Fast Track Cash Review – Fast Money With No Product?

Fast Track Cash Review


Price: $27 (plus many upsells)

Rating: stars2a

fast track cash reviewYou may not be familiar with the name Ewen Chia, but he’s a marketer from Singapore who has been involved in Internet marketing for a long time.  He’s one of those “gurus” who has made a lot of money in the Internet marketing niche, and his name is on a lot of products.

One of his products came to my attention this week – Fast Track Cash.  The sales page says it’s the “fastest way to get real cash from the Internet in minutes.”  Minutes?  That’s pretty crazy, so I thought I’d take a look and see what Fast Track Cash is all about.  Is Fast Track Cash a scam?

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Fast Track Cash Overview

Fast Track Cash is a hybrid product, that’s available as a downloadable PDF book and a series of online videos.  I was pleased to see that the videos are not narrated by Ewen Chia himself, as English is his second language and the videos he’s done himself are rather difficult to understand.

On the other hand, his written English is excellent, and the 101 page Fast Track Cash book is pretty straightfoward and easy to follow.


The chapters in the Fast Track Cash book are as follows:

  • Introduction To Fast Track Cash
  • Getting Started
  • Instant Paypal Cash Formula
  • Your Traffic System
  • Article Marketing Quick & Easy Traffic
  • Cloaking Your Affiliate Links
  • Using Domain Redirects
  • Promoting Your Article Content
  • Repurposing Your Article Content
  • Create Slideshows For Maximum Traffic
  • Video Marketing
  • Generate Quick & Free Traffic With Autoblogs
  • Exploiting Feeder Sites & Link Wheels
  • Forum Marketing
  • Promoting Affiliate Link With PLR Content
  • Social Marketing Powerhouse
  • Easy Facebook Traffic
  • Classified Marketing
  • Secret Free Traffic With RSS
  • Your 7-Day Fast Track Cash Action Plan!
  • Conclusion: Final Thought

fast track cash scamThe basic moneymaking method of Fast Track Cash is through affiliate marketing; you’ll be promoting products of your choice through a variety of methods described in the book.  The primary method will be through article marketing, where you write articles and publish them at various sites around the Web that accept articles.  Each of these articles will have a link in it, either to your Website or blog or to the sales page for the product you’re promoting.

You’ll also be working with press releases to do the same thing, publishing your content at various sites that accept press releases for publication.

Fast Track Cash provides a list of both press release sites and article directories so that you can publish your articles there.  The book also offers links to some automated services that you can use to speed up the process of article submission, which can take a great deal of time of you’re doing it manually.

There’s also a section on other avenues of getting your link out there, such as forum marketing, social marketing and classified marketing.  What about product creation?  There are some suggestions there, too, for people who don’t want to write their own articles.  Ewen Chia provides a few ideas about how you can buy content that can easily be reused.

The videos are pretty straightforward and describe many of the same topics, along with the subject of creating your own blog and setting it up to automatically publish content so that you can more or less have a “hands off’ affiliate marketing business.

All of this is well explained, both in the book and in the videos, and if you’re unfamiliar with any of these processes, you’ll find them easy to understand.

fast track cash ewen chiaHowever…

…these methods are not new.  They’ve been around for a while, and while there’s still a bit of value in trying to make money this way, most of these methods no longer work very well for traffic generation.  Publishing to article directories doesn’t work well anymore, because the search engines no longer rank those articles particularly well.  Making matters worse is that some of the article directories listed in Fast Track Cash aren’t even online anymore.  One of them went offline two or three years ago.

Autoblogs don’t work too well, either, as most of them will simply have duplicate content, and the search engines no longer rank sites that simply republish content that can be found elsewhere.

As is always the case with Ewen Chia’s products, there are many, many, upsells offered when you agree to buy Fast Track Cash, and he is relentless when trying to get you to buy more products from him.  In fact, when you check out to buy Fast Track Cash, you’ll immediately be offered an upsell for a 45 minute Skype session ($20) and a membership to something called “Super Affiliate Millionaire,” which is not described, but which sells for $297.

The upsells don’t end there, either, as Ewen usually has links to his other products from his download page, and sooner or later, you’ll find Ewen trying to get you to buy MOBE.

That’s his business model these days.  Yes, the methods in his books are usually sound…or at least, they were when they were written.  Some of his books have been online for years, and they’re never updated.  I found this one while looking over some products on Clickbank and was discovered to see that it’s still relatively popular all these years later.  I did a quick WHOIS check on the domain, and it appears that Fast Track Cash has been around since 2008.

The techniques in the book were cutting edge in 2008, but today, they’re not likely to work at all.  If you do buy Fast Track Cash, you’ll just be getting some old news and a lot of sales pitches for other products that don’t work particularly well.

Pros and Cons of Fast Track Cash


  • Affordable
  • Covers the topic well
  • Lots of videos


  • Old methods that don’t work anymore
  • LOTS of upsells

Fast Track Cash Summary

fast track cash- thumbs downIs Fast Track Cash a scam?  No, it’s just a product that offers some ideas that once worked as a way to make money and which now do not.  If you’re interested in seeing how people made money in affiliate marketing 10 years ago, Fast Track Cash is a good snapshot of that.  But otherwise, you’re not going to learn anything that’s going to help you today.

If you are interested in making money today, there are better ways to do it than by using the methods in Fast Track Cash.

Fast Track Cash is not recommended.


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