Facebook Cash Code Review – $397 Per Day?

Facebook Cash Code Review

Site: fbcashcode.com/bbm
Price: $47 (plus continuity)
Rating: (zero stars)

facebook cash code reviewThis is a somewhat difficult review to write, as I’ll freely admit that I do not have access to the product I’m reviewing.  That’s usually not the case, but in the case of the Facebook Cash Code, a bit of digging has made it obvious that you’re not going to benefit from buying it, so I don’t see any reason to pay for it only to come to that conclusion, anyway.

Facebook Cash Code is a program that says they’re going to show you how you can use Facebook to earn $397 per day for doing about an hour of work.  That’s intriguing, and worth checking out, so I did just that.  Is Facebook Cash Code a scam?  Read on for the full Facebook Cash Code review.

Facebook Cash Code Overview

The sales page for Facebook Cash Code, also known as FB Cash Code, features a couple of videos, along with numerous testimonials.  The first video appears to be a news story appearing above the logos for Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC, suggesting that this video has been seen on those networks.


The second video is from someone named “Emily,” who shows you how she has thousands of dollars in her Clickbank account and how happy she is that she joined the Earn at Home Club.

Wait.  The Earn at Home Club?  I thought this was the site for Facebook Cash Code.  Yes, it is.  But they’re using a video for another product to try to get you to buy this one.

You’ll also see a picture of a check for a large amount of money, with the suggestion that you can get checks like that one if you just buy the Facebook Cash Code system.

There are also glowing testimonials on the site, from various people who claim that they’re making more money than they ever dreamed possible.  A quick check of the photos of those people giving testimonials indicates that they’re all stock photos, rather than real people.

facebook cash code ripoffThe sales page says that the price of the Facebook Cash Code is $47, but if you try to leave, they’ll offer it to you for $37, and if you try to leave then, they’ll offer it to you for $27.  If you agree, you’ll be taken to the checkout page, where if you read the fine print, you’ll realize that the cost of Facebook Cash Code is actually a lot more.

How much more?  It’s $47 for the first month, but after that, it’s $69.95 per month until you cancel.  Oh, and there’s an additional charge of $1 per month for access to the “success road academy training,” and that, too, will bill until you cancel.

That’s OK, you can cancel at any time by contacting these people, right?  Where is Facebook Cash Code located?  That’s hard to say, as the site is privately registered, and there are no names mentioned anywhere on the site for people to contact.  There’s also no phone number and no address.  If you click the contact link, you’ll be taken to a site called easykits.org.  That site is also privately registered.

I did some further digging, and discovered that the site appears to be owned by an entity called Markenark Holdings.  They’re located in Cyprus, and they seem to own a number of sites that are similar to Facebook Cash Code, all of which promise huge amounts of money for doing little work, all of which have subscription pricing, and none of which give you any idea as to what it is you’re actually going to be doing.

Finally, there are numerous disclaimers on the Facebook Cash Code Website.  One of them points out that the site has nothing to do with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or Fox News.  Another one points out that “This is a program to teach you how to use recommended products and services in an Internet business.  It is not intended to provide you with all you need for an Internet business.”

Despite this, it says right on the sales page that you’ll be “ready to earn immediately.”

facebook cash code scamFinally, of course, there’s a disclaimer that says that the Facebook Cash Code Website is “not associated with Facebook.”  That’s right; the site that tells you that you can use Facebook to earn thousands of dollars a week and which uses Facebook in its name has nothing to do with Facebook.

That also explains why the Facebook Cash Code site is based outside the United States, as it’s a lot harder for the real Facebook to shut down sites that are located in other countries, where laws are sometimes a bit lax.

Is it possible that you could make money using whatever methods they’re promising to teach you?  Sure, anything is possible.  But if the Facebook Cash Code was legitimate, they’d tell you who they are.  They’d tell you where they are.  They’d offer some sort of clue as to what they’re doing.  They’d have real testimonials from real people.  They’re not hard to get; you just give real people access to your program and if they’re successful with it, they’ll tell you about it.

Instead, Facebook Cash Code uses fake testimonials with fake photos from fake people.   On the plus side, I didn’t see anything on the site that indicated an affiliate program, so it doesn’t look like they’re recruiting people to help promote whatever it is they’re selling.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Cash Code


  • Nothing.


  • No clue as to what you’re buying
  • Subscription pricing is hidden in fine print
  • Fake testimonials
  • No good contact information

Facebook Cash Code Summary

facebook cash code thumbs downFacebook Cash Code is just the latest in an ongoing trend of sites that promise people the moon while hinting that they’re being endorsed by major companies, such as Facebook and CNN.   They’re not going to teach you anything, but they will likely take a lot of money from you.  If you’re interested in making money, skip Facebook Cash Code and find something that works.

Facebook Cash Code is not recommended.


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