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Internet Jetset Review

Price: $47/month

Note: I am reviewing this product at the request of the creator.

internet jetset reviewIt can be difficult learning how to make money online.  Not because the process is necessarily hard, as the basics of affiliate marketing are relatively simple.  But putting everything together to make it work – finding a niche, picking a product, building a Website, and getting traffic to it – is complicated.  There’s a lot to know before you can start making money.

Longtime Internet marketer John Crestani has attempted to simplify things by creating a training program called Internet Jetset.  There, he’ll show you everything you need to know to get started learning how to make money online, and John says he earns six figures every month, so he should know.

Is Internet Jetset all it’s cracked up to be?  Can you really learn everything you need to know in one training program?

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Read on for the full Internet Jetset review.

Internet Jetset Overview

Internet Jetset is a training course that’s divided into 12 modules.  Once you sign up, you’ll get access to all 12 modules, along with access to a member’s forum.  You’ll also get access to “Jetset Live,” which is a series of 30 (so far) prerecorded Webinars that John has conducted for his members.

Internet marketing is a great way to make money.  You find a market niche, find a product to promote that has an affiliate program, join the program, build a Website, send traffic to that Website and start making money.

internet jetset scamThat’s simple to describe in a sentence, but each of the things you need to do is complex.  That’s where the 12 modules come in.  In the 12 modules of the Internet Jetset program, you’ll learn about each of the steps that you need to do to start making money with your own business and your own Website.

The modules in the Internet Jetset program are:

  1. The Online Business Blueprint – the four videos in this module introduce you to the concept of affiliate marketing and provide basic information about finding a product, reaching out to potential customers and automating the system so that it runs mostly automatically.
  2. Introduction to Internet Jetset – the five videos in this section of Internet Jetset show you how to sign up for an affiliate network, how to focus on the tasks at hand, avoiding the common pitfalls that cause people to fail, and overcoming your own limitations so that you can succeed.
  3. Choosing Your Niche – This 20 minute video shows you how to choose the marketing niche that’s right for you.  John will also give you a list of affiliate networks that he recommends that you join, including a few that offer exceptionally high payouts, though he doesn’t recommend that you start there.
  4. Google – If you’re going to make money online, getting your Websites to rank highly in Google’s search results is vital.  In this module of Internet Jetset, John shows you how to create simple review Websites and blogs that can rank well in the search results and draw traffic to your Websites for free.
  5. YouTube – YouTube is one of the biggest search engines of all and if you can get people to view your videos on YouTube, you can draw a lot of traffic to your Website.  This part of Internet Jetset includes 14 videos that show you how to create a video, upload one, make it irresistible to viewers and how to turn YouTube views into affiliate sales.
  6. Facebook – Facebook has more than one billion users, so if you can tap into that to get traffic to your site, you’ll have a lot of visitors.  This section of Internet Jetset shows you how to turn Facebook’s huge membership into traffic for your Website.
  7. Your Website – You’ll have to have a Website to succeed in Internet marketing, and if you don’t know where to start, this section will help.  In this module of Internet Jetset, you’ll have 13 different videos that show you:

    Installing WordPress (8:04)
    Customizing WordPress (4:00)
    Housekeeping and updates (4:00)
    Posts and Pages (1:00)
    About Me Page (9:00)
    Writing a blog post (11:00)
    Definitions (11:00)
    Plugins (8:00)
    Widgets (6:00)
    Contact page (11:37)
    Aweber autoresponder (13:00)
    Setting up a Facebook page (22:15)
    Getting Facebook likes (8:25)
    Adding a Popover form (12:38)
    Adding Social Icons (8:29)

  8. internet jetset courseCopyrighting Basics – the key to any Website is content, and the good content doesn’t create itself.   This Internet Jetset module has seven videos that show you how to create interesting, compelling content that will persuade your site visitors to become site customers.
  9. Launch Jacking – There is a lot of money to be made during the first week that a new information product becomes available, which is known as the product’s “launch.”  You can take advantage of this by building a Website to promote new products and leverage the advertising that other people do to make a lot of money.  This section of Internet Jetset has 15 different videos that take you by the hand and walk you through the process.
  10. Authority Review sites – Review sites work very well in the Internet marketing world, but they work even better if you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche.  This 5 video Internet Jetset module shows you how to build an authority Website.
  11. Facebook Ads for Affiliates – Free traffic from Facebook is good, but you can get a lot more if you run ads on the site.  This module of Internet Jetset contains seven and a half hours of training that shows you pretty much everything you need to know about paid advertising on Facebook.
  12. The 12 Week Super Affiliate System – This “module” of Internet Jetset is actually a preview of a deluxe product that John Crestani offers that is above and beyond Internet Jetset.  This 12 week course is devoted exclusively to doing affiliate marketing through paid advertising, which is the way that all of the truly successful marketers are making their money.  It’s an upsell, and it’s not required, but it’s an in-depth look at how a number of marketers have turned modest income into thousands of dollars per day in revenue.

The videos in the Internet Jetset are all well done and professionally shot and are easy to follow.  Everything is explained well and you’ll have no trouble following along with each of the concepts.  Most of the videos are relatively short, so you won’t be overloaded with too much information at once.

One gripe I have about Internet Jetset is that the course consists entirely of video.  I’m not particularly fond of video courses myself, and I’d always rather read information than have it presented to me in a video.  If I do watch videos, I usually like to increase the speed so that they play faster.

Many of the videos in the Internet Jetset course are done via a private YouTube channel and YouTube does have speed adjustments.  The other videos, however, are done via Wistia, and they do not.

While I realize that a lot of people prefer to learn via video, I’d have liked it if the Internet Jetset course included transcripts of the videos so that I could read through them instead or use them as a reference.

That’s pretty much my only complaint; the course is otherwise a solid one.

Internet Jetset Conclusion

internet jetset review - thumbs upIs Internet Jetset a scam?  Not at all.  It’s a solid, well-thought-out video course that includes more than 12 hours of instructional video, a user forum, and more than 40 hours of pre-recorded informational Webinars about how to make money via affiliate marketing.

If you’ve been interested in learning how to make money online but are overwhelmed by the long list of things you need to learn, I think you’ll find Internet Jetset to be a big help.

Internet Jetset is highly recommended.


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