Google Sniper Review – $2556 Per Day System?

Google Sniper Review – Is it a Scam?

Google Sniper, a product from George Brown, has been around for a few years now.  The latest release, Google Sniper 3.0, has been hugely popular with Internet marketers, and we’ve been reading about it everywhere.  The original course was good, but this one says it’s the system George Brown uses to make $2556 per day.  Is Google Sniper a scam?  Can you make money with it?  Read on for our full Google Sniper review.

google sniper review scamThe idea of a Google Sniper Website is that it’s small, but tightly focused, and created in such a way that it appeals to whatever makes Google like Websites.  You can build one of these small Google Sniper Websites to promote a particular product and then move on to build more of them, effectively creating an army of affiliate Websites working for you around the clock.  George Brown says that this product has everything you need to start making $10,000 per month or more.  So, let’s see what’s under the hood of the Google Sniper product.

Google Sniper Overview

The basic Google Sniper product, which costs $47, is a downloadable PDF with embedded links to supporting videos to walk you through the course.  The book itself runs 108 pages, and walks you through the basics of creating a WordPress-based affiliate marketing Website designed to promote one product, and one product only.

Chapters cover the following topics:

  • Finding a niche
  • Domain names and WordPress setup
  • Killer content to get a 20% conversion rate
  • Structuring your Google Sniper site so Google loves it
  • Setting up affiliate links
  • Step by Step sitebuilding instructions
  • Getting ranked in the search engines
  • Scaling Google Sniper into a $10,000 business

The Google Sniper book is well written and easy to follow, and the book has embedded links to the seven videos that accompany most of the chapters.  The book covers a surprising amount of material, and if you don’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing, it’s probably a pretty good way to learn about the nuts and bolts of building an affiliate Website.  I’d love to say that the book stinks and that it isn’t worth the $47, but that would be a lie.  In truth, the basic Google Sniper book is a pretty good product.



The days when you could build a Website with just a couple of pages of content and have it rank highly in the search engines are largely gone.  Google, in particular, frowns upon affiliate Websites as well as “thin” sites that don’t have a lot of content.  The entire point of Google Sniper is that you can build affiliate Websites in just a few hours and could, in theory, build a site a day.  By doing this, you can scale up your earnings to the $10,000/month figure that Brown mentions in his book.  In our experience, however, Websites with 5-6 pages of content (plus the privacy and contact pages that Google expects all sites to have now) don’t really work anymore.  Some of the smaller search engines might give some weight to these sorts of sites, but these days, the bigger search engines want sites with content, and lots of it.

Furthermore, and this is the thing about Google Sniper that really gives me pause, is the upsells.  For a product that is said to be complete, Google Sniper is sold with no fewer than three upsell products.  After you buy the basic Google Sniper book for $47, you’re going to be offered these additional products:

  • Google Sniper Elite Upgrade $187
  • Case Study Upgrade $97
  • Google Sniper Membership $47 per month

google sniper scamIf Google Sniper is complete, why do you need to buy these extra products, particularly the “Elite” upgrade?  Furthermore, you’re going to be billed for the $47 per month membership course automatically.  So not only is Google Sniper not complete, it’s not $47, either.  It’s $47 per month.  I couldn’t find anything on the checkout page that allowed me to opt out of the $47 monthly billing.

Like I said, Google Sniper offers some good information, and while some of it may be a bit dated, it’s still useful.  Some aspects of affiliate marketing don’t change much, such as finding a niche, installing WordPress and creating content.  These are evergreen skills that are useful today and tomorrow.  On the other hand, small sites don’t cut it anymore.  If the basic Google Sniper product were available for $47, I might give it a more or less friendly recommendation.

But it isn’t $47; it’s $47 per month, plus it comes with upsells for a more expensive “elite” version of the product as well as a case study and the hard-to-cancel subscription.  Because of these upsells and the rather sneaky subscription, which isn’t mentioned at all on the sales page, I can’t say that Google Sniper is a good buy.

There’s always a need for teaching someone how affiliate marketing works, as well as the basics of picking out a niche, finding keywords, installing WordPress and setting up affiliate links.  Getting traffic to your site is important enough that it could merit a course all by itself.  But why spend hundreds of dollars on Google Sniper when you could learn the same thing from Wealthy Affiliate for less?  Google Sniper has seven videos; Affilorama has dozens.  Google Sniper costs $47 (or more) per month, and you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.  Plus, Wealthy Affiliate has a user forum and content that is constantly updated, unlike Google Sniper, which is largely a rehashed version of Google Sniper 2.0.

Google Sniper Summary

I don’t think Google Sniper is a bad product, per se.  There are lots of worse products out there, and lots of worse products out there that cost a whole lot more money.  But Google Sniper’s initial price of $47 is misleading.  The mention that the product is “complete” and has “everything you need” is also misleading, because as soon as you buy it, they’re going to try to sell you something else.  Google Sniper is OK, but there are better options out there, like Wealthy Affiliate.  Because of the upsells and the sneaky subscription, I can’t recommend Google Sniper.  There are better ways to learn about affiliate marketing online.


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