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Flip Website Review – Expired Domain Profits


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I write a lot on this blog about how to build and develop profitable Websites.  You need to do some research, pick out a domain name, and start creating quality content as a prelude to either selling products directly or promoting them as an affiliate.  This is a time-tested method that works, but there are other ways to make money from Websites, including buying existing ones and reselling them.  That’s the business model that Chris Snow uses in his Flip Website book, and it sounded interesting.

flip_website_reviewThe premise of Flip Website is that there is a lot of value in domain names and even in expired domain names, which are names that used to be assigned to Websites that were, for whatever reason, abandoned by their owners.  When the owner fails to renew the name, the domain name may be purchased by anyone, and they’re then free to do whatever they like with it – build a Website around it, monetize it in some other way, or just resell it.  It turns out that it is sometimes possible to profit handsomely by simply buying domains and reselling them, and that’s what Chris covers in the Flip Website book, which has the awkward full title of “Domain & Website Profits & Flipping Guide.”  Is Flip Website any good?  Read on for the full Flip Website review.

The Flip Website System

You’ll occasionally read articles about domain names that change hands for ridiculous sums of money.  Sex.com, for example, sold for $13 million about five years ago.  That’s an extremely rare example, but every day, domain names change hands for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  It happens so often that even ten thousand dollar sales aren’t reported in the media.


Of course, it’s not easy to find domain names that have potential value, and most of the obvious names have been locked up a long time ago.  Marketers and corporations realize, however, that .com domain names have tremendous value that cannot be equaled by .net, .org or any other domain extension, and as a result, good .com names carry a premium when they go up for sale.

flip websiteFlip Website is a 161 page PDF book, which is accompanied by 8 videos.  There’s also a bonus book that the author throws in for free that’s essentially a waste of time.  The basic Flip Website book, however, is quite well written and covers a surprising amount of detail about how you can profit from buying expired domain names.  I’ve read a few books on the topic in the past, and most of them offer pretty simple instructions:

Use (some specific Website) to find domain names
Buy them
Resell them at Flippa.com

While that method can work, it’s overly simplistic and unlikely to produce consistent results, especially once a few hundred people are all searching the same Website and using the same criteria to find domain names to buy.

Chris takes a different approach with Flip Website, and that’s what makes the book a worthwhile read.  Flip Website offers a good overview of the process by which you find a domain name to resell and offers a number of different sites where you can look for expired domain names to buy.  Each of the sites offers slightly different tools for evaluating the domain names, and some work better than others.  A few of them are rather obscure, which is a bonus, since you don’t want to be competing with ten thousand other people for the same domain names.

In addition, Flip Website offers an extensive list of software tools that you can use to evaluate whether a domain name is worth buying.  A lot of the information regarding incoming traffic to a site and earnings potential is speculative, so it’s good to have a handful of sites to work with to give you a better idea of whether a particular domain name is worth buying.

flip_website_2Most books of this nature then proceed to tell you how to sell the domain names that you just purchased, and while that method can work, you can earn more money if you can increase the value of the domain names before you sell them.  To do that, you need to build a Website with that name, put some content on it, and put the existing traffic to the site (yes, many expired domains have incoming traffic) to use and to generate more traffic and backlinks.  Remember, when someone is looking to buy a domain name, they want to know if it’s profitable.  If you can demonstrate that it is profitable, you’ll earn even more when you sell it.  In Flip Website, Chris shows you some quick and easy ways to build out a site, put some content on it and even how to generate some income for yourself while you own it.  You can then continue to earn from it or resell it, if you like.

The section of Flip Website on reselling domain names is extensive and takes up about a quarter of the book.  You’ll see some obvious places to sell as well as some obscure ones, and Chris will point out a few ways to advertise your domains so that you can maximize your profits.  Flip Website also covers escrow in detail, which is a way of ensuring that you don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous buyers.

The eight videos that accompany Flip Website are worth seeing, particularly if you’re a visual learner.  Chris will walk you through the steps of finding domain names, building Websites and adding content, and putting them up for sale.

While I think Flip Website is a good book and Chris does a great job of explaining how to profit from expired domains, he’s not much of a marketer.  The sales page for Flip Website isn’t very good, and the graphics are crude.  The product is also poorly named.  The Website is called Flip Website.  The cover graphic says the product is called “Domain & Website Profits & Flipping Guide.”  The order page says the product is called “Domain Name & Website Investing and Flipping Guide.”

What this means is that people are going to have a lot of trouble finding Chris’ Flip Website sales page, because no one is quite sure what the name of the product happens to be.  That also means that the book isn’t likely to sell that well.  That’s a shame, as the book is quite good, even if the marketing behind it is poor.

Flip Website Summary

Flip Website is one of the most comprehensive products I’ve seen on how to profit, directly and indirectly, from expired domain names.  The book is lengthy and covers the material well and the supplementary videos do a good job of showing you what to do.   I like the fact that the book emphasizes more than just “buy domain names and resell them.”  If you’re looking for an innovative way to make money online, flipping Websites is a great way to do it.

Flip Website is highly recommended.

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