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Your Niche Blog and Free Traffic

I was on a marketing forum recently and someone posted a legitimate question – “How can I get traffic for my niche blog?”  The question was a basic one; he was trying to figure out how he could get free traffic to his blog.  Common wisdom in the Internet marketing world about blogging is pretty straightforward – follow your passion.  As long as you’re interested in something, and you write about it both often and well, people will find you.  Actually, getting free traffic to your niche blog is a bit more complicated than that.

blogging and free trafficThe guy who posted the question wasn’t exactly a newbie, and he’d done his research and thought he was doing everything right.  The topic of his niche blog is a popular one in the make money online niche.  He’s writing about the topics that are generally popular in that niche – building Websites, creating a mailing list, how to write productively, and more.  He’s also doing a lot of the other “behind the scenes” things that are supposed to help draw traffic.

Tips for Getting Free Traffic for Your Niche Blog

He’s got accounts on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  He’s optimizing his blog posts for search engine optimization so that Google and Bing know exactly what each of his posts is supposed to be about.   He’s written some guest posts on other people’s blogs that included links back to his own site.  And he’s regularly searching for forums related to his blog’s topic so he can post comments there and include links to his site in the signature block.  These are all good steps, and they work well, provided that you’ve got everything else in place.

wa_bannerHe’s still struggling to get more than a dozen or so visitors to his site every day, however, and he’s trying to figure out how to get it to the next level.  He could, of course, buy traffic, and depending on the market, pay per click traffic can be affordable.  For that, however, you want to be ready to monetize that traffic, and paying to get people to just come and read your blog isn’t exactly cost efficient.  So he was looking for other ways to get free traffic, and he was trying to figure out what he’s missing that might get the traffic to come to him.

make money bloggingMy suggestion was this – the content itself.   Everyone in this business repeats, over and over, that the main thing that matters in blogging is “passion.”  There’s a reason for that; if you’re going to make money in blogging and you’re going to rely on free traffic, then you have to write about something you care about, because it’s vitally important that you write a lot and that you write often.  The search engines love sites that regularly update their content, and it’s vital that you do it regularly.  A couple of times a week at a minimum, and daily, if you can.  For most people, writing about something they hate on a daily basis quickly becomes a chore and they often abandon such blogs after a few weeks or so.

Here’s the thing that no one tells you about this “passion” that’s supposed to be so important.  It’s not your passion that’s going to bring free traffic to your site.  It’s search engine visitors, and they’re not searching for your passion.  They’re searching for their passion.  When people are searching for something, they’re going to click on the links that take them to sites that are writing about things that interest them.

That means that you need to be writing about things that are going to interest your audience, and not necessarily things that interest you.  It’s possible that the two may be the same, but they also may be wildly divergent.  What you want to write about may or may not be important, but if you want free traffic, you’d best be writing about the things that your visitors want to read.

On this site, I have a system for what I write about and when.  I write about general interest topics in the affiliate marketing and make money online niches.  I also write product reviews for products in those niches.  Guess which of those two things brings in 90% of my free traffic?  The interesting posts about how to optimize your pages?  The articles like this one about how to get free traffic?  No.  The product reviews.

free trafficPosts like this one get read, but it’s the product reviews that draw the bulk of the free traffic.  There’s a reason for that.  I don’t just randomly pick products in the make money online niche to review.  I pick new and “hot” products that people genuinely want to know about.  I write about products on Clickbank that are popular and products that have a reputation for being scams and products that people are talking about on Facebook.

While I created this blog to help people learn how to make money online, I also know that there are a lot of products out there that promise to make it easy to make money when they’re really just ripping people off.  Because people will generally take the easy way out when they can, these sorts of products tend to become popular, even if they’re terrible.  So I write about them.  If they’re terrible, I’ll tell you so.  If they’re good, I’ll recommend them.

People see these reviews.  They post links to them and share them to their friends.  Those are the blog posts that draw the traffic and help my site rank better in the search engines.   Do I get “passionate” about writing about yet another site that says they’ll pay you to take surveys?  Not really.  Paid survey sites are all scams, and I think one review to that extent should be sufficient.  But if a new site like that comes along, I’ll write a review about it because the potential visitors to my site are interested in that topic.  And I write for them, not me.

Niche Blog Free Traffic Summary

If you’re going to get free traffic to your niche blog, you need to have passion, but you also need to have an eye on what people who are interested in your niche really want to read about.  It might be what you want to write about, or it might be something else.  The bottom line for free traffic is always this:  Write what your prospective readers want to read.   If you do, the free traffic will find you soon enough.


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