FaceBeast Review – Earn Cash Just by Using Facebook?

FaceBeast Review – Use Facebook for $12,092 Per Month?


Site: Facebeast.com

William Moore, the creator of FaceBeast, says he consistently earns four figures per week and even five figures per month using the methods described in his FaceBeast.  Not only that, but he says that it’s easy, and all you have to do is log into the FaceBeast members area, do what they tell you to do, and make money.  That sounds easy, but is FaceBeast for real?  Is FaceBeast a scam?  Read on for our full FaceBeast review.

facebeast reviewFacebook is a huge social media network that has more than one billion members worldwide.  There are a lot of products on the market that claim they can show you how to use Facebook to earn a lot of money, but few of them make it sound as easy as FaceBeast.  Not only that, but FaceBeast says you don’t need any previous experience, you don’t need to invest a lot of money and you can make “large amounts of money with ease.” OK, well, I have a membership to FaceBeast, so let’s see what you get inside.

FaceBeast Overview

When you purchase FaceBeast, you’ll be told that the product costs $97, but you’re also offered a coupon code for 65% off, so you can buy it for $37 or something.  Then, of course, you’re offered an upsell in the form of an Elite Coaching Club.  I’m not sure why you’d need the extra coaching when FaceBeast is going to show you how to make $12,092 per month, but they offer it just the same.

This is not a good sign:  Once you sign in to the FaceBeast members area, you’ll be asked to watch a video for a product called Auto Profit Replicator that says it will help you earn $1549.87 per day.  What is Auto Profit Replicator?  It’s a piece of “free” software that will allow you to earn money through binary trading.  What does this have to do with Facebook?  Nothing.  It’s just a way for the creator of FaceBeast to make some extra money off of you.  Auto Profit Replicator is actually free, and that’s good, because the software doesn’t actually work.  It’s just a trick to get you to sign up with a binary options broker, which will cost you $300 minimum.  Then you’ll get access to the Auto Profit Replicator software and realize that it doesn’t work.  In the meantime, the creator of FaceBeast and the creator of Auto Profit Replicator will share the $300-$400 commission that the binary options broker pays in commission for new customers.  Again, what does this have to do with Facebook?  NOTHING.

Assuming that you didn’t allow yourself to get talked into buying Auto Profit Replicator or the Elite coaching program, you’ll now be at the FaceBeast members area dashboard, and now you can see exactly how you’re going to make money “just by using Facebook.”  Most people find “just using Facebook” to be pretty easy and it’s something that they do pretty much every day, so what is the magic secret that you’re going to learn using FaceBeast?

It’s hard to say, because they don’t tell you.  FaceBeast isn’t a way to make money, nor is it a moneymaking system, nor are you going to learn how to make money using Facebook.  What is FaceBeast?  It’s a training course that shows you how to get Website traffic from Facebook.

facebeast dashboard

Really.  That’s it.  The course has four modules that each have a few videos that show you how to build a Facebook page, how to set up your colors and graphics, how to create content for your Facebook page, and how to engage people there.

What about the moneymaking part?  Well, if you already have a Website and a product you’re trying to sell and you haven’t been able to get traffic to it, then I guess the FaceBeast course might be useful to you.  You can learn about getting traffic with the FaceBeast course, so there’s that.  But what about monetization?  What about actually earning money “just by using Facebook?”  Well, that’s not going to happen, because there’s simply nothing in the FaceBeast course that talks about that.  At. All.

Don’t get me wrong; Facebook can be a great potential source of traffic, and I have several pages set up at the site to try to get traffic to some of my own Websites.  If FaceBeast promoted itself as a Facebook traffic generation course, they might manage to sell a few copies, as lots of people might benefit from it.  But the FaceBeast sales page and the video testimonials, ostensibly from satisfied users, say they’re making money “just by using Facebook.”  They’re not, because there’s nothing in the FaceBeast course that’s going to show you how to do that.

Fortunately, FaceBeast is sold via Clickbank, and Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee for all of their products and they’re generally pretty good about granting refunds if you ask for one, and if you thought that FaceBeast was going to show you how to make money on Facebook, you should ask Clickbank for a refund.  Most people won’t bother, and that’s why people like William Moore keep creating products like FaceBeast – because people buy them.

FaceBeast Summary

facebeast - thumbs downWhat’s to say about FaceBeast?  The sales page is completely misleading; the product is not at all what it claims to be.  There is some useful information in the members area about how to get traffic from Facebook, but the sales page says you’re going to learn how to make money.  No, you’re going to learn how to get traffic.  Figuring out how to make money from it is still up to you.  And then there’s the matter of William Moore tying to make money from you, after you’ve already paid, from Auto Profit Replicator, a lousy piece of software that has nothing whatsoever to do with Facebook.  If you want to learn how to make money from Facebook traffic, avoid FaceBeast and try Wealthy Affiliate instead.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training program that will show you, step-by-step, how to make money online.  Really.  Not how to get traffic, but how to really make money online.  It’s a complete course with a user forum and training videos and you can join for free.  That’s more than I can say for FaceBeast.  Is FaceBeast a scam?  Yeah, pretty much.

Recommendation:  I do not recommend FaceBeast.


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