Email Processing 4 Cash – Get Paid for Sending Email?

Email Processing 4 Cash – Easy Money or Scam?


This is one of the strangest reviews I’ve ever written.  This Email Processing 4 Cash review was inspired by a review I saw of a product called EPS Prosperity Hotline, a product that says they’ll show you how to earn $25 every time you send out an email message.  The strange thing about this Email Processing 4 Cash review is that it appears to be a “zombie product.”  It’s both dead and alive at the same time.

email processing 4 cash review The idea that you can make money sending out email is rather an odd one.   Of course, you can make money (and possibly go to jail) by sending out spam, but this is a case of allegedly being able to make money by sending out email to people who request it.  That’s a bit different, so I thought I’d check it out.  This review will cover both Email Processing 4 Cash and EPS Prosperity Hotline as well as every other program that involves email processing jobs – they’re all the same, as you’ll soon see.

Email Processing 4 Cash Overview

The premise behind Email Processing 4 Cash is simple.  You pay them $25 (or $35, which is what EPS Prosperity Hotline asks; the programs are identical) and they’ll show you how to make money by sending out email.  For your money, you get a special set of instructions that tell you to place ads on Craigslist.  They’ll tell you to place ads in three different cities, and as it’s Craigslist, you should be able to place the ads for free.  When people reply to your ads, you tell them that for $25 (or $35, depending on the program) you’ll send them everything they need to know.


What you’ll be sending them when they pay for Email Processing 4 Cash is a link to a Website where they will themselves receive instructions about placing ads on Craigslist that tell people how they can make money through email processing jobs.  Yes, it’s the same “circle of money” that we first saw with a program called Internet Business Kits.  That program offered you to tell you how to get people to send you $150.  All you had to do to find out how was to pay someone $150 to tell you…to tell someone to give you $150.

eps prosperity hotline review

Look – same graphic!

So it is with Email Processing 4 Cash and EPS Prosperity Hotline.  There is no money to be made with email processing jobs.   If you’ve paid for Email Processing 4 Cash, it’s probably because you saw an ad somewhere.  You paid them, and then they told you to place ads somewhere, and when someone pays you, you’ll tell them to place ads somewhere telling people how they can make money with email processing jobs.

The Email Processing 4 Cash Zombie Program

Earlier in this review, I mentioned that Email Processing 4 Cash is a “zombie program.”  What’s that about?  Well, it appears that the “official” Website for Email Processing 4 Cash is no longer active, but there is a Facebook page for the product, which may, or may not, have anything to do with the no-longer-active Website.  The Facebook page has a link to what they call an “official” Website at, but who puts a home page for a moneymaking product on Weebly?

email processing 4 cash scamIt’s hard to tell if the Email Processing 4 Cash pages at Facebook or Weebly are official or not, and that’s where the “zombie” aspect kicks in.  While the official Website appears to be gone, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other Web pages that do come up in a search for Email Processing 4 Cash.  At this point, you might not be getting anything at all for your money if buying the product gets you a link to a dead Website.  Nevertheless, there are still thousands of Web pages out there, talking about how Email Processing 4 Cash can help you earn thousands of dollars per month answering email messages.

Has EPS Prosperity Hotline Taken Over?

The great similarity between Email Processing 4 Cash and EPS Prosperity Hotline has me wondering if perhaps EPS Prosperity Hotline might not be the actual successor to Email Processing 4 Cash.  While they appear, on the surface, to be two different programs, they are advertised in exactly the same way and their graphics are virtually identical.  One page I saw on the EPS Prosperity Hotline site actually had graphics that said “Email Processing 4 Cash.”  They tell you to do the exact same thing – run ads in three cities on Craigslist and they both promise to show you the exact ads to run.

It’s quite possible that since Email Processing 4 Cash is clearly a scam and caught a lot of heat for it, that the company has simply evolved into EPS Prosperity Hotline.  Or the latter program is simply a copycat trying to take advantage of people who are gullible.

Do Email Processing 4 Cash or EPS Prosperity Hotline Work?

Of course not.  You can run ads on Craigslist, but if you’ve ever done that, you’ll know that the regulars who lurk at that particular site are quick to flag any ad that looks suspicious.  That means that you’re going to see a lot of your ads removed from the site.  Not only that, but even if the ads did work, how many people can run the very same ads on Craigslist in any given city?  You’ll be competing with every other person who bought into Email Processing 4 Cash, and you’ll all be chasing the same few gullible customers.

Otherwise, you’ll have to build a Website to promote Email Processing 4 Cash or EPS Prosperity Hotline, and you’ll quickly discover that niche to be fairly saturated.  That’s because everyone who discovered that they can’t make money running free ads on Craigslist now has a Website.  You won’t be able to run paid advertising, either, because Google and Bing won’t accept ads for scams.

The sites claim you can accept PayPal for payment, too.  You can…until PayPal discovers that you’re running a scam. Then they’re going to close your account and may even keep your money.

Email Processing 4 Cash and EPS Prosperity Hotline Summary

Both Email Processing 4 Cash and EPS Prosperity Hotline are scams.  You’re not going to make any money with them.  With luck, both of these programs will soon go away.  That doesn’t mean that email can’t be a useful tool, however.  Many affiliate marketers can make money using email as a promotional device, but the process is completely different.  If you want to learn how to make money online with a legitimate program, then you don’t want to waste your time with Email Processing 4 Cash, but you should try Wealthy Affiliate instead.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that includes training, videos and the support of thousands of other members who have succeeded in making money online.  It’s even free to join.

Email Processing 4 Cash is a scam.  So is EPS Prosperity Hotline.  Stay away.


6 thoughts on “Email Processing 4 Cash – Get Paid for Sending Email?

  1. I’ve done Email Processing off and on since 2013 and I earned money from it. Actually, it was my intro to making money online, email marketing, and affiliate marketing. I bought it twice from two different upline sponsors. Program was different as far as marketing, branding, information, and of course the sponsors. But for the most part, the gist was the same. First time I did it, I earned back my $25 investment in 24 hours. Did that for a while averaging $500/month. Second time with a new sponsor and after going over the information (lots of value!), it took me less than a day to earn back my investment of $100. A few times I had $200-$300 days!

    Email Processing is not a scam. Some of the marketers are scammy, hence knowing who you’re investing with is essential, but that’s with any program. This is why email marketing, social media presence, and driving traffic to landing pages are important.

    This post actually inspired me to get back into Email Processing. Thanks! ✨

  2. There are so many scams online, but the beauty of it,is they use the same procedures; they send friend requests to as many people as possible, on Facebook, and then begin to dish out those links.
    l have chatted up three of them trying to get more information on how these programs work,and except for one the others clamped up,which made me suspicious!
    But my saviour was #yahoo,who sent me an article about the 11 most common scams people fall for, which confirmed my suspicions, and made me research on these so called opportunities!There are two which promise $25,and $15,respectively upon registration; duh!

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