K Money Mastery Review – Make a Killing from Kindle?

K Money Mastery – Quick and Easy Profits?

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Stefan Pylarinos says his K Money Mastery will allow you to easily create Kindle books that earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month and that you don’t even have to create the books yourself.  Is this true?  Is K Money Mastery a scam?  Read on for our full K Money Mastery review.

k money mastery review The Amazon Kindle, introduced in 2007, revolutionized the publishing industry.  Books were no longer large, heavy bulky things that were hard to haul around.  You could now carry hundreds of books with you on a small device that isn’t much bigger than a smartphone.  With the ease of reading also came the ease of publishing and the Kindle revolution made it possible for individuals to make a lot of money by publishing their books themselves, rather than going through a publisher.  Still, there’s a lot to know, and competition is fierce.  That’s why Stefan Pylarinos created K Money Mastery, so you could learn how to navigate the problems associated with publishing and get straight to making money with ebooks.

K Money Mastery Overview

K Money Mastery is a video course, accessible from inside the members area.  Before you get to the members area, however, you’ll be offered a couple of upsells.  One of them is a short video course about how you can create a book for the Kindle in only 24 hours.  The other upsell is for a membership program called Full Disclosure that gives you additional high quality video content each and every month…for a monthly price of about $67, which is actually more than the K Money Mastery course itself costs.

kmoney_mastery_screenshotThe K Money Mastery sales page talks about how easy it is to make money with Kindle and Stefan even has a few screenshots of his Amazon accounts to show you how much money he’s making.  Those may or may not be real; it’s quite easy to fake earnings graphics.  On the other hand, having published a dozen books for the Kindle myself, I’m well aware of the earnings potential there.  It is possible to make a lot of money publishing ebooks.

The K Money Mastery system is about finding profitable niches and then outsourcing the book creation so that you don’t have to do the actual writing yourself.  You just need to do the keyword and niche research and then outsource both the writing of the book and the creation of the graphics for the cover.

The K Money Mastery course consists of a number of instructional videos that are straightforward and easy to follow.   They’re even available in high definition, which makes it easier to see what Stefan is doing.  The K Money Mastery system isn’t about making a killing with a single book, so don’t think you’re going to be publishing the next 50 Shades of Grey or anything.  Most of these books are in the how-to niches, which are easy to write and which provide quick solutions to people’s problems.


Is the K Money Mastery course any good?  Yes, it is, and you’ll learn a lot and you can probably get a Kindle book published fairly quickly.  Will you “make a killing”, as Stefan says on his sales page?  Well, that’s a different matter.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about publishing books for the Kindle:

  • There’s a ton of competition.  A lot.  While some niches don’t have a lot of books already, that’s because there isn’t a lot of interest in that niche.  Most of the popular niches have hundreds, or even thousands of competing books.
  • Getting positive reviews for your books is critical.  While Stefan’s K Money Mastery course tells you how to do this, it’s a lot harder to fake reviews than it used to be, when you could just hire people at Fiverr to do it for you.  The best way to get good reviews is to sell a lot of books, but the only way to sell a lot of books is to have good reviews.   This is often the biggest stumbling block that new authors have when creating Kindle books.
  • A couple of negative reviews can be brutal.  Stefan covers this, but sometimes, you can’t do anything about it.

kindleThere’s one thing about publishing books for the Kindle that no course ever really covers, and it’s vitally important.  You cannot control what gets buyers excited about a book.   You can buy every course ever made about the Kindle and do exactly what the courses tell you to do, every step of the way.  You can have a good book, a good cover, well-written content, a catchy title and even good reviews and still find yourself the author of a book that doesn’t sell.

Why?  Because sometimes you just have to get lucky.  What makes sales of Kindle books explode is when someone reads a book, gets excited about it, tells their family and friends about it, and that is what spurs sales.  Books become big sellers when readers buy them, read them, get excited about them and share.  That, unfortunately, is the one aspect of Kindle publishing that you can’t control, can’t do anything about, and cannot fake.  People will either get excited about your book or they won’t, but you can’t force it to happen.  K Money Mastery isn’t going to change that.

K Money Mastery Overview

k money mastery thumbs upOn the whole, K Money Mastery is a pretty good course.  It takes a good approach to finding niches, offers you an opportunity to write and publish books even if you don’t know how to write or don’t want to do it, shows you how to get reviews and get the books published, and more.  All in all, K Money Mastery puts you in a position to succeed…if you get lucky.  You can’t control that, and it’s the one thing that makes Kindle book publishing a crapshoot, rather than a surefire moneymaking plan.  For me, I’d rather stick to affiliate marketing, a proven business model where you can control most of the process.  Instead of K Money Mastery, I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing training course where you can learn about making money online from the ground up.  Wealthy Affiliate , like K Money Mastery, lots of training videos, but it also has a terrific members forum where you can share ideas and learn new moneymaking methods.  I think that affiliate marketing is a better route to making money for newbies, though I will admit that K Money Mastery is a pretty good course.

Bottom line: K Money Mastery is recommended, with reservations.


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