Income Society Review – Moneymaking Opportunity or Ripoff?

Income Society Review – Worth the Money?

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There are lots of information products out there that anyone can promote as an affiliate to make money.  Some are worthwhile and some are not.  The ones that draw the most interest, however, are the ones that either promise huge profits or that you won’t have to do much work.   Products that suggest both, however, tend to generate a lot of buzz, and that’s where Income Society comes in.  This product, from longtime marketer Adeel Chowdhry, offers this:

Success is no accident with the Income Society and No Experience is Needed!  With commissions of $50 and up to $10,000 per sale, returns in this Franchise are high and come fast.

You don’t need a list, autoresponder, hosting, website or any technical experience! We take care of that.  Your franchise license gives you a complete done for you solution.

Our ready made sales funnel instantly converts frontend products, upsells, cross sells, & high ticket backend offers for you!

OK, well it’s certainly appealing to see that you can make commissions of up to $10,000 and if you don’t need experience or a Website, that’s even better?  So, what’s up with Income Society?  Is it a worthwhile investment or a scam or a waste of time?  Read on for our full Income Society review.


Income Society Overview

income society reviewIncome Society is the latest information product from Adeel Chowdhry, and his sales pitch for the product tells you that “affiliate marketing is dead.”  He then proceeds to tell you about his new Income Society system, which you can join for only $47 and how you can earn commissions of up to $10,000.  As mentioned earlier, he claims you can do this without a Website, an autoresponder or any experience.  While $10,000 commissions sound nice, how can you earn them without any of the things listed above?

Income Society is another Internet marketing system where you will join, pay money, and receive training materials to teach you how to make money selling products online.  Which products?  Income Society!  When you join, for a fee of $47, you’ll receive a license.  That license allows you to resell $47 Income Society memberships and you’ll receive the full $47 when you do.  What about the $10,000 commissions?  Those come later.  First, you’ll be presented with a series of upsells, where you’ll be offered access to a regular Webinar for $97.  If you turn that down, you’ll be offered access to it for $1, but the fine print will tell you that you’ll be billed for the full $97 in two weeks’ time.  After that, the upsells will continue, with a series of ever-more-expensive licenses that will allow you to resell ever-more-expensive Income Society licenses.  In order to earn the $10,000 commissions, you’re going to have to buy a $20,000 license.  But first, you’re going to have to buy a series of less-expensive licenses that are priced at $2500, $5000, and $10,000.  In order to qualify for the $10,000 commissions, you have to spend $37,000.  Yes, you read that right.

What’s the difference between the various licenses?  Nothing, aside from the price.  There are no products attached to them; they’re simply a license to get commissions for selling Income Society licenses.  You don’t have to buy them, of course; you’re free to keep selling $47 licenses.  But if someone buys a $47 product from you and then buys the more expensive licenses, you’re not going to get any commissions from them.  Those will go to people above you in the chain.  This “scare factor” is what encourages people to buy the more expensive licenses.  They’re spending money because they’re afraid that they’ll lose sales if they don’t.

That’s a terrible reason to spend money.  You want to spend money because you believe that you’re getting something of real value for that money that you cannot get anywhere else.  Systems like Income Society, on the other hand, are simple pyramid schemes that pass money from an ever-growing group of people at the bottom of the pyramid to a very small group at the top.  People who get in early will earn a lot of money, while people who join late will have a difficult time finding more people to sign up.  Ask yourself this – how many people do you know that have $37,000 to spare?   Now ask yourself how many of those people are interested in joining an online marketing system?

income society scamBuyer beware:  Any time you see a moneymaking program that looks interesting, find out exactly what it is you’ll be selling.  Is there a real product?  Just a license?  How are you making your money?  If you’re making money by getting people to buy a real product, that’s OK.   If you’re making money by recruiting more members, then you’re likely breaking the law, as most states in the United States have laws against such programs.  We haven’t heard of anyone being prosecuted for promoting Income Society, but you should be aware that the possibility does exist.

Adeel Chowdhry says it’s easy to make sales of Income Society, but in reality, it’s quite difficult to sell products at the price points his system offers.  It’s particularly difficult to make money with Income Society if you’re not going to have a Website or an autoresponder.  You could hand out flyers at the mall, but it’s going to be rather difficult to earn money without a Website.  Sure, the lure of huge commissions has a lot of appeal, but once you start trying to persuade people to buy in to Income Society, you’re going to discover that it isn’t very easy to sell products for thousands of dollars.

thumbs downAs we write this, we see that Adeel is relaunching Income Society and he’s promising huge commissions to those who promote it.  How is he promoting this?  By offering affiliate commissions to marketers who agree to advertise Income Society for him.  That’s a rather odd business model, given that he claims that affiliate marketing is dead.  He’s using affiliate marketing himself to promote Income Society!

We’re not fans of the licensing model of affiliate marketing, where the only product offered for sale is a license to sell licenses.  We know they’re popular and we’re aware that (a very few) people are making big money with it.  We also know that most people who try this method of making money online are going to spend a lot of money and get nothing in return for it.   There are better ways to work online from home and we advise you to stay away from Income Society.   One good alternative that you can join for free is Wealthy Affiliate.


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