Hot Niches Suggestions – Solving Problems is the Key

Hot Niches – Fix the problem!

Something I see a lot on marketing forums and other places where affiliate marketers gather is a question of how to pick a marketing niche.  Everyone wants to find hot niches, that is, the ones that draw a lot of traffic and make it easy to make money, but it can be hard to find those, especially if you’re a newbie.  Lots of people say, with good reason, that you should “follow your passion.”  That makes sense; if you’re going to create a blog and you’re going to add a lot of content to it, you want to create something that interests you, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with it.  You don’t want to get into a niche that bores you, because you’re going to quickly tire of the topic before you can profit from it.

hot nichesThat said, the fact that something does interest you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be profitable.  There are plenty of niches that you might be passionate about that might be hard to monetize.  So there’s more to it than finding something you like and blogging about it.  You need to find a marketing niche that interests people, interests you, and which has the potential to allow you to make money from it.  It’s that combination of things that makes for the “perfect storm” of a blog topic that you can use to quickly become profitable.  And with that in mind, you need to be aware that there are some hot niches that are, day in and day out, niches that interest people and which offer the opportunity to make money.

Hot Niches Do One Thing

There is one thing that the hot niches in Internet marketing all have in common.  If I were to show you a list, and I will in a minute, you’d likely think that these topics have nothing at all in common.  They don’t, in terms of topic; they’re all over the map.  What they have in common is what they do.  What they do is offer an immediate solution to the buyer’s needs.  People search for things on the Web all the time.  They do it for fun, and they do it when they want to buy.  When people are searching for something to buy, they’re looking for one thing, and one thing only – something that will immediately solve some problem they have.


If someone has a leaky faucet, they might be searching for a new one or some teflon tape to repair it.  If they have a broken DVD player, they might be searching for a new one so they can watch their favorite movies.  And if they have recently had a relationship end badly, they might be interested in finding a way to get their ex back.  When people want things, they want them right now.  A savvy affiliate marketer will look for those opportunities to solve problems.  If someone is looking for a solution to a problem, and it’s a common problem, and you have a well-optimized site that presents information about that problem as well as a solution to it (for sale, of course) then your site will likely pop up when they do a search for their solution and you’ll be in a prime position to make a sale.

person with a problemWhat kind of problems do people have?  The list is a long one.   Personal problems, relationship problems, health problems and employment problems probably top the list.  These are markets, but each of them have niches beneath them that are ripe for the picking if you want to take advantage of them.  Granted, many of these hot niches are competitive, as they are popular topics, but there are a couple of other nice things about them that make them worth pursuing if you really don’t know what you want to do when you try to make money online:

1. They are “evergreen.”  What this means is that these niches aren’t fads and aren’t likely to go away.  These hot niches were popular last year, they’re popular now, and they’re likely to be popular five years from now.  That’s because things like relationship problems, for example, have to deal with throughout their entire lives.  One of the hard things about picking a marketing niche is that they sometimes go away and you have to find something else to do.  Not with anything in the “problem solving” arena; they’re evergreen and they’ll likely be around forever.

2. There are lots of ways to make money from them.  If you have answers to their problems, people will pay you to solve them.  You can write an ebook of your own to sell to them, or you can buy private label rights products to sell (or rewrite and sell as your own) or you can find products that solve their problems that you can promote as an affiliate.  All of these things work, and you’ll find for any of these hot niches that there are lots of products from which to choose and all of them will likely enable you to make money.

The List of Hot Niches

solve_a_problemI found this list of hot niches on a marketing forum, and it’s a pretty good list of things you can create a blog about, right now, that will solve the problems people are ready, willing, and able to pay to solve.  This list is by no means complete, and I cannot say that they’re all equal in terms of potential.  But they will give you a good idea as to the sorts of problems that people are interested in paying to solve right away.

Back pain relief
Care and cures for sick pets
Criminal and civil charges
Debt consolidation
Divorce consultation
Doctors, Therapists, or anyone else afraid of failing exams (or already failed)
Gamblers in debt
General social anxiety
Get clean soon for drug test
Get rid of insects (mostly termites)
Get rid of your pet’s flies
Guys who suck approaching/talking to women
Halitosis aka bad breath
Headache relief
How to get a good sleep (finally)
How to sell your house
Ill people that doesn’t have much time looking for alternative
Internet products for different languages, particularly Spanish
In need of a good lawyer
Job/career change/CV/Resume
Meals for pregnancy
Medical bills
Men who can’t win women (at all)
New parents who don’t know how to stop their baby crying
Obesity aka Lose Weight
Online trades aka Forex
Parents that needs legal help for their children
People in need for advance/fast cash
People looking for business loans
People want to get rich quick
People wanting to get rid of birthmarks
People who are sick and can’t get better no matter what they do
People who ran out of business/about to go out of business
Problems with surgery/complications
Quit smoking
Quit using some drug/pills
Relief/manage stress
Salespeople that are afraid to do cold calls
Save relationship/get your ex back
Students who need money
Toothache relief
Uncontrollable or excessive sweating
What to know before entering marriage (for girls and boys – separated)
Women that need to get slim and lose wight before holidays
Women trying to find out if their husbands are cheating on them
Women who can’t get pregnant
Women with lots of body hair

Hot Niches Summary

Again, this list of hot niches is by no means comprehensive, but most people should be able to find something on the list that will be of interest to them.  You can probably find a product that you can promote at Clickbank for every single item on this list, and perhaps you can think of some others that are similar or related.  Finding hot niches isn’t always difficult.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of simply looking to see what kinds of problems people are interested in solving and then providing them with a solution.


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