Get Paid Taking Pictures Review – Cash from Pix?

Get Paid Taking Pictures – Easy Money or Scam?


Get Paid Taking Pictures is one of the biggest-selling product on Clickbank right now, and the entire Web seems to be abuzz over this product that says you can earn thousands of dollars by taking pictures of everyday things with your camera or smartphone.  Is that really possible?  Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a scam?  Read on for our full Get Paid Taking Pictures review.

Get Paid Taking Pictures Overview

get paid taking pictures review logoThe basic product you receive when you purchase Get Paid Taking Pictures is a 42 page PDF that explains that there are Websites that buy photographs and that all you have to do to make money is:

  • Take photos
  • Upload to a photo site
  • Wait for them to sell
  • Profit!

The Get Paid Taking Pictures book covers the basics of how to take photographs, starting with really rudimentary things like reminding you to keep your lens clean and unobstructed.  You’ll learn some basics about lighting and shot composition and get a reminder that if you take pictures with people, you must get a model release and that photos containing any trademarked items cannot be used for profit.  Later on in the Get Paid Taking Pictures book, the author will tell you about various sites where you can sell your photos; these are mostly stock photo sites such as iStockPhoto and Fotolia.  He also points out that there are other sites that can use images, such as print-on-demand sites.


get paid taking pictures courseA later section of the book outlines a number of different ways that you can use your smartphone to earn money.  These are largely unrelated to the main section of the Get Paid Taking Pictures book, which is about selling your photos to image sites.   He has a lot of example photos in the book, with price tags attached, such as a photo of a beach ball in a swimming pool with a price of $20,748 above it.  He doesn’t actually say that this photo was sold for that kind of money, but the book suggests it.

You can download the main book in the members area of the Get Paid Taking Pictures Website, where you’ll also find additional, “bonus” resources:

Secret Images List (The Most Profitable Pics)
Hire Others to Do the Work for You
Smartphone Apps to Earn You Cash
111 Things to Photograph

…along with the main product:

Get Paid Taking Pictures Manual
10 Tips for Taking Better Pictures With Your Smartphone
Sites To Upload Your Photos To

You will also find a banner in the members area that offers to give you a free Website.  This is known as “cross-promoting”; he’s trying to sell you something that’s rather unrelated to the main product.

Get Paid Taking Pictures is theoretically offered for $77, and there actually is a checkout page for that price.   Before you get to that page, he’ll offer you a special 50% off coupon that will allow you to buy Get Paid Taking Pictures for only $37.  Funny thing, though – if you enter the coupon code and then decide not to buy Get Paid Taking Pictures for $37, you’ll be taken to a page where you can buy it for $27.  If you don’t want it for $27, and you try to leave the site, you’ll be offered the chance to buy Get Paid Taking Pictures for only $19.  If you then try to leave, he’ll offer you a free Website, which has nothing to do with the Get Paid Taking Pictures product.

The “free” Website isn’t really free; if you agree to take it, you’re going to be asked to choose a domain name, which should cost $10 per year.  Instead, you’re going to be told that it’s $14.95 per month, unless you want to pay for three years in advance, in which case you just need to agree to pay them $528.

The Get Paid Taking Pictures product and Website are really a poorly organized mess, and the product consists of nothing useful to anyone who has ever held a camera in their hands at least once.  You don’t need to buy this book to learn how to use a camera, and you don’t need to buy this book to learn how to sell photos to stock image sites.  You can create accounts at iStockPhoto or Fotolia for free, and those sites will tell you exactly what sorts of photos they’re looking for and what their technical requirements might be.

Here’s the thing that Get Paid Taking Pictures doesn’t tell you – it’s really hard to make money selling photos on the Internet.  Ask any professional photographer, and they’ll tell you that.  The stock image Websites have literally millions of photos for sale, and any pictures that you upload to sell there are unlikely to become popular.  Most photos only sell a couple of times per year, and for that, you’re going to get a commission of anywhere from 20% to 60% of the purchase price, which, in some cases, could be as little as $1 per image, which means you might sell a photo for 20¢.  That’s not quite the $20,748 the author suggested that you might earn for a picture that’s similar to the beach ball.

The way you make money selling photos like that is by coming up with clever images, taken in interesting surroundings, that are well-framed, well-lighted and available in huge sizes.  Once you have a photo like that, you need to take a couple of thousand more of similar quality.  This is a business where you’re not going to make money by selling one picture for tens of thousands of dollars; it’s a business where you’re going to sell tens of thousands of pictures for a dollar or so apiece.  It’s not enough to be good; you also have to be prolific.

Get Paid Taking Pictures Summary

Get Paid Taking Pictures - thumbs downIs Get Paid Taking Pictures a scam?  Not really.   It does misrepresent the industry and the earnings that are available for amateur photographers.  Yes, you can make money selling photos on the Internet, but not as an amateur and not using a smartphone.  If you want to make money online without spending thousands of dollars on camera equipment, you could try signing up for a program like Wealthy Affiliate, which is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training program.  That’s a much better alternative to spending $77 $37 $27 or $19 or whatever the price for Get Paid Taking Pictures happens to be this week.

Get Paid Taking Pictures is not recommended.


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