Empower Network Review – Make Money With Blogging

Empower Network Review – Worth the Price?

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Affiliate marketing has been around for years, but with the growth of the Internet, this moneymaking system has exploded.  For years, people were content to promote other people’s products in exchange for commissions, but in the past two or three years, a new model has come about, where the commissions can run into the thousands of dollars.   Empower Network is one such system, and they say that you can use their Viral Blogging System to earn up to 70% commissions on products that sell for thousands of dollars.  Is Empower Network worthwhile?  What’s involved?  Is Empower Network a scam?  Read on for our full Empower Network review.

Empower Network Overview

Empower Network review logoAt it’s most basic, Empower Network involves setting up a blog and making money with it. They’ll show you how to do that via their exclusive training materials, and they have lots of those.  For $25 per month, you can set up a blog and they’ll show you how to monetize it.  If you can persuade others to join Empower Network, you’ll get 70% of their $25 per month…sort of.  You see, the person who recruited you is going to get part of your commissions. In fact, they’re going to get all of the commissions from your first sale, your third sale, your fifth sale and from every fifth sale after that.  But don’t worry; the commissions in between are yours.  If you’re annoyed by the idea of making sales only to see some of your commissions go to other people, then you should simply recruit some people and then you can get some of their commissions for their first, third, fifth and every fifth sale thereafter.


Empower Network says that you don’t have to actually buy anything to make money with their program, and that’s true…to a point.  You can just sell the basic monthly blogging package to people all you want without spending any money other than the blogging fee.  But you’re not going to earn big commissions that way.  If you want to earn commissions on the more expensive products (which are currently priced at up to $3500) you will have to buy them.  You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but Empower Network is going to constantly remind you that if you don’t go “all in”, you’re missing out on a great moneymaking opportunity.

Supposedly, the moneymaking opportunity comes from their Viral Blogging System, but in reality, it’s from earning commissions of their products that are offered to members, and not products that members are offering to the public via their blogs.  This is a variation on the License Model, where you aren’t really selling any products; you’re simply recruiting people.  The Empower Network Compensation Plan plainly states that “all commissions are based on the sale of our state-of-the-art products and services and not on recruitment.”  That may be the case, but to whom are you going to sell those “state-of-the-art” products?  You’re going to sell them to recruits, because they’re products that are offered only to members, and not to the general public.

Empower network viral blogging systemInstead of trying to make sales of products to the public via their blogs, Empower Network members are trying to recruit more members to Empower Network so that they can then persuade them to buy some of those “state-of-the-art” products.  Keep in mind that you’re losing commissions on some of your sales to those above you, which gives you tremendous incentive to recruit.  After all, you want some of their commissions to make up for the ones you’re having to pass to the people above you.

If you go “all in” with Empower Network, you’re going to get access to a lot of training material, but you’re also going to spend a lot of money.  You’ll also discover that even if you make sales, Empower Network will put a “hold” on some of your earnings for 6-8 months, which means you won’t receive some of your commissions for quite a while.    How much is it going to cost you to go “all in?”  Current products are $25/month, $100/month, $500/one time, $1000/one time and $3500/one time.  If you buy all of these, you’ll be able to sell those same products for 70% of their full price, minus, of course, commissions for the first, third, fifth and every fifth sale thereafter.

The Empower Network Website offers an income disclosure statement, where they reveal how their members are doing in terms of making money with the program.  The chart that shows earnings is set up so that the highest-earning members are at the top and it’s easy to see that the top-performing Empower Network member is earning a whopping $456, 826 per month.  That is, indeed, a lot of money and it would be tempting to stop whatever you’re doing right now to go sign up.  Looking over the chart a bit more shows that less than 1% of active Empower Network affiliates are earning more than $25,000 per month.  That’s still a lot of money.  Further reading, however, shows that the income drops off dramatically.  While less than 1% of all Empower Network are earning more than $25,000, that percentage is also true of those earning more than $10,000, and only 1% of active Empower Network affiliates are earning even $5000 per month.  Actually 61% of active affiliates are earning less than $100 per month and 91% of all Empower Network affiliates are earning less than $100 per month.

What this means is that there are a handful of people at Empower Network who are earning a lot of money and a tremendous number of people who are earning very little.  Active members who are “all in” are paying a couple of hundred dollars a month as members, but only 6% of all members are earning at least $250 per month.  That means that most Empower Network members are losing money.

That doesn’t mean “not making money”; it means that they are actually paying money and not receiving compensation in return.

empower network - thumbs downThe bottom line:  The training offered with Empower Network may be worthwhile, but it’s quite possible to learn about making money online without spending thousands of dollars and without the prospect of paying hundreds of dollars per month in fees while getting nothing in return.  A better alternative would be to join a comprehensive training program like Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn the same things without it costing you a fortune.  In fact, you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member for free.

While a few people are making money with Empower Network, most are not and we can’t recommend it.


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