Internet Business Kits Review – Instant Payments to Your PayPal Account?

Internet Business Kits – Fill Your Account With Instant Payments?


UPDATE:  See below.

NOTE: We have no relationship with Internet Business Kits

Internet Business Kits is a new product from Australian Billee Brady, and he says that with his easy to follow program, you can start filling your PayPal account with $150 payments (and with the upsell, $497 payments).  This step by step training program is going to teach you how to get your own business going in under 60 minutes.  Is Internet Business Kits the real deal, or is Internet Business Kits a scam?  Read on for our full Internet Business Kits review.

internet business kits reviewThere’s a lot of interest in making money online and it’s easy to see why.  Working from home is fun and can be profitable if you can find a good source of revenue.  That’s whee BIllee Brady comes in.  He’s created a training course called Internet Business Kits that’s going to take you by the hand and show you, step by step, how to build a business that will start generating $150 commissions for you.  Sounds promising, so let’s take a closer look.

Internet Business Kits Overview

Billee’s sales page has a now-common but still annoying feature – the video that autoplays, doesn’t have any controls, doesn’t show you how long it runs and won’t allow any other information to appear on the page until a timer runs out.  The video is 16 minutes long, but fortunately the rest of the page loads after about seven minutes.  There, Billee shows you what’s in his course that will get you those $150 commissions:

  • Step by step training on how to set up your new internet business in under 60 minutes.
  • Pre-Written Follow Up Emails.
  • Pre-Made Sales Pages/Training.
  • Traffic Training And Resources.
  • My Tools Of The Trade.
  • Lifetime Access To Your IBK Members Area.
  • Facebook Inner Circle Group.
  • Resell Rights. (100% Commissions)
  • The Ability To Start Making Money TODAY!

That sounds useful, so what’s the price?  The cost is $150, plus a $47 “admin” fee.  That’s a bit odd; what’s going on with that? And what will you be doing or selling to make those $150 commissions?  We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, we’ll point out that there’s an upsell, that says you can increase your commissions to $497.  Well, that’s even more appealing.   How much is that upsell?  It costs $300.  More on that in a minute.


What you’ll be selling when you buy Internet Business Kits is the course itself.  This is a bizarrely-designed poor man’s multilevel marketing program.  What you pay to join is $197.  Of that, $150 goes to the person that referred you to the site.  $47 of the purchase price goes to Billee Brady.  When you buy Internet Business Kits, you’ll be creating Websites that look exactly the same as the Websites of every other Internet Business Kits buyer and you’ll be trying to persuade other people to give $197 to you, so that you can then give $47 of it to Billee Brady.

That’s it.  There’s no other product.   You’re supposedly learning how to run an online business, but you’re not.  All you’re doing is giving money to Billee Brady, and then trying to persuade other people to give money to you.

internet business kits scam upsellWhat about the upsell?  The Internet Business Kits upsell is pretty odd, as the sales page talks about how you can earn $497 payments instead of the $150 payments the main program offers.  Oddly enough, the cost of the upsell is not $497; it’s $300.  Even stranger is that once you buy that upsell, you’ll be told to price it at $300, and not $497.  That looks like a major screwup in setting up the upsell, as the amount of money they’re telling you that you’ll earn is wrong.

It’s worth noting that Internet Business Kits is emphatically sold with a “no refunds” policy.  Consider yourself warned.  That’s a bit of a red herring; you can always dispute your purchase with PayPal and if you do, you’ll likely win.  That’s why the sales page says “no refunds.” They’re trying to avoid PayPal problems.  More on that in a minute.

The good part about Internet Business Kits is that you will learn a bit about online marketing.  The downside, and it’s a big one, is that you’re only being offered one product to sell, and it’s not really a product at all.  You can accomplish just as much by creating a Webpage that says:

“Want to earn $150?  Send me $150 and I’ll tell you how to do it.”

Then, when someone sends you $150, you tell them:  “Create a Webpage with the above sentence on it.  Thank you.”  If you think that sounds like a solid business model to you, then by all means, go buy Internet Business Kits right now.

The Really Bad Thing About Internet Business Kits

There’s one really bad thing about Internet Business Kits and I cannot emphasize enough how much it can potentially harm you.  PayPal absolutely hates anything to do with pyramid schemes, multilevel marketing, or make money online products.   In the Internet Business Kits “course”, Billee Brady talks about how all of this is going to put huge amounts of money into your PayPal account.

Here’s what’s going to happen, and it’s a virtual certainty:  If you buy Internet Business Kits, someone will eventually realize that all you’re doing is taking $150 from them and telling them they should go get it back from someone else.  They will complain to PayPal.  PayPal will give them a refund, out of your account, whether you want them to or not.  Then, PayPal will cancel your account.  They’ll do more than that, actually.  They’ll also freeze whatever funds you have in that account for a minimum of 180 days.  They might never return it.  They don’t have to explain what they’re doing to you and they likely won’t.  You will lose your money and you’ll be without a PayPal account…forever.

Internet Business Kits Summary

Internet Business Kits - thumbs downI really can’t recommend Internet Business Kits.  Is Internet Business kits a scam?  I’ll let you decide.  It has a few good points about setting up an autoresponder, a sales page, and a sales funnel, but the business model is ridiculous and unsustainable in the long run.  If you buy Internet Business Kits, you are likely going to have your PayPal account canceled and you’re not going to make any money.  Rather than take a risk with a poor program like Internet Business Kits, why not join Wealthy Affiliate instead?  Wealthy Affiliate is a training program with more information, more videos, more resources, a user forum, and it will teach you a way to learn how to sell real products that will provide real value to your customers.   And unlike Internet Business Kits, which costs $197, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free.  Why not try that instead?

UPDATE: I’ve received more negative responses about this review than I have about anything I’ve ever written, all, apparently, coming from people who have purchased Internet Business Kits.  Few of these responses were polite; most were quite rude, suggesting that I don’t know what I’m talking about or that I don’t know anything about marketing or that I’m only saying unkind things about Internet Business Kits because I want to promote something else.  Somebody even went on YouTube to rant about my review.   My description of the product is accurate, so I have no idea why that would make anyone actually angry about it.  It’s a review on a small blog.  Don’t like it?  Get over it.

What I think really doesn’t matter, as the law is pretty clear on these sorts of products – if you’re selling something that requires you to recruit other sellers for the product as a priority over selling the product to the public, you’re doing something that may violate U.S. law.  I’ll let you decide if Internet Business Kits qualifies; recruiting other people to resell Internet Business Kits is the entire point of the product.

As for promoting other products, I review all kinds of products on this site.  Some are good and some are bad.  If they’re good, I recommend them.  If they’re bad, I suggest that you stay away.  If you want to learn about selling things online, I would recommend that you find a program that will teach you to sell something other than the program itself.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is such a program.  So is Affilorama. Both of those will teach you the skills you need to learn about selling things online without requiring you to resell those products themselves in order to make money.  There are others.  If you don’t like the ones I’m recommending then go search for some others.


28 thoughts on “Internet Business Kits Review – Instant Payments to Your PayPal Account?

  1. The sales video also clearly states you can use the training and tools to sell whatever you choose but for those not yet with a product and want to make an immediate 150 can promote IBK itself. This is very similar to most other business opportunities including WA.

    • At the time I reviewed IBK, the sales page made it pretty clear that you were going to earn those repeated $150 PayPal payments by reselling IBK itself. If they’ve changed that, it’s to stay in compliance with U.S. law and PayPal terms of service.

      Honestly, these sort of comments are getting old. I’ve made it clear what I think of Internet Business Kits. If you think it’s terrific, then please buy it and let us all know how it works out for you.


  2. I like some of your points, but if you join Wealthy affiliate for free, how do you make money. No one will upgrade in a free program. Hate to say it, but i’ve done it myself and it goes no where fast!

    • I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Wealthy Affiliate does have a free membership, but the paid membership offers more features, along with unlimited free Web hosting and double commissions for those members who choose to promote the program as an affiliate.

      Lots of people sign up for free and then upgrade to the paid membership and that includes me. Overall, the site claims that roughly one in eight free members goes on to buy a paid membership.


  3. Its a scam. Dont fall for it. Just apply the golden rule. “If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true.Then ask the next question. If its so brilliant why do they need to sell it? They could be making enough money just by doing it themselves. Then consider other factors such as a lack of credentials and genuine due diligence. No reputable business would attempt to drum up business in this shonky manner.

  4. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for your honest review. If you keep just one person from buying into this scam, then you’ve done your job. The ones on here ranting about how great IBK is, just don’t want to recognize the fact that they’ve fallen for one of the oldest type of pyramid/mlm schemes in existence. I know, since I fell for one many years ago. It will come crashing down at some point. You’re also correct about PayPal. They will catch on at some point too and then these people can kiss their accounts goodbye.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I don’t get a lot of positive feedback on this site. People seem to be passionate about IBK, but they’d be better off if they would focus that energy on a better product.

      Funny thing about calling IBK a “pyramid”. If it’s a pyramid, it’s a poor one, because it only has one level. It even fails as a pyramid.


  5. Hi Charlie,

    I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate but disagrees with IBK’s platform. By the way, can you share your reviews about All-In-One-Profits or AIOP? I’ve been a member for a year now and it still generates an acceptable income for me. AIOP is affordable also and the marketing system includes free wordpress membership, webhosting, double opt-in autoresponder, lead/splashpage maker, rotator, pdf and video trainings, etc.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about All in One Profits at this time. I’ll get a look at it and review it at a future date.


  6. End of the day IBK is a business. Fully certified in Australia and recognised internationally as an operating business. Its no different to working for avon and paying for someone to pay you and the company. Isnt that what we call commission? Either way I find it hilariously amusing that IBK is get hammered for doing something alot of other companies do.

    But theres always a critic Happy Days hahahaha

    • “Fully certified in Australia… ”

      Australia? My site is based in the United States, and we have strict laws here regarding such businesses. MOBE is based in Australia, too, and it might be the single largest scam product on the Internet today.

      “…recognised internationally as an operating business.”

      What, exactly, is that supposed to mean? Being an “operating business” doesn’t mean that you’re not taking advantage of your customers.

      “I find it hilariously amusing that IBK is get hammered for doing something alot of other companies do.”

      Yes, it’s true that many companies do things that do not benefit the consumer. That isn’t a feature. If you think IBK meets your needs, then please buy it. Best of luck to you.

      Suppose every person on the planet buys IBK. Once that happens, how will anyone make any money? There will no longer be anyone left to buy IBK, because reselling IBK is all that IBK teaches you to do.

      “End of the day IBK is a business.”

      End of the day IBK is a bad idea.


  7. Thanks for the well written (retired English teacher here) and useful post concerning IBK and the Facebook group posting software that is the lure of the IBK offer.
    Would like to say I knew better but foiled once again. The IBK Facebook group posting software kept getting blocked by the “security software” on my PC. I called over a professional IT software developer and he found a way around it but said not to use it because it would leave my system “unprotected” so I gave up on the idea of using the IBK Facebook group posting software.

    So, I will pursue a “refund” from both Mr. Brady and the person who sold me the offer.

    Your PayPal information will be useful during the process of fund recovery.

    • As far as I know, IBK has a “no refunds” policy. You should ask, but if they say no, then you should talk to PayPal directly about it.


  8. Hello everyone!

    As far a I knew, IBK is 100% legit. An affiliate can definitely get their 100% comission unlike others.
    There are many ways on how you can do sales online. For me, IBK is not a scam. The only thing that is wrong here is comparing its differences and trying to convince readers to join WA instead of IBK. You cannot be directed to your paypal for payment unless you decided to buy it. I am a newbie of IBK and everything is well and still smashing on sales. It is better than the rest I´ve been through before. I am doing it as part time only. We have FB community page where all members are supporting each other. “A big interest doesn´t came from free or low investment”.

    • With IBK, there is no product. The IBK “system” consists of this:

      1. Give someone $197 to lean how to make $150.
      2. Ask people to give you $197 so you can keep $150.

      That’s it. That’s not a business model, and if PayPal finds out what you’re doing, or if anyone who buys from you through PayPal complains to them, you’re going to have your PayPal account suspended and they’re going to keep the money.

      Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like that. It’s a training program that shows you, in general, how to create a Website that makes money. What you do with it, and how you monetize it, is completely up to you.

      And it’s free…forever, if you like, though there are definite benefits to joining as a paid member.


  9. Well Charlie your review site is exactly the same as all the other identical review an Affiliate of Wealthy affiliate. your job is to trash another business while by stealth highlighting and getting ppl to join WA.
    Cheeky but typical

    • My job is not to “trash another business”; my job is to help people make money online. As it’s my site, I’m free to decide how to best go about doing that. I do so by recommending programs that I think will actually help people.

      I think Wealthy Affiliate is a good program, and I think people who want to work online from home might benefit from joining it. I promote it because it’s a good product. I feel so strongly about Wealthy Affiliate that I’m a paying member. If all I wanted to do was trash products and make money, I’d be promoting MOBE instead and you’d never read a good review of anything else here.

      I give positive reviews to a lot of make money programs here. I like some of them, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Screw95, Affilorama, and 80K Traffic Hacks.

      I also review programs that are going to take advantage of people, such as MOBE and Internet Business Kits, which exist to make money for the owners while providing nothing of value to those who buy them.

      I think Internet Business Kits is a questionable business model, and any lawyer would likely agree with me. It’s likely illegal under the laws of most American states, and it’s likely to get your PayPal account suspended. If you feel otherwise, by all means, go sign up and give them your money.

      I provide honest reviews here. What you do with that information is up to you.


        • Glad I spared you the trouble and hassle. It’s a ripoff, just like EPS Prosperity Hotline, which I haven’t yet reviewed. Anytime you buy the product and make money by reselling the same product, you’re getting ripped off.


          • Ibk is a product and it isn’t a Scam … Their System is set up just as your system with WA is … No need to go and bash another product just to get your funnel on the top margin…Vice Versa .. I am an Affiliate of IBK … And we have just started this online business here.Just think about WA for a minute and wonder to yourself why are yoou going into the internet business kits area and advertising WA huh? Just because it is a new Place and area….but no need to come in on ibk and start bashing the product giving your 2 cents of a convo into nothing you have not bought right into giving less of a devalueing look on yoour face. This system is a Full resell rights product..Our platform works just like yours does! but easier!…and technically different…You can clearly come up with your own ideas just like you have come across IBK just to try steer people into buying your own WA product..That’s not businessman for us!

          • IBK is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate, which is a program that trains people to make money in a number of ways, and does not specify any particular product to promote or sell. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t new; the product is nearly ten years old.

            If you think that IBK is like that, then please give us some examples of products, other than IBK, that you’re promoting using IBK. What are you making money with using IBK? Weight loss products? Dating sites? FOREX?

            If you’re making any money at all from IBK, it’s from doing one thing only: reselling IBK. When your business model consists of recruiting new sellers, rather than selling products to the public, you are, by LAW, operating a scam.

            One. More. Time: Internet Business Kits is a plan for reselling Internet Business Kits, and nothing more.


      • ‘Scam’ means fraud. It means you get sucked into paying for something and getting nothing from it. This IBK business is not a scam, because you get knowledge from it. So what if you simplify it and say ‘you pay money to get it, so other people will pay money to you so they can get it’. It is EXACTLY the same thing you would describe any business. Of course IF you go ahead and buy it then do nothing, then duh, you would think that you just fell for a scam cus you are not taking any action. Well that just shows that you are just a plain idiot. If you are going to invest in something, you need to take action and set your business up.

        • Charming reply. It’s always amusing when people call me names, as though that’s supposed to inspire me to say, “Oh, this person called me an idiot, so I guess they’re right after all.” Name calling is always the last resort of people with no argument, and your argument is bogus.

          I’m not an idiot, and I wasn’t born yesterday. Chances are I’ve been in marketing longer than you’ve been alive.

          Scam’ means fraud. It means you get sucked into paying for something and getting nothing from it.

          In the United States, the Federal Trade commission says this about scams: “It’s best not to get involved in plans where the money you make is based primarily on the number of distributors you recruit and your sales to them, rather than on your sales to people outside the plan who intend to use the products.”

          Wow. That pretty much describes Internet Business Kits, which comes with nothing to sell but IBK itself.

          So what if you simplify it and say ‘you pay money to get it, so other people will pay money to you so they can get it’. It is EXACTLY the same thing you would describe any business.

          No, actually, you’re describing only scams. You don’t pay a million dollars to get a McDonald’s franchise so you can resell million dollar McDonald’s franchises to people. You pay a million dollars to buy a McDonald’s franchise so you can sell hamburgers to the public under a sign that bears the McDonald’s name.

          You don’t buy IBK so you can sell widgets, hamburgers, or magazine subscriptions to the general public. You buy IBK to resell IBK.

          Internet Business Kits isn’t a business, because the product you’re buying from them isn’t a product. You say you’re buying knowledge, but you can’t be, because that’s not what the sales page tells you they’re selling. They’re not selling knowledge or training or anything else of value. They’re selling a method to get $150 into your PayPal account, and the method for doing that consists of nothing more than getting more people to pay for IBK. What will they be told to do to make money? Get people to buy IBK.

          Furthermore, you, as an IBK member, aren’t selling or providing anything at all to your buyers. That product comes from the creator of the IBK, who’s pocketing $47 from every sale. You provide nothing at all to your buyers. When someone gives you money and you give them nothing in return, that is a scam.

          IBK is not a business. IBK is a method for taking money from people and giving it to others. I’m here to help people make money online in legitimate ways, and in my opinion, and in the opinion of my attorney, IBK is a waste of time, a waste of money, and is likely illegal in most of the United States. It certainly violates PayPal’s terms of service.

          It’s worth noting that the creator of IBK lives outside the United States. So does the creator of MOBE, perhaps the biggest scam in the marketing world right now.

          I understand that you feel otherwise, and you’re certainly free to build your own pro-IBK Website and tell the world how great you think it is. In fact, you probably already have, since that’s pretty much what IBK is about.

          I’m not, however, going to permit you to spread misinformation about it here. You’re not helping anyone.


          • I’m sure you’re trying to make some sort of point, but I can’t figure out what it might be. Is there some place where one “registers” scams?

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