Green Day Pay Review – Easy Long Term Cash?

Green Day Pay Review


green day pay reviewPeople are always looking for ways to make money online that don’t require a lot of work.  If someone comes up with a Website that promises that, rest assured, the public will soon be lining up at the door.  As the sales page for Green Day Pay says you can earn “Maximum Profit” and “Endless Income,” one can assume that they’ll soon have a lot of paying customers, especially since Green Day Pay offers multiple ways to earn money.

Do any of them work?  Will Green Day Pay provide you with the “long term and stable revshare platform” that they promise?  Read on for the full Green Day Pay review.

Green Day Pay Overview

At its core, Green Day Pay is what’s known as a “revshare” program.  That means that members invest money, and as the site earns money from more people joining, the profits are distributed among the paying members in accordance with their investments.

You can sign up with Green Day Pay for free, but to make money, you’ll have to invest in one of several different revenue platforms they have on the site.


Adpacks – These are advertising packages that allow you to display advertising on the Green Day Pay ad network.  The ads aren’t likely to do anything, and the only people likely to see them are other Green Day Pay members, so don’t get excited about the idea of generating any revenue from the ads.  Ad packs start at $5 each and go up to $100 each.  They return 140% when they mature, but that can take anywhere from 25-50 days, depending on the package you purchase.  In order to earn your daily revenue share on the ad packs, you’ll have to click on a minimum of five ads per day.

green day pay Sponsorship bonuses – You can also earn money when other members join Green Day Pay underneath you and buy ad packs.  You can increase the amount you earn by upgrading your membership, which includes a fee ranging from $10-$50 per month.

Pay to Click ads – You can earn a bit of money by clicking on certain ads.  You won’t make much this way; the bulk of the earnings from Green Day Pay are going to come from buying ad packs.

You can pay for your ad packs and membership upgrades using any of the following methods:

  • Payza .
  • Okpay .
  • Payeer .
  • Advcash .
  • Perfectmoney.
  • Bitcoin.

You’ll notice that PayPal is not listed there, as Green Day Pay does not accept that method of payment.  That’s because PayPal isn’t too fond of revshare programs.  That’s worth noting; if you ever come across any moneymaking system online and they list a bunch of obscure methods of accepting payment but they don’t accept PayPal, you may consider that to be a red flag and some caution is in order.

Can you make money with Green Day Pay?

green day pay testimonials

Where are the Green Day Pay testimonials?

That depends.  The way you make money with revshare programs like this one is by purchasing ad packs and hanging on until they mature.  If you buy in with $100 today, you should be able to withdraw $140 in about 50 days’ time.  If you buy in with $1000, you should be able to withdraw $1400 or so in the same timeframe.  If, in the meantime, you’ve encouraged others to join Green Day Pay and they buy ad packs, you’ll earn money from that, too.

There are a couple of problems with revshare programs:

  • You have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.  We’re talking thousands.
  • If people don’t continue to sign up and buy ad packs, the site doesn’t make money.  If the site doesn’t make money, then you don’t make money, either.
  • The ads you’re buying won’t attract buyers or make any money for you.
  • Earnings aren’t guaranteed, and if people stop buying, you won’t earn any money.
  • People always stop buying in time, usually sooner, rather than later.

The profits with revshare programs usually come early, and early investors usually put in a lot of money, cash out, and move on to other things.  The longer you hang around, the greater the likelihood that you’ll find yourself the proud owner of a bunch of ad packs that aren’t earning anything.

green day pay  scamThere were a couple of other really odd things about the Green Day Pay Website that I found to be troubling.  Sites like this usually have glowing testimonials from other happy customers, as that’s the best way to get people interested.  If you see a picture of someone and a quote that says “Wow. This program is great!”, you’ll be tempted to buy in yourself.

At the Green Day Pay Website, the area where the testimonials are supposed to be is blank, and there simply aren’t any there.  Does the site not have any customers who have made money and are happy about it?  I have no idea.

Another red flag came towards the bottom of the page in a spot where ads from members’ ad packs are supposed to appear.  The problem is that there were no ads there, but instead the space was just filled with a dummy ad.  This either means that there are no member ads to display, or that the system to display the ads isn’t working correctly.  Both are the sorts of things that would concern me if I were thinking about investing money in Green Day Pay.

Green Day Pay Conclusion

green day pay - thumbs downIs Green Day Pay a scam?  That’s hard to say.  Most revshare programs work for a little while, but again, you’ll have to risk a lot of money in order to make enough to make it worth your while to get involved.  Given that there don’t seem to be any ads displayed and the site currently has no testimonials (not even fake ones!), I can’t really recommend that you join the program.

There are enough risks with revshare programs as it is, but one with problems on the site would have to give me pause.  If you’re interested in learning how to make money, there are better methods than Green Day Pay.

I’ll have to give Green Day Pay a “not recommended” rating.



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