Home Cash Code Review – $379 Per Day from Home?

Home Cash Code Review

Site: securecashathome.com (and many others)

home cash code reviewHow would you like to earn $379 per day working at home?  Of course you would.  Pretty much anyone would; that’s well over $100,000 per year.  That’s also the amount of money that Sara Taylor says you can earn if you join her Home Cash Code system.

The site says that you can earn those hundreds of dollars per day via a “certified, proven and guaranteed” home based business job.  That’s sounds impressive, and the logos for Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today, ABC and CNN look impressive, too.  I had to find out what was going on with the Home Cash Code to see what they’re really about.  Read on for the full Home Cash Code review.

Home Cash Code Overview

The sales page for Home Cash Code has a long-winded sob story from Sara Taylor, the creator of the site, about how she was down on her luck and had no money and then she met a stranger…who changed her life.  He gave her “the secret” to earning a lot of money from home and she took that secret, made a bunch of money with it, and now she’s selling it as the Home Cash Code.

paydays at home scamWhen you visit the site, you’ll first have to enter your name and email address and phone number.  Then they’ll “check” to see if any positions are available “in your area.”

Imagine my surprise when they told me that there are currently only 9 positions left in my area!

All you have to do to make money with the Home Cash Code, the site says, is sign up for their membership program for $97.  They assure you that this is a one time fee, and that you will never be billed again.  Well, $97 is OK if you’re going to make $379 per day.

Of course, there is a matter of the fine print in the terms at the bottom of the page.  That fine print says that “Your membership fee is a onetime cost that gives you a full six months access in accordance with these terms.”  It might be a one time fee, but it’s not forever.  It’s for six months.


What are you going to be doing to make money with the Home Cash Code?  According to the Home Cash Code sales page, you’re going to be posting special links on Websites.  They say that you can earn $15 for every link you post, and that they’ll provide you with new links to post every day.   They say that there’s no limit to how many links you can post, and they even have a handy little calculator on the site to let you see how much you can earn.

Furthermore, the site is full of testimonials from people who are really, really happy that they bought Home Cash Code.

So, what’s really going on with Home Cash Code?

home cash code ripoffThat’s hard to say.  It appears that the Home Cash Code is going to teach you about affiliate marketing.  You’re not going to get paid if you post links.  You’re going to get paid if you post links and those links lead to sales.  There’s nothing magical about posting links, and no one is going to pay you to do it.  There are software programs that will post links on the Web automatically and anyone can hire someone to do it manually for minimum wage.  So that means there’s no reason to pay you to do that.

However, that’s not the worst thing about Home Cash Code.  The worst thing is that the program seems to be all over the Web, under a variety of different names and using a bunch of different Websites.

Home Cash Code is also known as:

  • Paydays at Home
  • Secure Cash at Home
  • Work at Home Institute
  • Wah Edu
  • Social Media Profit System
  • Fast Cash From Home

…and who knows how many other names.  This thing is all over the Web.

home cash code scamWhat about Sara Taylor?  Her photo on the Website is a stock image; I found that same photo on a bunch of different Websites promoting a bunch of different businesses.  The photos that accompany the testimonials on the site are also stock photos, so it looks like none of those people or their testimonials are real.

But what about the logos from Fox News, CNN and USA Today?  If you see those, you’d likely think that this program was endorsed by or seen in those places.  Not the case.  If you look carefully at the text just above those logos, you’ll see that it says “Work from home opportunities have been featured on:”

Yes, they have featured work from home opportunities in those places.  They just haven’t featured the Home Cash Code.  I’m kind of surprised that Home Cash Code hasn’t been sued by any of those companies for the inappropriate use of their logos.  Then again, in order to sue them, you’d have to find them, and that might be a bit difficult.   Their Websites are privately registered, and there’s no contact information on any of their Websites.

Keep in mind, too, that when you checked to see if there are any positions for Home Cash Code in your area, you gave those people both your email address and your phone number.  If you didn’t decide to buy Home Cash Code right away (and you shouldn’t!), you’ll likely find your inbox full of messages from them soon enough.  You’ll also find your phone ringing, because you gave them your phone number, which means they can legally call you.

Home Cash Code Conclusion

home cash code - thumbs downThis one’s easy.  Stay away! Home Cash Code has a bunch of Websites with a bunch of names and they all link together.  The site is allegedly owned by someone who doesn’t exist.  The site is fraudulently suggesting that CNN, USA Today and MSNBC are endorsing their product.  They have fake testimonials.

I’d have to say that joining Home Cash Code is not a good idea.  You’re unlikely to learn anything.  You’re unlikely to make any money.  You will likely get harassed by both email and phone.  None of this sounds like fun.

If you’re really interested in working from home, there are better ways to do it than by joining Home Cash Code.

Home Cash Code is not recommended.


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