Leased Ad Space Review – Turn $7 Into Endless Commissions?

Leased Ad Space Review

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leased ad space reviewLots of people want to make money online, so promises of making it easy to do that will always draw attention.  Of course, it takes money to make money, so offers to let you make money without a large investment are likely to draw in a lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t be interested.  That’s the case with a program called Leased Ad Space, which says you can earn “endless” commissions from a simple $7 advertising purchase.

“Endless” is an awful lot of money, and $7 isn’t very much, so I decided to take a closer look.  Is Leased Ad Space a scam?  Read on for the full Leased Ad Space review.

Leased Ad Space Overview

Leased Ad Space is, first and foremost, a company that sells advertising.  At least, that’s how they present themselves.  For as little as a one-time investment of $7, you can post a graphic ad, a text ad and a classified text ad on the site.  For your $7, you receive a certain number of ad “impressions” for the banner and text ad, but the classified text ad is permanent.


Once those impressions run out, you can buy more $7 ad packages, or you can buy more expensive ones.  Leased Ad Space offers ad packages priced at:

  • Pearl Package $7 – 8000 banner impressions
  • Amethyst Package $17 – 12,000 banner impressions
  • Emerald Package $27 – 20,000 impressions
  • Sapphire Package $47 – 24,000 impressions
  • Ruby Package $67 – $28,000 impressions
  • Diamond Package $87 – $40,000 impressions
  • Red Diamond Package $147 – 110,000 impressions every month

leased ad space revshareEach of these packages is a one-time purchase, and each one also allows you to send solo email messages to the Leased Ad Space members.  Obviously, the more expensive the ad package, the more often you can send out these messages.

What about making money with Leased Ad Space?  By purchasing these packages, you receive the right to resell them, and you will receive 100% commissions from the sales of any ad packages from anyone who buys them using your affiliate link.

They’ve got some gobbledygook on the Leased Ad Space site about a “forced 8×7 matrix” and a lengthy table that shows how much money you can make buy persuading a bunch of people to sign up underneath you.  Yes, the chart actually goes up to $300,828,134.00, but don’t start counting your money just yet.

After all, there are a few other things about Leased Ad Space that you should know first.

You have to buy all the packages – this is a typical ploy.  Yes, you can get start at $7, but if you want to make the bigger commissions, you’ll have to buy the more expensive packages, and you’ll have to buy them in order.  You can’t start out by purchasing the Red Diamond package at $147; you first have to buy all six that precede it.  Once you’ve purchased all of the packages, you’ll have spent $399.

What happens if you don’t buy them all?  If you buy the $7 package, and someone joins underneath you and they buy packages that you have not yet purchased, you don’t get the commission for those sales.  Those commissions presumably go to Leased Ad Space, and that’s probably how they’re making a lot of their money.  Otherwise, how could they be making money from a system that pays 100% commissions.

leased ad space scamThe ads are worthless.  Yes, you get to buy all of these “ad packages,” but they have no value.  The ads are going to appear on the Leased Ad Space Website.  They claim that they’re going to appear “all over the Internet,” but they’re not.  They’re going to appear on a Website that’s largely visible only to other Leased Ad Space members, and guess what?  Those people aren’t interested in looking at ads.  They’re interested in selling ads to other people.

The ad packages are an attempt to circumvent the fact that this system largely consists of people paying money to people above them in the chain, in hopes that people below them will, in turn, pay money to them.  The ads have nothing to do with anything, and the best ad in the world isn’t going to make any money by being displayed at Leased Ad Space.

What about the solo ads?  As with the ads that are being shown only to people who couldn’t care less, so it will be with the solo email ads.  You’ll be sending out email messages to other people who only joined Leased Ad Space so they could make money selling ads to other people.  You’ll be getting dozens, or even hundreds, of email messages every day, all from people trying to sell you things that you don’t want.

Even worse – the people to whom you’ll be sending these messages aren’t targeted in any way.  The most effective solo email messages are those sent to an audience that has subscribed and is at least interested in your niche.  If you’re selling a weight loss product, you’ll have the best success sending an email ad to someone who signed up for a weight loss mailing list.  With the Leased Ad Space email ads, you’re just sending ads to random people who may, or may not, be interested in whatever it is you’re selling.

They likely won’t have any interest in anything but selling more ads to people.

Can you make money with Leased Ad Space?  Possibly.  The secret, of course, is being able to persuade hundreds or thousands of other people to purchase up to $399 worth of worthless ad packages by way of your affiliate link.  There are probably a few people who are doing this, but there won’t be many.  And what about that top payout of $300 million?  In order to achieve that, you’ll have to get more than two million people to sign up underneath you.

If you can get two million people to do anything, you’ll be able to find far better ways of making money than through Leased Ad Space.

Leased Ad Space Conclusion

leased ad space -  thumbs downLeased Ad Space suggests that it’s a system for selling advertising, and that it’s not mlm, or revshare, or a scheme of any kind.  But the ads won’t sell anything for you, because you’re only showing them to other members.  The other members are only there to sell ads to other people.  Leased Ad Space is all about selling ads, and nothing more.  There are better ways to make money online than by joining Leased Ad Space. You should try one of them instead.

Leased Ad Space is not recommended.

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