Fifty News Review – Read, Click and Earn?

Fifty News Review – Fast Cash…Except for One Thing



There are so many new Websites popping up that promise to pay people for taking surveys and reading news that I can practically write their reviews in my sleep by now.  I could just write a paragraph or two about the latest one, Fifty News, and be done with it, but I always try to keep in mind that visitors to my site may not have been here before and may not have seen the dozen or so reviews I’ve written about other paid news sites that this same company owns, so I’ll write this one for those visitors who are new here.

fifty news reviewFifty News is a site that says they’ll pay you, in cash, for reading short news articles.  You sign up, read an article, and get $7 for reading it.  Then you can do it again and again…up to 35 times per day.  When your account balance gets to $2300, you can cash out and get paid by PayPal.  You can earn even more money by referring friends to Fifty News, and I’ll get to that in a minute.  Read on for my full Fifty News review.

Fifty News Overview

Signing up at Fifty News takes less than 30 seconds.  Give them an email address and a password and you’re in.  You don’t have to log in and you don’t have to confirm your email address.   Just do it and you’re at your site dashboard.  From there, you can go configure your payment information, read the FAQ page, or read news to earn money.  There’s not much to the site, and you likely won’t have any reason to do anything there but read news and leave.


To read the news, you click “Read News” at the top of the Fifty News dashboard.  You’ll be taken to a screen that lists a number of recent news articles – there are usually about 15 of them there.  You’ll see the headlines and the time that the articles were posted.  To read a news article, just pick out a headline and click on it.  You’ll see the “article” and headline, but I’ve yet to see an article that was longer than two sentences in length.  When you’re done reading, just click “confirm” and you’ll have to answer a short math problem.  Don’t worry if you’re “math challenged”; the problems are typically no more difficult than “how much is 15+30?”  If you can’t answer that one, don’t worry – they’ll give you an opportunity to do another one.  Once you answer the problem correctly, you’ll see $7 added to your Fifty News account balance.

fifty news articlesThen you can do it again – up to 35 times per day.  That allows you to add $245 daily to your account balance.  You’ll need $2300 in your balance to qualify for payment, so you’ll need to come back for ten days to get paid…unless you take a shortcut.  A shortcut?  Yes, Fifty News gives you a special affiliate link that you can share with your family, friends, and strangers.  If your friends sign up with Fifty News using your link, you’ll get $40 for each one that does.  You’ll also earn 20% of the amount that they earn when they read news – up to $49 per day for each person that you refer.  That can take you to $2300 in a matter of hours if you know enough people.

To cash out at Fifty News, just click on the “more” button under “Your Balance” on the dashboard screen.  Fifty News says you’ll have to wait 14 days to get paid by either PayPal or Payza.  You can eliminate that waiting period, they say, by referring five friends to the site.  That’s added incentive to refer your friends, I suppose.

This all sounds easy and fun.  There are a couple of problems with the Fifty News business model, and one huge problem that everyone who reads this is going to care about a lot, so I’ll get to that one first:

Fifty News will not pay you.

fifty news scamThey won’t.  Not today, tomorrow, or next year.  This company owns dozens of sites and I’ve signed up with all of them.  I’ve written reviews about them and people have posted hundreds of comments about them on my site.  Not a single person has come forward with proof of being paid.  That’s because, as I mentioned earlier, Fifty News will not pay you.

OK, so what is Fifty News up to?  Why do they want you to read news articles?  They claim that they’re being paid by news agencies to get people to read them, but that’s ridiculous for several reasons:

News agencies don’t pay people to read news.  News agencies are in the business of selling news.  They want you to pay them, so there’s no reason for them to pay you, or anyone else, to read their news articles.  News is their product, and it’s a product that they sell.  For money.

The articles aren’t articles at all.  They’re just a headline and a sentence or two.  There’s no article and there’s no link to the full article.  There’s also no way to find out where the article came from.  It does no one any good to have you read a sentence from an article.

So what is Fifty News doing?  Their site has ads on it, so they’re probably looking for ad revenue.  They ask you to bring friends from Facebook and then they show you ads and hope you’ll click on them.  They’re also collecting email addresses, probably so they can spam you.  And they ask for your PayPal account address; I’d think long and hard before I gave that to them, as they’re likely to use it to try to hack your account.

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Fifty News Summary

fifty news - thumbs downFifty News is a scam.  OK?  They’re not going to pay you.  I realize that some of you are going to sign up anyway and then come back here to the comments section and ask “Why haven’t they paid me?”  A few will even assume, as they do every time that I review one of these sites, that I am the one who is supposed to be paying people.  No, I’m not paying anyone, and I’m not promising to pay anyone.  I’m just the messenger, and the message is this – Fifty News is a scam.

There are better ways to make money online, and if you’re really interested in that, skip Fifty News and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.  It won’t cost you anything to sign up and check it out.

Fifty News is a waste of time and is not recommended.


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  1. I earn $2300 from fifty news but they idiot not pay cheat me don’t try suffering fifty news

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