High Paying Affiliate Programs – Higher Profits?

Are High Paying Affiliate Programs the Key to Success?


high paying affiliate programsAffiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It’s not necessarily easy, but it has a number of advantages over other methods you might employ to earn cash.  You don’t have to stock, ship or pay for products; you simply need to send someone to a place where they might buy them and you’ll get paid a commission if they do.  Given that this basic method works well for tens of thousands of people, you might wonder if you could make more by promoting high paying affiliate programs.  After all, if promoting a product that sells for $10 earns you $3 to $5, wouldn’t it make more sense to promote something that sells for $1000 so you can earn $300 to $500?

I was on a marketing forum recently and noticed a bunch of different threads where people were asking about high paying affiliate programs and where they can find them.  Their reasoning is certainly sound; more expensive products, such as high ticket items, should logically pay more to their affiliates.  If you can persuade someone to buy something for $10, or $50, or $100, why can’t you persuade them to buy something for $1000, or $5000, or $10,000?

High Paying Affiliate Programs Aren’t Necessarily the Answer

High paying affiliate programs are certainly appealing, and while they’re not common, they’re not particularly hard to find.  You can find a site that specializes in high paying affiliate programs here.  The site lists a bunch of programs in a bunch of niches, and you’ll find that they cover a broad spectrum of pricing.  “High paying”, after all, is a matter of opinion; for one person, a $50 commission might be considered a lot, while another marketer might not regard anything less than $500 as being worth their time.  Still, there are plenty of high paying affiliate programs out there for people who want them.

So why doesn’t everyone promote high paying affiliate programs if they’re such a big deal?  There are a few reasons why it might or might not make sense for you to jump into promoting high ticket merchandise as an affiliate.

high paying affiliate programsHigh ticket items are hard to sell – This is the biggest hurdle right here.  I once owned a retail business where I sold a collectible item in a broad range of prices that varied from a low of about $5 to a high of several thousand dollars.  I had customers in all income ranges, but the mean price, the average price of all items I sold was $20.  Sure, I sold the occasional item for a four figure price, and I sold comparatively more items in the several hundred dollar range, but the sales that comprised most of my business, and consequently, the sales that actually paid my bills from month to month, wer sales of items that cost the buyer about $20.

Sales of items across a variety of price ranges aren’t linear.  You won’t necessarily make one sale of a $1000 item for every fifty sales of a $20 item.  If that were the case, it would make sense to sell only very expensive items, as you’d have to sell far fewer of them to make the same amount of money.  In real life, it doesn’t work that way; you might sell 100 $20 items for every $1000 item.  You might sell 250 items for every $1000.  It varies by niche and product, but in the end, it all boils down to this – the more expensive the item is, the harder it’s going to be to sell it, and the fewer you’re likely to sell.

high paying affiliate programs scrutinyHigh paying affiliate programs are harder to join – Companies that run high paying affiliate programs are aware that marketers would rather get big paychecks than small ones, but they’re also aware that a lot of affiliate marketers aren’t very successful.  These companies, by virtue of their high ticket merchandise, are also likely to be more concerned about maintaining their company’s image with the public.  Lots of affiliate marketers tend to cut corners or worse, use illegal, unethical, or generally “spammy” techniques to promote products, and the greater their incentive, the more likely they are to do so.   Obviously, companies that sell expensive or prestigious products don’t want their good name to be associated with or tarnished by the actions of shady marketers.  Because of this, companies that have high paying affiliate programs are more likely to scrutinize those people who apply to join their affiliate programs rather carefully.

That might mean that they’re going to want to know how you’re going to promote their products and if you’re using a Website, they might want to see the site you’re going to use and might have to approve it before they’ll agree to allow you to promote their products.  These companies want to put their products in the hands of marketers that are going to best represent their interests, and because of this, you might find that quite a few high paying affiliate programs simply won’t accept you as an affiliate.

One great solution is to find a hybrid program that offers the best of both worlds – high volume sales as well as high ticket merchandise.  One affiliate program that makes this possible is Amazon’s.  Amazon sells products in a broad variety of prices, and their commission rate applies to pretty much everything sold on the site.  Some of these items can reach into the five figure range, and if you sell an item at that price, you’ll get the same percentage from the sale as you will from the sale of a $20 video game.

An interesting twist to Amazon’s affiliate program is that the commission they pay is not based on the price of the item sold, but instead is based on the number of items you sell in a month.  As you sell more items, the percentage that you receive from each sale increases.   Many marketers take advantage of this by promoting both high ticket and low-priced Amazon items.  By selling a lot of small items, the affiliates then qualify for the higher pay rate on everything sold that month, including the more expensive items.  If you sell a bunch of cheap DVDs, you’ll get a higher payout on the big screen TV.

High Paying Affiliate Programs Summary

Whether high paying affiliate programs make sense for you depends on your abilities to persuade people to buy as well as your abilities to draw people who buy expensive things to your Website.  If you’re new to affiliate marketing, high paying affiliate programs are probably not the best place to start.  If you start that way, you’ll just be more frustrated if you aren’t seeing success right away.  It makes more sense to start out promoting affordable, easy to sell items and then working your way up to a point where you can promote a mix of low-priced, mid-priced, and high ticket items at once.


2 thoughts on “High Paying Affiliate Programs – Higher Profits?

  1. To be honest, I prefer high ticket affiliate programs. You can actually make full time income promoting this kind of affiliate.

    When you make a sale, you will be truly happy you hard works made way for you.

    Imagine promoting a a product and you earn $1000/sales. 5 sales is $5,000, than promoting those of $50, meaning you need a whooping 20 sales to reach $1000.

    [link removed]

    • Higher commissions are nice, but they’re harder to get. I have an affiliate site where I promote products that are priced from $20 to $150,000. Nearly all of the commissions from that site are for sales of less than $1000; most are for sales in the $100-$300 range.

      It’s much easier to persuade multiple people to buy $100 items than it is to persuade a single person to buy a $1000 item.


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