High Ticket Products – Getting More From Less

High Ticket Products – Less Can Be More

I’ve written a lot about affiliate marketing, and how it can present a great opportunity to work online from home.  People are always looking for validation before they purchase anything, and finding a Website or blog that recommends a product they’re already interested in can help them make a decision to buy.  In the meantime, if you’ve recommended a place to buy that product and provided them with a link with which they can make their purchase, you can profit from helping someone make their buying decision.

Ohigh ticket productsf course, it can be tedious trying to earn money this way if you’re selling relatively inexpensive items.  Lots of people decide to promote products that are commodities, such as DVDs or video games, and while these products are big sellers, they don’t pay a whole lot of money on a per sale basis.  If you’re an Amazon affiliate, for instance, that 4% commission from the sale of a $10 DVD is only going to amount to about 40¢ for your work.  While cash is cash, you should be asking yourself, “Can I do better?”  Of course you can, and the answer is high ticket products.

Why High Ticket Products?

There’s no real definition to the term “high ticket products”, but in general, it refers to products which are expensive, rather than those which are relatively inexpensive.  Most people who jump into affiliate marketing tend to sell themselves short, and assume that it must be hard to sell expensive products while it’s probably easy to sell less expensive items, like DVDs.  Sometimes, that’s the case, but there are some other factors that come into play.

high ticket items have less competitionCompetition.  Sure, selling $10 movies on DVD might seem easier, and it’s a product that lots of people want to buy, but there’s also the competition factor.  Lots of people sell inexpensive items, and often, they’re selling them for lower prices than you are.  This is something that has recently come to light on eBay, where many inexpensive items are now available for literally pennies – all from sellers in China who can also offer free shipping, thanks to a sweetheart deal that China has with the U.S. Postal Service.  There’s a ton of competition in selling small items, and there are tens of thousands of affiliates scrambling to make a little bit of money as they fight with one another over who is going to make the next sale of a $3 widget.  High ticket products often have much less competition and the fewer competitors you have, the greater your chances of making a sale.

The same amount of work.  This is the part that a lot of people miss.  The amount of effort it takes to promote a $10 DVD is the same as the amount of work it takes to promote a $10,000 luxury wristwatch.  Remember, the people who find affiliate marketers’ Websites are generally people who are already interested in buying.  What they’re looking for is likely a better price, more information, or some sort of validation to tell them that the decision they’ve likely already made to buy is a wise one.  It’s up to you to create the compelling content that persuades them not only to buy, but to buy it through you. But here’s the thing – that’s true no matter what the product might be.  Inexpensive or expensive, your job is the same – tell them what they want to know and provide a way for them to make the purchase.


high ticket items - more moneyFewer sales to pay the bills.  This should seem obvious, but if you’re promoting high ticket products, you can pay your bills with fewer sales, as your commissions are going to be higher.  True, you’re likely to have fewer sales, as people simply buy more inexpensive items than expensive ones.  But remember – you’re catering to people who are likely already motivated to buy, so it doesn’t really matter what the price tag might be.   When you’re promoting high ticket products, less (in sales) can be more (in commissions.)

The usual rules apply, however.  When finding any product to promote, you need to find something that’s of interest to you, as it’s going to be obvious to your Website visitors that you’re just trying to make a sale if you’re attempting to promote something that you’re not passionate about.  As always, you want to find something that interests you a lot first, and then find the products to promote.   With a bit of research, you can find high ticket products to promote in any niche, even if it’s just dog training.  It might take a bit of time to find the right product, but given that there are tens of thousands of products out there with affiliate programs to support them, you should be able to find something that pays well within your chosen niche.

Try to promote real products.  There are lots of programs out there that masquerade as affiliate programs when they’re really just barely-disguised pyramid schemes.  In the affiliate marketing world, lots of people are always talking about programs like MOBE that offer to pay huge commissions for products that…largely don’t exist.  These programs are scams, and while the commissions can pay $1000, $5000 or even $10,000, there’s no product behind them and people are going to buy them and be disappointed.  And guess who’s going to hear about that?  You.  When seeking out high ticket products to promote as an affiliate, try to find something that will genuinely make your customers happy.  You’ll hear back from them in a lot of cases, and you can post that feedback on your Website to help make further sales.

High Ticket Products Conclusion

Promoting high ticket products isn’t for everyone; some people are simply better suited to working with less expensive products that offer smaller, but more frequent, commissions.  But you shouldn’t discount the ability to make a lot of money on a single sale that comes from promoting high ticket products.  If you’re new to affiliate marketing and you don’t know where to start or you don’t know high ticket products from a hole in the ground, you should start by joining Wealthy Affiliate.  This online training program has a 10 module course that will show you how to get started making money online.  It’s fun and profitable and if you want to work online from home, it’s a great way to start.  You can even sign up for free.

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