How to Crush It on Amazon Review – Possible $20,000 a Month?

How to Crush It on Amazon Review

Price: $7 (plus upsells)

Rating: stars5a

how to crush it on amazon reviewIf you’ve been looking for a way to make money online that’s a bit different from the usual models, one great way to do it is to sell on Amazon.  Amazon is one of the biggest retailers online, and for the past few years, their FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) program has made it possible for thousands of people to make money selling products via the Amazon site.

Jon Bowser’s new course, How to Crush It on Amazon says he’ll show you how to get started on a business that can allow you to earn $20,000 or more per month.  That’s a lot of money, and that’s pretty ambitious, so I thought I’d give the book a read and see if his plan checks out.  Is How to Crush It on Amazon a scam?

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How to Crush It on Amazon Overview

Full disclosure: I’m reviewing this book at Jon Bowser’s request.

How to Crush It on Amazon is a downloadable PDF book, so you can take delivery as soon as you’re done checking out.  The book runs 123 pages, so it’s clearly not something that he threw together in an afternoon.  This book is obviously the work of someone who has been doing this for a while.


Amazon’s FBA program is a great way to make money.  It’s not for everyone, and I’ll freely admit that I’ve tried it and found that it’s not for me.  Making money this way requires a lot of hands-on work, and a fair amount of bookkeeping.  That said, there are people who are literally earning six figures per month with the method described in How to Crush It on Amazon, so it can be done.

crush it on amazon reviewWith FBA, you’ll be listing your products for sale on Amazon’s Website, and they will be handling the shipping for you.  You’ll acquire the items that you’re selling from a wholesaler and either you (or the wholesaler) will ship the merchandise to Amazon’s warehouses.  Then you’ll list the items for sale on Amazon’s site and when someone buys, they’ll pack it and ship it for you.  They’ll even handle refunds for you.  Of course, there are some fees involved, but again, they handle all of that, and if there’s money left over, they’ll pay you every two weeks.

How to Crush It on Amazon breaks down the process of creating your own business using FBA as a model.  There are many reasons for making money this way, including the fact that the site has millions of daily visitors.  If you have something interesting to sell, rest assured, people will find it and you’ll make sales.

The trick is to find something to sell that:

  • People actually want
  • Doesn’t already have a ton of competition
  • Is profitable
  • Can be easily packaged and shipped

In How to Crush It on Amazon, Jon covers these topics, revealing good methods for finding something to sell, and finding something to sell where you won’t necessarily have to compete with the top brands in that particular industry.  There are categories he recommends that you consider selling in and others that he recommends that you avoid.

how to crush it on amazon scamHow to Crush It on Amazon has some great suggestions for finding a source for your merchandise, and a very clever tip for ensuring that your products stand out in the marketplace from the ones that everyone else is selling.

Sourcing can be problematic, as with most products, you’ll need to source them from China in order to ensure that you have good profit margins.   Fortunately, How to Crush It on Amazon offers a number of good suggestions for sourcing, along with some tips for making sure that you get exactly what you want.

How to Crush It on Amazon then walks you through the process of getting your merchandise to Amazon and getting it listed on their Website in such a way that people can find it.  There’s a fair amount of work involved on other Websites in order to make sure that people can find your products at the Amazon site, but Jon covers that well, too.

As I mentioned, there’s a lot of paperwork involved in working with FBA, but How to Crush It on Amazon offers some good suggestions for outsourcing some of the harder parts, such as handling taxes.  In fact, I was surprised at how many different sources and resources were listed in the How to Crush It on Amazon book.

This method really can be a huge moneymaker, and there are people who are selling hundreds of items per day while letting Amazon do most of the work.  There are a couple of potential pitfalls that may make the method described in How to Crush It on Amazon not ideal for everyone, however.

You will need some money to get started.  This is not a business that you can start with nothing.  At a minimum, you’ll likely need about $1000 or so to get going, as you’re going to have to buy merchandise and ship it to Amazon before selling it.  Eventually, as sales come in, you can scale up your business and expand your product line.  How to Crush It on Amazon recommends do this with a series of related products, as this is part of “establishing your brand.”

I read a lot of books in this business and they’re priced all over the map.  I’m astonished at how much content there is in How to Crush It on Amazon, especially given the price.  This is much of the same content that was previously offered in a members-only course that someone else created a couple of years ago that sold for more than $3000.  On the other hand, How to Crush It on Amazon is available for the price of a breakfast at Denny’s.

Pros and Cons of How to Crush It on Amazon


  • Well-written content
  • Easy to follow plan
  • Lots of sources and resources listed
  • Very affordable


  • A few typos in the book
  • Method does require an initial investment

How to Crush It on Amazon Summary

how to crush it on amazon- thumbs upIs How to Crush It on Amazon a scam?  Not at all.  This is a terrific book with a ton of content, a solid and time-tested method of making money, and it’s explained in a way that should make it easy for anyone to follow.  Like I said, it’s not for everyone; you will have to keep up daily with inventory levels, returns, and the miscellaneous costs that Amazon charges you with.  But the method described in How to Crush It on Amazon works, and if you find the right product or series of products, you can earn a lot of money using the Amazon FBA program.

At the price Jon is asking for the book, it’s a no-brainer if you think this business might be right for you.

How to Crush It on Amazon is one of the best books in the make money niche that I’ve read in a long time.  It’s highly recommended.

Rating: stars5a

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