Free Traffic – What’s the Best Source?

Free Traffic – How Do You Get It?

You can build a Website promoting the World’s Best Idea, and sit back waiting to get rich – only to see nothing happen.  Like a store on a hidden street, even great Websites are worthless if you don’t have visitors.  There are literally billions of Websites out there, and every one of them is looking for visitors.  Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business, and any longtime marketer will tell you that 90% of their work is in trying to get people to visit their Website.

free trafficThere are paid methods of drawing visitors to your site, and they work, but they can also be very expensive, particularly if you’re in a competitive niche.  Since most marketers and people who want to work online from home don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising, the topic of free traffic is one that often pops up as a subject of discussion on marketing sites and online forums.  How can you get free traffic?  Is any single source of free traffic better than others?  What can you do?

Sources of Free Traffic

There are a number of ways to get free traffic, and yes, one method does work better than all of the others.  That said, there are a number of ways that work, and the savvy marketer will try more than one or perhaps all of them.  After all, there hasn’t been a Website owner yet who wouldn’t have been happier with more traffic.  Even Amazon or eBay would be delighted to have more traffic than they have now, and these days, both of those sites get millions of visitors a day.


Below are a few of the ways that you can draw free traffic to your Website:

free web traffic

No, not that kind of free traffic

Social bookmarking – Any time you add any content to your site, you should make a point of taking a minute to mention your update on social bookmarking Websites such as,, or  You’d be surprised at how many people find Websites that way, and the beauty of social bookmarking sites is that you can post a link to one of them in just a minute or so.  Yes, you can pay someone to do it, too, and there are a number of people on Fiverr who promise to post your links to a number of social bookmarking sites. I’ve had mixed experiences paying people to do it for me, but I’ve done OK when I’ve taken the time to do it manually.

Facebook – I’ll admit that I’m not really a fan of Facebook, but the fact that the site has more than a billion users suggests that a lot of people do like the site.   It’s fairly easy to create a fan page for your Website and then you can post updates or links to your latest Website updates to your Facebook page.  Spending a few dollars to get likes for your site can help draw regular visitors to your Facebook page, which, in turn, can draw regular visitors to your Website.

YouTube videos – YouTube remains popular, with millions of videos seen every day.  If you can take the time to make a short video (or a few) about your Website and post a thorough description about it with a link to it in the description section of the page, you can conceivably draw a lot of traffic to your site that way.  You don’t have to hit a home run and create a video that draws millions of videos, but every little bit helps.

Forum links – This one’s an oldie but a goodie.  Most online forums will allow you to post links in your signature block that accompanies your posts.  Every time you post a comment in a forum, you’ll effectively be leaving a link to your site, and if you’re doing this in a forum that’s highly relevant to your site, you can draw traffic this way.  This technique isn’t as easy to do as it once was, as many forums are now aware of link spammers and now usually require a fairly high minimum number of posts before they’ll allow you to post a link.  Sometimes, that number can be as high as 50 or 100 posts, so the days when you could post in 20-30 forums a day are gone.  Instead, find one or two forums that have a high number of members and which are as relevant to your site as possible.

Pinterest – I haven’t worked with it much, but a lot of marketers swear by using Pinterest to draw traffic to their sites.  If your site is photo-friendly, it might be worth a try.

The Best Free Traffic Method

best free traffic sourcePeople often ask, “What is the best way to get free traffic?”  There is an answer to that, but it’s not something that most people are going to be eager to hear.  The best way to get free traffic is to combine high quality content with time.  For years, people have often assumed that the only way to get a lot of free traffic to their sites was to have a lot of sites linking to them, but it’s actually possible to get free traffic from the search engines even if you have no sites linking to you, provided that your site has compelling content.

Think about it – the search engines are in the business of providing people with search results that provide the best answer to their query.   If Google or Bing should decide that your site is the very best site on the Internet when it comes to content on a particular topic, they will post your site highly in the search results for queries on that particular topic, and people will come to your site.  Links help, especially if you’re in competition with other sites, but the search engines ultimately will go with content.  If you write unique, compelling content about your topic, and cover it in depth, rather than writing 200 word posts, you will get traffic, and it will be free.

Sometimes you have to get lucky and hit on some topic that just happens to become trendy, and that’s hard to predict.  But if you have a topic that people find interesting, and you cover it regularly with new, freshly-written material, you will get free traffic directly from the search engines, and that is The Best Free Traffic source because the when people want something on the Web, they generally start with search engines first.

After all, when you want to know something, do you start by searching at Facebook?  Not likely.  The search engines are where people post questions about what they want.  What you need to do is to make sure that, within your niche, you are THE place to provide that information.  Obviously, that’s going to take time.  You can’t spit out hundreds of pages of content at once.  But in time, with lots of high quality content, you will draw the best free traffic possible – straight from the search engines.

Of course, knowing what to do with that free traffic is important, too.  If you don’t know how to effectively monetize free traffic, you might want to join Wealthy Affiliate.  This training course will show you how to make money online by building a business from the ground up – finding a topic, choosing a niche, picking products to promote and building a Website.  It’s easy to do, and you’ll learn quickly from the dozens of training videos and you can ask questions in the members forum.  It’s a great place to start and then you’ll know what to do with all of that free traffic you’ll be getting down the line.

You want free traffic?  Write good quality content, and lots of it.


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