Landing Page Profit System Review – $295 Per Day?

Landing Page Profit System Review


landing page profit system reviewThe world of Internet marketing is full of hype, exaggeration and unrealistic promises.  In truth, these days, if you’re not offering those things to your site visitors, you probably can’t even attract their attention.  People aren’t interested in methods of earning $10 per day; they want hundreds or thousands.  So, joining in with a sales page that promises a relatively modest $295 per day is Ryan Joseph and his Landing Page Profit System.

This isn’t so much a money making “system” as it is a training program where Ryan is going to show you the methods he’s used to become successful at marketing online.  The Landing Page Profit System is based around simple Websites known as “landing pages” that are designed to get your site visitors to do one thing and one thing only.  That “thing” may be signing up for a mailing list or actually buying a product, but the Landing Page Profit System is designed to show you how to build those landing pages that are tightly focused to entice your buyers to act.

Is Landing Page Profit System worthwhile?  Read on for the full Landing Page Profit System review.

Landing Page Profit System Overview

The basic Landing Page Profit System training course is currently available for a relatively modest one-time fee of $47.  There is an upsell for an advanced membership course that includes weekly Webinars with Ryan.


The Landing Page Profit System course is divided into seven core modules:

  • Module 1: Finding profitable niches – This one shows you how to find areas where you have the potential to make money by selling or promoting profitable products with little competition.
  • Module 2: Creating your landing page – Ryan shows you how to create landing pages using the special software that he includes with the course.  You’ll also learn how to create videos to enhance the content of your pages.
  • Module 3: Free traffic methods – The best Web page in the world is useless without traffic, and in this module, Ryan shows you how to attract visitors to your site using free methods such as creating YouTube videos and using social media such as Facebook and Pinterest to draw visitors to your site.
  • Module 4: List building – As they say, “the money is in the list” and the Landing Page Profit System will show you how to build a mailing list from scratch using his landing page software, which will integrate with your autoresponder.  The Landing Page Profit System course even includes a pre-written series of email messages to send to your list.
  • Module 5: Selling other people’s products is a good way to make money, but selling your own is far more profitable.  In this section of Landing Page Profit System, Ryan will show you how to pick a niche, create content for your product, how to build a Website for it, and how to get affiliates to promote your product for you.
  • Module 6: How to make additional money through freelancing using sites such as Fiverr.
  • Module 7: Using paid traffic to scale up your profits and increase the size of your mailing list.  Paid traffic instruction uses both paid search engine traffic and solo ad traffic.  This module of Landing Page Profit System also includes information on tracking so that you can be sure that your ad campaigns are profitable.

landing page profit systemThe seven modules consist of 50 PDF files, with each one only a few pages long in order not to overwhelm you with too much information at once.  Each PDF guide covers just a single aspect of the topic at hand.  In fact, the section on YouTube traffic alone has five different guides with it.

Ryan could have put it all in a single book, but then it would likely have been several hundred pages long and people tend to get discouraged when they see that much content at once, even if they did pay for it.  Instead, the Landing Page Profit System is divided into manageable pieces that make it easy to digest one concept at a time.

The PDF guides are well written and easy to follow and they assume that you know nothing about affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, autoresponders, mailing lists, or cost per action offers.  Everything is nicely explained in the order in which you need the information.

In addition to the PDF guides, the Landing Page Profit System course also includes 38 videos in mp4 format.  These, like the PDF guides, are divided into small topics, allowing you to understand one concept at a time before moving on to the next one.  The videos are downloadable, so you can watch them whenever and whereever you like.

landing_page_profit_system_scamThe software that comes with Landing Page Profit System is called Prime Landing Page, and it’s a product that’s usually available for sale separately but is included with the purchase of the Landing Page Profit System.  This software is surprisingly full featured and allows you to create attractive, fully-functional landing pages in minutes.  You can add and edit text, add photos or videos, and put in a call to action to get your site visitors to subscribe or make a purchase.

If you want to have them subscribe to a mailing list, you’ll find that the software integrates with several of the more popular autoresponder systems, making it easy to create a mailing list quickly.

Ryan also has a private Facebook group where he can offer help, guidance and tips to his students. If you need additional assistance, he’ll be happy to help you there.

Landing Page Profit System Summary

landing page profit system- thumbs upI was pleasantly surprised to see how well written and easy to follow the Landing Page Profit System was, particularly given that it’s a relatively inexpensive course.  There are other courses that provide more in-depth information, but you’ll have a hard time finding a product that offers this much content on such a wide variety of material at this price point.

I expected that the Landing Page Profit System would be just another quick and dirty ebook written to get people to send their money, but instead it’s a good, solid course that I think offers a lot of value for the price.  If you’re new to Internet marketing, it’s a great place to start.

Landing Page Profit System is recommended.

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