would you be interested?  Lots of people are and Elite Mystery Shopper says you can earn hundreds per week using their system to become a “mystery shopper,” where you get paid to go shopping on someone else’s behalf.  How does that work?

elite mystery shopper reviewMystery shopping is a sort of a quality control system, used by large retailers to test their own customer service and to ensure that the public is treated well by their staff.  These companies hire third parties, who, in turn, hire independent contractors who are sent to stores, restaurants and other public businesses to make purchases.  These contractors then submit reports that describe their experience at those businesses in detail.  The retailers can then use those reports to find deficiencies in their customer service and improve them.  These contractors get paid to do this, and Elite Mystery Shopper says they’ll show you how to become one.   Can you really make money as a mystery shopper?  Read on for the full Elite Mystery Shopper review.

Elite Mystery Shopper Overview

Elite Mystery Shopper is a membership site with a modest, one time fee to join.  Once you’re inside, you’ll have access to the Elite Mystery Shopper members dashboard, where you’ll be able to download the “online course” that shows you the ins and outs of becoming a mystery shopper.  You’ll also have access to a list of 175 companies that frequently hire such shoppers.  After all, in order to make money this way, you need to know who is doing the hiring!


In addition to the above, you’ll receive the following bonuses when you purchase Elite Mystery Shopper:

  • Earn money with online surveys – an ebook that shows you how you can make money taking surveys online
  • A list of 160 online survey companies
  • Get paid to read email – a book that claims to show you how to make money using a program called Inbox Dollars
  • 250 free business cards from VistaPrint

elite mystery shopper scamThe Elite Mystery Shopper “online course” isn’t really online, and it isn’t really a course, either.  What it is is a 12 page PDF file that explains in some detail what’s involved in the mystery shopping game:

  • What is mystery shopping?
  • Why do companies hire such people?
  • Types of shopping jobs
  • Costs and reimbursement
  • Types of businesses that use mystery shoppers
  • Qualifications for becoming a shopper
  • Can I really make money this way?
  • Getting started as a mystery shopper
  • List of Top 10 Mystery Shopper Websites
  • Pitfalls in the shopping world
  • Checklist of things to do before applying for a shopping job
  • How to get repeat business
  • Dictionary of industry terms

That’s pretty much all that’s involved in the Elite Mystery Shopper course, and it’s covered in 12 pages that carry a 2010 copyright date.  The course is pretty straightforward and easy to understand.  It’s worth noting that some of the links in the “top 10” list are dead and no longer work.  It’s also worth noting that a lot of the links in the list of 175 companies that hire mystery shoppers don’t work, either, so some of what you’re paying for when you buy Elite Mystery Shopper isn’t actually being provided.

The Elite Mystery Shopper bonus items are essentially junk; there’s no money to be made taking online surveys, and I’ve written about online survey scams many times in the past.   The free business cards are just an opportunity for the Elite Mystery Shopper staff to make some money from you through the VistaPrint affiliate program.

elite mystery shoperSo, what about mystery shopping in general?  Yes, there are such things as mystery shoppers and yes, companies actually pay people to go out and do business with retail establishments to write reports about their experience.  Can you make hundreds of dollars per week this way?  It’s possible that a few people do, but many of these “jobs” only pay $5-$15 each, and you don’t get paid for mileage or time.  You might, in some cases, get to keep the merchandise that you purchase (you can’t return a meal) but in other cases, you’ll be reimbursed for the merchandise that you buy and you’ll have to send it to the company.

The way to make more money in this business is to get jobs on a regular basis, and this involves establishing yourself as someone who is prompt, courteous and someone who is capable of writing in-depth, literate reports about your experience.  You’ll also probably need to sign up with a number of different companies in order to find a lot of work and this will work best if you live in a major city.  If you live in the suburbs or in a small town, you’re probably out of luck.

Most people engage in mystery shopping because they think it’s fun and not because they expect to make a lot of money that way.  There’s not really a career there, and your first clue about that should come from the fact that the bonuses that you receive when you buy Elite Mystery Shopper are books about other ways to make money.  If Elite Mystery Shopper can provide you with a living, then why would you need a book about online surveys?

It’s also worth noting that there’s no reason to purchase Elite Mystery Shopper if you want a job as a mystery shopper.  Most of the information contained in the Elite Mystery Shopper course is freely available on the Website of just about any company that hires such shoppers and yes, there are a lot of them.  Want to find them? Just do a Web search. You’ll find plenty of companies that hire such people and you’ll find all the information you could ever want about how the process works.

Elite Mystery Shopper Summary

elite mystery shopper - mehThe Elite Mystery Shopper course does cover the basics of making money as a mystery shopper and they do provide a list of many companies that hire such people.  While the list has a lot of dead links, most of them do work, so there might be some value in having that list, as well as the short course about how the process works.  The bonuses  offered with Elite Mystery Shopper are worthless, but the cost of the product is relatively affordable, so you might find Elite Mystery Shopper to be of some value to you.  Keep in mind that you might earn a few dollars a week this way but you’re not likely to be able to earn a living as a mystery shopper.

Elite Mystery Shopper is rated so-so.  Some of you may like it, but many of you will find it unnecessary.

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