Legit Online Jobs Review – $9177 Per Month System?

Legit Online Jobs Review – Simple Moneymaking System?

Site: www.legitonlinejobs.com

Since the advent of the Internet, lots of people have found ways to make money online, and thanks to the recession of a few years ago, more people than ever are trying their luck at earning a living via the Internet.  It’s fun to work online from home, to be sure, but if you don’t know where to start, you’re going to have problems.  That’s why many people have turned to Legit Online Jobs, a site that claims it’s “simple” to earn money online.

Legit Online Jobs reviewLegit Online Jobs isn’t a new, or “flash in the pan” Website; they’ve been online for seven years and the product remains popular on Clickbank.  And why wouldn’t it?  Legit Online Jobs claims they can show you a simple system that allowed the “out of work dad” who founded the site to earn more than $9000 per month, just by posting simple ads around the Web.  That sounds impressive, especially if it’s simple.  So how does it work?  Is Legit Online Jobs a scam?  Read on for our Legit Online Jobs review.

Legit Online Jobs Overview

The name, “Legit Online Jobs”, would suggest that joining the Website would point you to companies that offer actual employment, yet the text on the sales page suggests that you’re going to be provided with a “system” that’s going to show you how the creator of the site makes $9000 per month.  It’s a bit confusing, and they’re asking $34.95 for Legit Online Jobs, so you’re not really sure what it is you’re paying for.  That all becomes clear once you pay and sign in, and you’ll see what Legit Online Jobs has to offer you as a paying member – it’s a bit of both.  There’s an upsell that also gives you access to the Legit Online Jobs VIP area in addition to the members area, but it’s optional.

legit_online_jobs_scamOnce you sign in, you’ll see your dashboard in the Legit Online Jobs members area, adorned with a stock photo of an attractive woman with a computer.  A list of updates shows the dates that the most recent jobs were added to the jobs database, and there’s a list of links for related products, such as how to make money on eBay, that are likely products with which Ross, the founder, is affiliated.  You’ll also see a list of “unannounced bonuses”, which are a bunch (more than 30) of old, dusty ebooks in the make money niche.  Books like, “97 Easy Money Savers” aren’t of much value, but they’re free, so take that for what it’s worth.

The main menu in the members area has four sections:

Ad Cash System – This is the “system” advertised on the Legit Online Jobs sales page.  This “system” is basic affiliate marketing.  You’re told to create an account at Clickbank, and then you post ads, both paid and free, around the Web promoting your Clickbank links.  If someone buys, you will make money.  You’re given a list of about thirty online classified ad sites where you can post your ads for free, along with some basic tutorials regarding pay per click advertising.  The training does include a number of videos, but this “system” isn’t all that new, or revolutionary, and it isn’t likely to allow you to earn anywhere near $9000 per month, especially since most online classified sites are stuffed full of ads such as these.

Legit Online Jobs is a scamReal Jobs  – This section of the members area has job listings for “real” online jobs.  Basically, it’s a list of links to other Websites that have need such things as translators (Speak Swahili? They might have something for you.)  There are also a few links to other sites that promise to offer real online jobs.  This section of the site is updated occasionally, but you could find these sites with a basic Web search, so it hardly makes sense to buy Legit Online Jobs in order to find them.

Paid Surveys – Yes, Ross is claiming that you can make good money taking paid surveys online.  If you’ve read any of my many reviews on these products, you’ll know that there isn’t much money to be made from such surveys and the few that pay cash only pay a few dollars per survey, while most pay in coupons or gift cards.  Still, Ross does list 100 or sites that he claims will pay you to take surveys, along with some basic training for how to go about setting up an organized system for doing this.  You won’t make any money, but the information is there.

Advanced – The advanced section of the Legit Online Jobs members area is training, showing you how to build a profitable affiliate Website, how to optimize your pay per click ads, how to optimize your site for search engines, how to sell your own products and how to make money by becoming an Amazon affiliate.  The training covers the basics.

VIP Section-  The VIP upsell section is an area where you can download a bunch of additional old, tired books about how to make money, with such titles as “Dropshipping Made Easy” and “Mining Gold from eBay.”  Apparently, Ross thinks that dumping a bunch of private label rights ebooks in your lap and overwhelming you with information will give you the impression that you got your money’s worth when you made the decision to buy Legit Online Jobs.


Legit Online Jobs Summary

Is Legit Online Jobs a scam?  I’d stop short of saying so, but the sales page is misleading.  You get the impression that you’re going to get access to jobs, and there are a few listed there, but mostly, Legit Online Jobs is simply a repository of tired, stale, ideas for making money online that either don’t work or haven’t worked in years.  If you purchase Legit Online Jobs, you will end up with about 100 ebooks, so at least you’ll have a lot to read.  On the other hand, you’re not likely to make much money with their Ad Cash System, as running classified ads for Clickbank products simply isn’t a viable business plan these days.

If you’re really looking for a way to make money online, you should skip Legit Online Jobs and try Wealthy Affiliate instead.  This is a complete training system and online community that will show you, step-by-step, how to build a profitable online business.  Wealthy Affiliate won’t overload you with information, but will instead show you what you need to know to do one thing and do it well and you’ll get the information in the order in which you need it.  That’s much better than Legit Online Jobs and their “well just dump everything in your lap” approach.

Legit Online Jobs is not recommended.


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