Genie Timeline Pro Review – Easiest Backup Software Ever?

Genie Timeline Pro Review


genie timeline pro reviewI do a lot of product reviews, but they’re usually reviews of products intended to help you make money online.  That’s fine, as far as it goes, but money making software isn’t the only kind that I use, and it’s likely not the only software you use, either.  Sometimes, you need other tools and utilities, and that’s what led me to Genie Timeline Pro.

You DO need a backup program if you don’t have one.  Sooner or later, your hard drive will stop working.  Genie Timeline Pro would be a good choice.  Read on to see why.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I had a computer disaster recently due to a failed power supply in my desktop PC.  It wasn’t a complete failure; it was a gradual one that corrupted my data and required reinstallation of everything.  For me, that’s a job requiring a few days, as I have a lot of data to recover.   I’ve been earning a living online for more than a decade, and I have a lot of ebooks, software programs, documents, and email messages that needed to be restored.   I did have everything backed up to a second hard drive, but when I went to reinstall my backup software, I discovered that the company that made it is now out of business and I no longer had the ability to have my activation key authorized.

I needed new backup software, and that’s where I found Genie Timeline Pro.   They’ve made the software for years, and every year they introduce a new version.  As I write this, the latest incarnation is Genie Timeline Pro 2016.  It just might be the easiest backup software to use ever made.


Genie Timeline Pro Overview

It’s easy enough to back up your system to a second hard drive, and current versions of Windows include a backup utility.  The problem is that they use the traditional methods – full backup, differential backup, and incremental backup.  These backup methods work well, but they take up a lot of drive space, and Windows isn’t very smart about deciding what to keep, so it keeps it all and you’ll frequently find that your drive gets full.

The other problem with Windows backup is that it’s a resource-intensive program that gets in the way when you’re trying to work.  To avoid that, you’ll have to run it during off-hours, which usually means running it at night.  You’ll end up running your computer 24/7 even if you’re just working in the daytime.  Genie Timeline Pro offers a better way.

Genie Timeline Pro works differently; it’s known as a continuous backup program.  When you install it, it will create an initial backup of whatever files you tell it to backup.  After that, it will backup any changes to those files or new files added to your computer.  There’s no set time to backup files; Genie Timeline Pro just backs them up when you need them to be backed up.

Genie Timeline comes in several versions: Genie Timeline Free, Genie Timeline Home, and Genie Timeline Pro.  The free version works, but has a number of limitations; it won’t back up any more often than every 8 hours.  The Home version is better, offering technical support and the ability to backup data as often as every 30 minutes.

Genie Timeline Pro offers military-grade file encryption, file compression, the ability to schedule backups by date, the ability to backup as often as every three minutes, and a “smart” backup utility that lets the system decide when to backup your files based on the types of files you use.

Using Genie Timeline Pro

Using Genie Timeline Pro couldn’t be easier.  After you install the software, just start it up.  You’ll instantly see a Setup Wizard that pretty much just asks you three questions:

  1. What is the backup destination?
  2. What do you want backed up?
  3. What options do you want?

For your destination, Genie Timeline Pro will recommend a destination based on available resources on your system.

genie timeline pro smart selectionFor the question of “what to back up?”, you can make your selections in two ways.  The first way is the “Smart Selection”, which shows you 15 tiles that represent such things as Email, documents, images, videos, music, and so on.  One of them will let you simply back up everything on your system.  You can select one or more of those choices and if that’s good enough for you, then you can click the arrow to go to the settings screen.

If you want to get a bit more precise, you can skip the Smart Selection and instead choose specific files and folders to back up using a familiar Windows-style file menu.  Hidden files are not shown by default, but you can change that in the Genie Timeline Pro program settings.

Once you’ve selected the files you want backed up, you just need to choose a couple of additional options:  Do you want to use compression?  Do you want to use encryption on your backed up files?  If you choose encryption, you’ll be prompted for a password.  If you do, be sure to remember that password; Genie Timeline Pro uses military-grade encryption, so those files are gone for good if you can’t remember it!

genie timeline pro dashboardIf you like, you can click the check mark to indicate that you’re done.  Genie Timeline Pro will start a backup automatically at a time displayed on the screen.  If you’d rather start the backup immediately, just click the button below the recommended start time that says “start backup now.”

That’s pretty much all you need to do; Genie Timeline Pro will start the backup and show the progress as it goes, showing you how many files have been backed up and how many files remain.  By default, Genie Timeline Pro uses “smart mode”, which uses more system resources when your computer is idle and fewer resources when it’s in use.  Alternatively, you can use “turbo mode”, which is faster but which uses more system resources all the time.  I’ve found that on my system, the Genie Timeline Pro turbo mode isn’t overly intrusive, and as I have more than a half a million files to back up right now, faster is better.

Data recovery with Genie Timeline Pro is just as easy as backing up.  There’s a disaster recover wizard that you should use to create a recovery disc as soon as your first backup is complete.  You can create this disc on either a flash drive or optical media, such as a CD or DVD.  Should your machine crash, you can use the wizard to recover your entire system (provided that you’ve backed up your entire system.)

Individual file recovery is easy, too.  If you accidentally delete a file that you wish you had back and Genie Timeline Pro has backed up one or more copies of that file, then you just need to navigate to the file’s old location and right-click with your mouse.  Select “View all deleted files” and a list of deleted items will be shown.  If more than one version has been backed up, you’ll see that, too.  Just pick the version you want to restore and click “Restore this version.”  That’s all there is to it.

Update:  The new version of Genie Timeline Pro has been released, offering the following upgrades:

  • Improved encryption to 256-bit AES
  • Enhanced and simplified user interface
  • Improved backup speeds

I’ve been using it for more than six months now and it runs just great.

Genie Timeline Pro Conclusion

genie timeline pro- thumbs upI’ve used a lot of backup programs over the years and I’ve found that most of them are a headache.  You have to manage data and make sure that you have enough drive space and that the backup program hasn’t filled up your backup drive prematurely.  Genie Timeline Pro eliminates all of those headaches and seamlessly and quietly just backs up the stuff you need backed up without you having to worry about it.

Genie Timeline Pro is easy to use, works quickly, and doesn’t consume a lot of system resources.  If you want a backup solution (you do have a backup solution, right?) and you want one that doesn’t require a computer science degree or a small fortune to use, then Genie Timeline Pro is a great choice.

Genie Timeline Pro is highly recommended.

Click here to learn more about Genie Timeline Pro.


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