EZ Cash World Review – Choose, Upload, and Cash In?

EZ Cash World Review – Is It Really This Easy?



Lots of people want to make money online, and that’s understandable.  There are many benefits to working from home, but there’s a huge learning curve and simply a lot to know.  Are you going to sell something?  What?  How will you do it?  Do you need a Website?  How do you build one?  It’s hard learning how to do all of that, and that’s where EZ Cash World comes in.  They say they’ll sell you a complete business that couldn’t be easier to use.

ez cash world reviewThe EZ Cash World is one that they claim offers a complete business – products, Website and payment system.  They have video testimonials, proof of income, and lots of screenshots of yachts, airplanes and piles of cash.  OK, so the system sounds interesting and I’ve decided to check it out.  Read on for my full EZ Cash World review.

EZ Cash World Overview

EZ Cash World is sold at an affordable price of $34, so it’s not going to break your bank.  You have to wonder, though, how a product that is so reasonably priced is going to allow you to earn the thousands of dollars weekly that the creators of EZ Cash World suggest is possible.  The mechanism for earning is fairly simple, and I’ll describe it below.


EZ Cash World takes all of the hassle and guesswork out of creating an online business, because they largely do it for you.   Once you purchase the product, you’ll be given access to the members area, where you’ll have access to hundreds of information products.  These are ebooks, video courses, and software products that the end user can download, so there’s nothing to stock and nothing to ship.  You just pick the product you want to sell from a number of different niches, including popular ones like weight loss.

ez cash world greedOnce you’ve picked the product that you want to sell, you’ll be given a complete, ready-to-go Website that you can upload to the hosting company of your choice, along with complete instructions for how to do that.  Once you’ve done that, your site is online and fully operational, and you simply need to drive traffic to the site to start making money.  If someone purchases a product from your Website, the money goes into your PayPal account, and the profits are yours to keep.

That’s pretty much the EZ Cash World system in a nutshell.  EZ Cash World really does make it easy to find products in popular niches and get a functional, professional-looking Website online in just a few minutes.  You’re not limited to one site, either; you can create as many sites as you like with EZ Cash World, keeping in mind that you are responsible for Web hosting costs as well as the cost of purchasing a domain name for each site that you build.  Still, these costs are relatively minimal, and if the sites are profitable, you should get your costs back without too much trouble.

EZ Cash World Downsides

While there are many products to choose from with EZ Cash World and the sites are slick and professional looking, there are some potential downsides to purchasing EZ Cash World of which you should be aware.

ez cash world scamThe products that you are selling through EZ Cash World are Private Label Rights products, which are otherwise known in the industry as PLR.  Private Label Rights products are those that anyone is free to rename, edit, resell, call their own, or pretty much do with as they please.  Those are not necessarily bad things, but you need to understand that many PLR products have been kicking around for years, in various forms and under various names.  That means that the products that you’re selling aren’t unique, and are products that anyone can find for sale at various prices on many different Websites, sometimes even for free.

The other potential problem with EZ Cash World is a big one – getting traffic to your Website.   There are many programs like EZ Cash World out there, and they offer pre-built Websites and a sales pitch that tells you “everything has been done – you just need to get traffic!”  Well, that’s the problem.  Getting traffic to a Website is 90% of all the work a site owner will ever do.  It’s hard to get visitors to a Website, particularly a new one.  If you are new at running a Website, you likely won’t have much experience with getting visitors, but there are generally two ways to do it:

  • Buy advertising – Paying for ads on Bing or Google is probably the fastest way to get visitors to your site.   Of course, buying ads can get expensive rather quickly, as you’re paying cash for every single visitor who comes to your site.  Worse – highly competitive niches such as weight loss or dating have very expensive per-click costs.  Some niches are also highly restricted by Google, as they’re rather picky about what kinds of ads they’ll accept.
  • Social media – If you’re really savvy with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, you might be able to get traffic to your sites by creating fan pages, tweeting a lot about related topics and uploading relevant images.
  • Unique content – Having a site full of interesting, unique content is a great way to bring visitors.  You write about a topic that interests people and when they search for it in Google or Bing, your site will likely come up in the search results.  Of course, this involves actually doing a lot of writing, and finding interesting things to write about, and that’s likely to be a problem here, as your EZ Cash World site is already built and has all of the content already.

ez cash world newsThe content problem is going to make things even harder for you.  The content is pre-written, which means that every EZ Cash World member who decides to promote a particular product is going to be given an identical Website.  If ten different people choose a certain weight loss product to promote, then there will be ten Webistes that are exactly identical in every way online.  Search engines don’t like duplicate content and usually ignore every site after the first one.  If ten people put a site online, the first one might have their site listed in the search engines, but the other nine might be ignored completely, meaning that you must buy advertising to get anyone to come to your site.

EZ Cash World Summary

ez cash world - mehIs EZ Cash World a scam?  No, it’s more or less as described.  You’ll get access to products to sell and ready-to-go Websites that you can upload and which will potentially be able to earn money, provided that you can find a way to get traffic to the site.  If not, you’re going to have a site that’s going to just sit there.  On the plus side, EZ Cash World isn’t very expensive, and as far as I know, has no upsells.  While it might be difficult to make money with EZ Cash World, it’s not impossible.

EZ Cash World is given a so-so recommendation.


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