Home Job Group Review – 2000 Work at Home Opportunities?

Home Job Group Review – Can They Get You a Home Job?



While unemployment in the United States is currently down to a relatively low 5%, there are still a number of people who are out of work.  There are also a lot of people who have jobs that they don’t like and a number of others who would like to work from home.  If you’re interested in the latter, the Home Job Group says they’ve got just what you need – a database that contains more than 2000 jobs where you can make money working from home.

home job group reviewOf course, Home Job Group isn’t offering this information for free; they’re a paid membership site, and you’ll have to pay to get access to the jobs they have listed.  These are all jobs from third parties; the Home Job Group doesn’t offer employment directly.  They simply have job listings, along with contact information, for the companies listed on their site.  Can you find work with the Home Job Group?  Is it a good value?  Read on for the full Home Job Group review.

Home Job Group Overview

Home Job Group is a membership site; to get access to their work at home job listings, you have to pay.  Basic membership is currently $14.95, a “premium” upgrade is available for $49.95.  The premium membership gives you access to the jobs database, along with access to a special list of “hand-selected jobs”, though there’s no real explanation as to what these are, except to say that the Home Job Group staff has selected them as the “best of the best.”  A final upgrade option, the “Ultimate Placement Service” membership, costs $99.95.  In addition to access to the job listings, the Home Job Group will also help you find a job by contacting employers on your behalf.

I had access to the premium package, so I cannot evaluate the ultimate Home Job Group package and determine if they’re going to actually find a job for you or not.  I can, however, give you my opinion of the site and the job listings offered.


Home Job Group also offers three bonuses for signing up – ebooks entitled “You’re Hired!”, “Successful Career Change” and “How to ACE Any Job Interview”  These books are common private label rights (PLR) books and have little value.

The Home Job Group job listings page consists of roughly a dozen categories:

  • Business – jobs for business professionals
  • Clerical – jobs involving typing, writing, transcription, research and education or administrative work
  • Creative Art and Design – these jobs are for cartoonists, illustrators or photographers
  • Customer Service – These jobs involve phone or email support
  • Engineering & Programming – IT jobs for computer programmers and engineers of all kinds
  • Finance – Accounting jobs, mortgage positions and other jobs involving money
  • Human Resources – oddly, jobs for people who want to help people find jobs
  • Miscellaneous – All kinds of work at home jobs that don’t fall into other categories
  • Sales and Marketing – If you’re good at selling things, there are jobs for you here
  • Transcription – These jobs should have been covered under clerical, but these are largely medical transcription positions
  • Web Development – Web programmers, graphic artists and Web design jobs
  • Writers – Reviewers, and people who want to write for hire

That’s pretty much the list, except for the special list to which you get access if you buy the premium upgrade.   Home Job Group will also allow you to upgrade from premium to the ultimate membership at any time for an additional $49.95.

home job group bonusesThe Home Job Group site is clean and easy to navigate, and the category listing is pretty straightforward.  The Home Job Group members area also includes a section for writing a resume and another one for repairing your credit score.

What about the jobs themselves?  Well, I scanned through them, and a lot of the job listings look legitimate, complete with links to the Web sites of the companies involved as well as links to where you can apply.  Some of the job listings include email addresses for the contacts at the companies where you can send your application or resume.

I clicked on a few of the links and found a surprising number of them to be not working.  Probably a third of the links that I clicked on returned a 404 error, which means the page that the link goes to no longer exists.  What this suggests to me is that many of the jobs listed at Home Job Group are not current.  I can’t say for sure, but it’s possible that these listings are simply not updated very often, or if they are, the older ones aren’t scrubbed when the positions are filled.

Home Job Group says they’re pretty successful, and that they get thousands of visitors a day.  They claim to have 96,258 basic members, 108,597 premium members, and 19,556 ultimate members.  That’s a lot of members, yet they claim to have 2000 job listings on the site.  While the number of job listings seems to be accurate, as I was able to browse them, the number of members listed is likely not true.

home job group scamWhile Home Job Group says that they’re offering real work at home jobs, many of these positions aren’t actually employment, but are actually contract positions or piecework positions, where you get paid every time you accomplish a task.  Few of the listings are proper employment positions, where you receive a salary and benefits from a single company and are considered to be an employee.

Some of the listings aren’t really jobs at all; I saw a listing for how to create a store at Etsy.com listed.  I also saw listings for how to become a virtual assistant listed in multiple categories.

Home Job Group Summary

Are there jobs listed at Home Job Group?  Yes.  Are there enough to justify paying for access?  I don’t think so.  There are many places online where you can find job listings without having to pay for access, and those sites are free.  Plus, many of the links at Home Job Group are dead and don’t work.  If you’re interested in working from home, you might check out my #1 recommendation below.  You can learn how to start your own business, which is better than working for someone else, anyway.

Home Job Group is not recommended.

Still interested?  Click here to learn more about Home Job Group.


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