Get Paid to Draw Review – $2000 a Month for Doodles?

Get Paid to Draw Review – Cash for Drawings?

The sales page for Get Paid to Draw says you can earn thousands of dollars per month just by creating simple drawings or taking pictures with your cell phone.  Is that for real?  Or is Get Paid to Draw a scam?  Read on for our full Get Paid to Draw review.

get paid to draw reviewApparently, a “lazy college student” used a “weird trick” to figure out how to earn thousands of dollars a month by taking pictures and even just drawing doodles.  All you have to do, the Get Paid to Draw sales page says, is create your impage, upload them to the “secret sites” they talk about, and get your cash.  Sounds pretty easy, so how does this work?  How do you get paid?

Get Paid to Draw Overview

The basic Get Paid to Draw product sells for $74, though the site has a 50% off coupon so you can actually buy it for $37.  Of course, the coupon is always there, so Get Paid to Draw never really costs $74.   Of course, it doesn’t end there; after you agree to buy, you’ll be hit up for two additional upsells, priced at $47 and $37, respectively.  I’ll be honest; I don’t know what the upsells are, but you’ll find out soon enough that it really doesn’t matter.

get paid to draw scamThe Get Paid to Draw course comes in the form of a 55 page PDF, along with some additional videos and some links to further resources.  The gist of the course is that it’s both easy and fun to make big bucks from selling your drawings and photos that you can take with your cell phone, provided that you know the “secrets.”

The “secrets” can be disclosed here – you’ll be doing one of the following things:

  • Selling your drawings and photos to stock photo sites, such as Shutterstock or IstockPhoto
  • Creating logos and graphics for Websites
  • Becoming a freelancer and selling your photos or artwork through sites such as Elance
  • Putting your artwork on items such as T-shirts or mugs
  • Teaching people how to draw or take pictures

Yes, that’s pretty much the entire Get Paid to Draw course, at least in terms of how you’re going to make money.  That all gets covered in the first couple of chapters of the book.  The remainder of the Get Paid to Draw book is going to tell you about such things as what kinds of drawings and photos are popular and how you can sign up with the stock photo sites to sell your artwork and how you can arrange to sell directly on freelance sites or through retail sites that sell custom T-shirts and mugs.

Get Paid to Draw even includes a chapter entitled “Learn How to Draw.”  If you don’t know anything about how to draw, how to take a picture, or how to paint, this 55 page book is going to show you how to do that, which, of course, is a prerequisite for making big bucks selling your artwork.

The Get Paid to Draw course also includes some information about such things as copyrights and how to price your artwork.  Once you’ve read the Get Paid to Draw book, you’ll be all set to make fat bank by selling your doodles and cell phone photos, right?

Well, no.  In fact, not at all.  The Get Paid to Draw course makes it seem as though you can make money selling photos and artwork even if you’re a newbie and have no experience.   They even suggest that you can sell doodles.  Really?  Doodles?

The Get Paid to Draw Reality Check

get paid to draw - disappointmentThis is where the ugly truth rears its head.  I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to earn a ton of money selling cell phone pictures and doodles, especially if you’re lazy or have no talent for photography or creating original art.  Yes, you can take your pictures or doodles and offer them for sale at stock photo Websites.  If people choose to buy them, you will make money.  You can also elect to put your doodles or photos on mugs or T-shirts and sell them at CafePress or TeeSpring.  You might even make a few bucks.  It’s remotely possible that you could make a lot of bucks.


There are a lot of people out there doing the same thing.  Many of them are genuinely talented artists and photographers.  I’m talking about long-time, experienced, professional artists and photographers who have spent many years honing their craft.  Many of them are struggling, because thanks to the Internet, there’s far more product out there than there is demand for it.  If it’s hard for people who are pros, genuinely talented and have years of experience, how likely do you think it might be for someone with no experience, no talent and nothing but a cell phone to earn big bucks selling photos or doodles online?

Here’s the deal – some of these stock photo Websites will pay people who refer photographers to them.  I’m guessing that the people who have created the Get Paid to Draw course are set up as affiliates for these stock photography companies.  In the event that you manage to create an account at one of these sites and actually sell a photo, the people who sold you the Get Paid to Draw course are going to make money from it.

Of course, that’s unlikely, because you’re not going to make any money if you aren’t already talented and experienced.  You’ll lose out on sales to the pros, who have professional equipment that exceeds the abilities of your cell phone camera.

Get Paid to Draw Summary

get paid to draw - thumbs downIs Get Paid to Draw a scam?  Well, maybe.  If you’re a professional photographer, you likely already know about the places where you can sell your photos.  If you’re not a pro artist or photographer, this course isn’t going to help you one bit.  Yeah, you might be able to make a few bucks on TeeSpring or CafePress, but you’re not going to get rich, you’re not going to earn a living and you’re not going to earn any appreciable amount of money.  So yeah, Get Paid to Draw is pretty much a scam.

There are ways to make money, legitimately, online without having to spend a fortune.  And if you don’t know the first thing about making money online, you don’t have to pay to learn how.  Rather than buy a crummy course like Get Paid to Draw, you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, which is free to join.  You’ll have a 10 module training course to teach you how to work online from home and lots of friendly members to assist you.  It’s a better way to go.

As for Get Paid to Draw, it’s not recommended.


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