Get Cash for Surveys Review – $3000 a Month and More?

Get Cash for Surveys – Easy Cash or Scam?


There’s been a lot of interest lately in making money from taking surveys, and my server has been swamped with traffic due to my recent reviews of survey sites such as Up Survey, Survey Trendo and Survey Double.  Clearly, people like the idea of being able to make money at home by simply answering some questions.  With that in mind, I’m reviewing another site that offers the same thing, albeit in a different way – Get Cash for Surveys.  Unlike the sites above, which offer the surveys themselves, Get Cash for Surveys will show you where to go to find surveys that pay you.

get cash for surveys reviewAccording to the Get Cash for Surveys sales page, the site was founded by a broke guy who discovered the secret that allows him to earn more than $3000 per month by simply taking surveys.  It’s true that marketing companies are interested in the opinions of the public regarding new products and a variety of other things, so I decided to give Get Cash for Surveys a closer look.

Get Cash for Surveys Overview

As I write, Get Cash for Surveys costs $77 to join.  Then you’ll have access to the Members Area where you can find lists of surveys that you can take that will pay you money.  Of course, they recommend that you join their “survey partners”, who are other companies that are going to show you how to take surveys for money.

get cash for surveys members areaThe first thing you’ll see when you join is the Getting Started Guide, which will direct you to the login page and tell you where you can sign up with these partners.  Oddly enough, there are some other oddities on the Getting Started page, such as a brief article about how to earn $593 per day, which is actually a link to a different Website that will attempt to sell you some binary options trading software.

Following that article are some other links for other ways to make money that you’ll learn about in the Get Cash for Surveys Members Area:

  • Get Paid to Write Articles
  • Get Paid to Read Emails
  • Get Paid to Eat Out
  • Get Paid to Be a Secret Shopper

get cash for surveys scamWhen you join Get Cash for Surveys, you’ll also encounter two different upsells, above and beyond the $77 you agreed to pay.  One of the upsells is for a course on how to make money online, and you’ll learn how to create a blog, use Adwords and Adsense, how to make money with Twitter, how to make money selling domain names, how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program and how to make money selling on eBay.  This upsell also costs $77.

This is all rather confusing, since you thought you were buying a product that was going to show you how to earn a comfortable living, and yet here are the owners of Get Cash for Surveys trying to also get you to buy products related to binary options trading, and affiliate marketing.

What’s Get Cash for Surveys All About?

What Get Cash for Surveys is all about is getting money from you in any way they possibly can.  Here’s the deal with paid surveys – surveys that actually pay you in cash for answering questions are relatively rare.  There are a few, but you have to be qualified to take them, they can take hours to complete, and you’re not going to find them just every day.  Most surveys that do compensate people pay a paltry amount and they usually pay in gift cards or coupons, rather than cash.  The idea that you can earn $3000 per month, every month, is simply not feasible.


That’s why Get Cash for Surveys is trying to help you out by giving you the opportunity to buy a bunch of unrelated products in the make money niche.  They’re going to get you to sign up with other survey partners (likely for a fee) and then you’ll be given the “opportunity” to buy a course that will show you how to blog, sell things on eBay, promote products on Amazon, and make money with Twitter.  None of these things have anything at all to do with paid surveys, and when you’re done buying from these people, you’ll realize that you’re now the proud owner of a bunch of stale, dated ebooks about making money online that likely don’t work anymore.

You’ll also have the opportunity to buy some binary options trading software that doesn’t work, either.  What that has to do with anything else on the Get Cash for Surveys site is beyond me, but you can rest assured that if you do buy that product, the owners of Get Cash for Surveys will make money on it.

Get Cash for Surveys Conclusion

get cash for surveys - thumbs downGet Cash for Surveys is a Clickbank product, so it’s likely been around for a while, because Clickbank reportedly isn’t accepting any new products in this niche.  There’s a reason for that – you can’t actually earn a living taking paid surveys, which means that products that purport to tell you how to earn a living taking surveys don’t work.  Is Get Cash for Surveys a scam?  Well, pretty much, yes.  Over the past few months, I’ve reviewed a number of sites that claim they’ll pay you to take surveys, but none of them actually do.

This could be disappointing for those who want to make money online, but the fact is that you can work online from home.  You just can’t do it by taking surveys.    As the owners of Get Cash for Surveys have shown, via their various offers for other products, you can make money online through affiliate marketing, which is by promoting products that other people are selling in exchange for a commission.  Instead of wasting your time with Get Cash for Surveys, why not join Wealthy Affiliate?  Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program that will show you, step by step, how to make money in affiliate marketing.  The site has easy to follow lessons and dozens videos to show you exactly how to get started.  It’s fun and interesting, and unlike Get Cash for Surveys, it’s not a scam.

Get Cash for Surveys is not recommended.


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