Grade News Review – Read News and Get Paid?

Grade News – Easy Money or Just a Scam?


Note: We have no relationship with Grade News.

Grade News is the latest Website from a company that seems to be building new sites almost by the day.  They seem to alternate between building sites with paid surveys and sites that pay you for reading news articles.  They’re quite popular, with numerous mentions on Facebook and tens of thousands of Web searches.  So what is Grade News about?  In simple, it’s a site that pays you to read short news articles.  You can earn $7 for about 30 seconds of your time and you can read up to 35 articles per day.  You can earn even more by referring friends to the site.

grade news reviewIt just takes a few seconds to sign up, and within ten minutes, you could probably earn $70, with the possibility of earning thousands of dollars every week with little to no effort.  That sounds interesting, so I decided to check it out.  Of course, not everything that sounds easy and profitable works out that way.  Is Grade News a scam?  Read on four our full Grade News review.

Grade News Overview

It’s certainly easy to sign up for Grade News; you just need to give them an email address and a password.  They don’t even confirm your email address.  Once you sign up, you can log in.  You can read news articles by clicking on the “read news” link at the top of the page.  You’ll be shown a list of 15 news articles, along with the time they were posted and the amount of money you’ll be paid for reading them.  That amount is typically $7.


The “articles” aren’t full articles; they’re simply snippets that usually consist of a headline and just a couple of sentences.  There’s enough there to give you an idea as to what the article is about.  When you’re done reading, you click the “OK” button.  Then you’ll be asked to complete a short math problem.  It’s nothing complex; it’s usually just something like “10 + 25 =” and you have to provide the answer, just to prove that you’re not a robot.  Once you do that, you’ll see $7 in your account balance.  You can do this 35 times per day, so you can theoretically earn $245 per day.

grade news scamYou can earn even more by referring friends to Grade News.  You’ll be given an affiliate link and they encourage you to post your link to Facebook and Craigslist.  They recommend posting in Craigslist under “job offers”, as that will generate a lot of traffic for you.  That’s pretty shaky, and a good way to get your Craigslist account canceled, but that’s what they’re suggesting.  You can earn $35 for every person you refer to Grade News and you’ll also earn 15% of what they earn for reading news.  That can add up in a hurry and you could possibly earn several thousand dollars per week that way.  You can cash out once your account balance reaches $1500 and they pay by PayPal, Payza and Scrill.

Grade News seems to be owned and operated by the same company that has recently created other similar sites, including DirexNews, Till News, and All News Round.  The graphics and the text are the same as is the content about the company and when it was founded.  Grade News claims to be owned by a company in Brooklyn, NY, but the wording on the site suggests that the content has been written by someone who does not speak English as a native language, suggesting that the company is not U.S.-owned.  Ownership of the site is hidden, but the domain name has been registered through a Russian company.

Of course, here’s what everyone really wants to know about Grade News – do they pay?  After all, if you’re not going to get paid, then why bother?  I’d have to say no, they don’t pay.  They certainly haven’t paid anyone for the work they’ve done on any of their other sites, so it’s pretty unlikely that they’d pay you for reading articles at Grade News.

What is Grade News all about?  It’s hard to say, but here are a few possibilities:

They’re harvesting email addresses – Getting good, live, working email addresses from consumers always has value to spammers.  Russia is among the world’s leading hangouts for spammers, so it’s likely that if you sign up for Grade News, you’re going to be seeing a lot of spam in your inbox very soon.

grade news articleHacking PayPal accounts – Before you can get paid by Grade News, you need to provide a working PayPal email address.  With this address, Grade News could try to hack your account, which could give them access to any funds in your PayPal account, along with access to your bank account and credit card.  PayPal has good security procedures, but if you’re collecting tens of thousands of email addresses, chances are good that you’ll find a few that you can successfully hack.

Making you work – That math problem you need to solve is known as a CAPTCHA, and it’s designed to distinguish between human and automated visitors.  There are people who post content on the Web in bulk who need to deal with CAPTCHAS by the thousands, and they use paid services to do this.  It’s possible that the people who own Grade News are running such a service and that they’re using YOU to do their work for them.

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Grade News Summary

grade news is a scam- thumbs downIt would be nice if you could get paid a lot of money for reading short news articles at Grade News.  Unfortunately, they’re not going to pay you.  There are no news services that are willing to pay anyone to read the news, so there’s nobody that’s going to pay Grade News to make the articles available to you.  Like the other sites this company has created, Grade News is a scam and you’re just wasting your time if you have anything to do with them.   While it is possible to make money online, you can’t do it this way.  If you’re really interested in making money, then you might want to visit Wealthy Affiliate instead of Grade News.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online community and affiliate marketing training program that will show you how to build an online business.  You can join for free and you’ll make lots of friends there.

Grade News, on the other hand, is a waste of time.  Grade News is not recommended.


48 thoughts on “Grade News Review – Read News and Get Paid?

  1. well at first I Thought this was great way to earn quick extra money, and now since I been reading news on this site and posting
    my link as they requested I do, for extra earnings to get people involved, well It has been over 1 month and I have not received
    a payment, I have also filed a complaint with the BBB, but this i don’t think will not do any good, I also googled this company on the map and It does show Grade-News in Brooklyn NY, and the address is 58 Brooklyn Ave in new York.

    • The Website is registered in Russia and the IP address traces to Ukraine. I wouldn’t go looking for them in New York….or at all. It’s just a waste of time.


  2. Has someone thought to report this case before a government agency?
    such as “The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)”, this is a partnership between
    the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

  3. Has anyone been PAID!!!!!!!!! Received a e-mail in my in box stating they where pay-pal with a transaction of course I did not make since I did not set up a pay-pal acct but the first people I think of is Grade-News????? So for us here lets not get fooled again!

  4. Received a fraud pay-pal e-mail today since I never set it up completely and have been watching this site by the thanks for being here I of course reported it right away to spoofpaypal or something like that thought I give everyone heads up do not open up suspicious -emails dealing with your accounts

  5. Teri! Good to see you here. will you let us know what happens as so will I and others who are here. Thanks and good luck to us all.

  6. I too am waiting for payment. I have been working on my account for 15 days now. I only have 3 other people that are helping me.
    Here is my
    Data Sum Status:
    2015-07-29 20:25:17 @ A $3185.08 in processing
    2015-07-23 13:13:01 @ A $2310.09 in processing
    2015-07-18 22:58:20 @ A $2467.39 in processing
    2015-07-14 11:55:11 @ A $2339.4 in processing
    After you hit Click, your payment goes to: In PROCESSING. Well HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PROCESS MONEY?


    • I have waited long enough, tried to contact them, got no reply or payment. Deleted my account and will call it a bad experience. It was too good to be true anyway.

  7. Claudia, thanks for a response please keep me updated on your pay. I have reached the pay-out point but do not have a pay pal account set up yet and not sure if I should set one up if its not real . I could use the pay, we did what was asked.

    • James, i would suggest creating a paypal account but DO NOT link it to your bank or card details. Also make it something super short like apparently when they ask you to put in your payment details they will not accept your full paypal address and they require a paypal account number. I have tried to contact them several times about this and i have received no reply. I will check on this thread as well as the website itself for updates but i doubt that i will get any. Will post my findings in about 2 weeks when my payment is due.

    • MY payment is due tomorrow, but based on what i have seen from Terri’s post that she had a payment started on the 14th i really doubt they will pay anyone anything. WIll give it a few days to see what happening then will contact them again.

  8. The guy that owns this website owns a variety of others that work the same way. These sites are way too basic, too easy and just seem to good to be true. After contacting paypal they even warned against this guys saying that he is using the info he gathers to hack into paypal accounts. So, you can promote this opportunity all you want, but you won’t get paid for your efforts.

  9. I am at the pay out point with grade-news and am glad to find a forum on this subject so even if they don’t pay we should be able to put a stop to them.

    • James, if we put a stop to this site, others will follow, i am certain after reading all the other comments and from my personal experience so far with them that they’re not worth anything. However i got faith until proven wrong, so 14 days from now i should know for sure.

  10. I would like to add that I have reached the minimum pay threshold on a site supposedly own by same person as to grade news. The payout limit is $2300 and in less than 13 days i got there.
    Now waiting for payment for 4 working days nothing yet.
    I stil doubt anyway, yet hope they pay.

  11. Ok so apparently I miscalculated I still need to “read” a few more articles to get paid. I will be sure to keep everyone posted trust I’m a huge skeptic hence why I choose to try this whole thing out. I felt too this is unreal. Then researched some, not as much as now that I’m at the pay point on one and very close on another of their sites. Nothing is unbelievable in this day and age. When caucusian people can go to China and be paid very well doing anything from acting as someone they are not to being a personal butler included in the purchase of a new condo all just for being white, “white face”. Paying to increase ratings, is no different than paying people to eat food and look happy,they know they wouldn’t feed their dog all to utilize the power of suggestion for a commercial. I have made thousands of dollars selling people a product that is not a necessity although it can give people the sensibilities they need daily, all by knocking on their door and spending less than an hour doing it. So reading news articles and getting paid is really not that far fetched of an idea. I believe in just cause. So now the waiting game begins I hope the post a new page of news soon. The suspense is killing me.

    • I made an account, i recruited some people, i got 2 outstanding payments of over $2300 within 1 week. As they advertised they pay instantly if you recruit 5 or more members i should have been paid instantly. However that was not the case. My latest payout was at 11:10 am GMT -5 and their local time is midnight… i have looked up in the timezones online and that timezone is for Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing, Manila, Shanghai and Taipei. So their New York based company is a total lie. However based on the time zones, Russia is also an unlikely possibility. Regardless of the location, i do believe this is a scam considering that my paypal email is quite a long name and i am unable to put it all in the account number section. I created a new email for paypal to be able to fit in their field, i have past met their requirements for recruiting as you can see below, and still no payment has been made.
      I will give it 14 days for the payment, however i will no longer have any activity on the site until this payment is made. If it is not, then i will know it was nothing but a scam.

      Involved users: 12
      Reading news by users: 103

      Data Sum Status
      2015-07-28 00:08:05 $2330.54 in processing
      2015-07-22 05:52:55 $2332.75 in processing

    • do you have proof that you were paid? I am waiting for payment and just wondering if I am waiting for nothing.

  12. Has anyone participated to the point of payment and payment was then refused?
    Your review is speculating, but it does not seem as though there is any proof that they do not
    or will not pay?

    • My review is speculating, as the site is literally only a few days old and no one has yet been a member long enough to receive payment. The Grade-News domain name was registered just 15 days ago as I write this. It will take you about a week to earn enough money to get paid and then another nine days or something to receive payment, should they actually pay you.

      On the other hand, Grade-News is an exact copy of other sites that I have reviewed here that are all owned by the same person(s):

      All News Round
      News Range
      Quest of News
      Stat of News
      Till News

      This company also owns the following survey sites:

      Chief Quiz
      Line Quiz
      OK Quiz
      Survey Double
      Survey Full
      Survey Trendo
      Tempo Quiz
      Up Survey

      I’ve reviewed all of those, and have hundreds of comments on this site about those sites. There isn’t a single comment from someone who has been able to demonstrate that they have been paid by any one of those sites. Not one.

      Based on that, I think it’s safe to speculate that Grade News isn’t going to pay you, either. I’ve been waiting more than two months to receive payment from Up Survey, for example.


      • Ok so I have literally had more issue on this forum site in a 12 hr period than in 12+ days of reading news sites.
        Use my link and let’s see if these people are just a joke?
        [link removed]

    • Hello Dawn.
      So I’m at the point of one more page of articles and I will have met the minimum and I’m close on their affiliate site as well. I have been praying about this full heartedly over the past week + and over last few hours waiting for more news to post just so I can get to the pay point. I really pray this is not a scam or as we read above a Russian ploy for information. I have a genuine need for this to be legitimate. I have had one unfortunate event to unfortunate mistake to unfortunate accidents over past year. My physical need is to work from home for now. As of today I have 3 broken ribs literally hindering all of my working abilities. So pray with me and let’s see for ourselves.

  13. Hey there,

    I’m in Wealthy affiliate as well and I just did a review on What you said is absolutely true and these are sound facts that I too found when researching these kind of sites. Keep it up with the reviews man and I wish you the best of luck 🙂 Feel free to add me on Wealthy Affiliate anytime lol

  14. unfortunately for me, I already was on their site….but, have discontinued since reading your article….it starts with ‘,,,,,, then,…..all from the Ukraine, I believe…anyways, I agree with everything in your article…..take care

  15. Yea I agree, nobody is going to pay you seven dollars for reading an article, unless somebody pays them more. There is no way these news sites are gonna pay grade-news to just show you a few sentences of their article, especially the ones on the site (UStoday, need publicity that badly, they are some of the biggest news brands on the web.

    • Hello Dawn.
      So I’m at the point of one more page of articles and I will have met the minimum and I’m close on their affiliate site as well. I have been praying about this full heartedly over the past week + and over last few hours waiting for more news to post just so I can get to the pay point. I really pray this is not a scam or as we read above a Russian ploy for information. I have a genuine need for this to be legitimate. I have had one unfortunate event to unfortunate mistake to unfortunate accidents over past year. My physical need is to work from home for now. As of today I have 3 broken ribs literally hindering all of my working abilities. So pray with me and let’s see for ourselves.

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