Lines News Review – Fastest Cash Ever?

Lines News Review – Read and Get Paid?



lines news reviewPeople like making money, and most people have at least a passing interest in making money online.  The easier the prospect, the more likely that people are going to get interested.  In that case, lots of people are going to be interested in Lines News, a site that offers to pay cash for reading news articles.  You sign up for an account, read from a selection of news articles and get paid.  You can get paid even more if you refer friends to the site.  Getting paid to read news is popular these days, and dozens of similar sites have popped up recently.

Since paid news sites like Lines News always attract a lot of attention, as will any idea that suggests that you can make money for doing little work, we decided to do a Lines News review.  Read on to see how Lines News works.

Lines News Overview

It’s really easy to sign up at Lines News; all you have to do is provide an email address and a password.  If you want to get paid, you’ll also have to provide your email address or account information for either PayPal or Payza.  It just takes a second to sign up and you don’t even have to confirm your email address.  Once you log in, you’ll see “read news” in your dashboard.  If you click on that, you’ll see a list of recently posted news articles, along with the time they were posted and the amount of money (usually $7) that you’ll receive for reading them.  To read an article, just click on the title and you’ll be take to a screen with the article.


After you read the article, which should only take a couple of seconds, you click the “confirm” button.  You’ll then be asked to prove that you’re a human by answering a simple math problem.  Once you do that, you’ll have $7 added to your Lines News account balance.  You’re allowed to read 35 news articles per day, meaning that you can earn as much as $245 each day just for reading.  This shouldn’t take long, as most of these articles consist of little more than a headline and a single sentence.  Even reading the full complement of 35 articles will probably take you no more than 30 minutes.

lines news articleIf you want to earn even more money, (and who doesn’t?) you can refer friends to the Lines News site.  They provide a special affiliate link that you can share with friends on Facebook or Craigslist.  If your friends sign up using your link, you’ll receive a $40 bonus for each signup, plus you’ll earn 20% of their earnings.  So if one of your friends signs up and reads 35 articles the first day, you can earn $89, plus up to $49 for every day after that if they keep reading news.  If you refer a lot of friends, you can earn thousands of dollars every week with Lines News.

That certainly sounds like a great deal.  It’s easy, it’s fast, and you can earn even more if you sign up your friends.  Who wouldn’t want to earn thousands of dollars per week for about a half an our a day’s worth of work?  Probably no one, which is why these paid news sites are so popular.

Of course, anytime something pops up that seems to good to be true, you have to start asking a few questions.  Why would a site pay you to read a headline?  According to Lines News, news agencies pay them to find readers for their articles and they pass on 80% of that fee to Lines News users.  OK, but why would a news agency pay someone to read their news?  News agencies are in the business of selling news, so why would they pay people to read their product?  Not only that, but these “articles” at Lines News are just single sentences.  They don’t include the entire article and they don’t even include a link to the article so you can’t read the full article even if you want to.  You also rarely get to see the source of the article, so you don’t even know where it comes from.  It’s hard to see how any news agencies could benefit in any way from using Lines News to get people to read their articles.

lines news articleThere’s one other thing that’s pretty important – Lines News isn’t going to pay you.  This company has registered their domain name privately, but the site is an exact copy of at least a dozen other sites we’ve seen – Till News, Direx News, Grade News, and Rank News come to mind.  All of these sites have popped up in the past three months and they’ve certainly gotten a lot of buzz- it’s all anyone’s talking about online.  But I’ve yet to see a single instance of someone being able to prove that they’ve been paid by even one of these sites.

So what is Lines News doing?  Well, their sites have ads on them, so that’s one way that they could be using their sites to make money.  Another is that they’re asking you to provide your PayPal or Payza account information, so they could be trying to hack PayPal or Payza accounts.  If they’re successful in hacking even a small percentage of them, they’ll likely make some money that way.  It’s also possible that they’re collecting email addresses so that they can either send out spam to everyone or they’re selling those email addresses to people who will use them to send out spam.

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Lines News Summary

lines news - thumbs downYes, it’s pretty appealing to be told that you’ll be paid $7 for 30 seconds of work or that you’ll get paid 20% of that just to get friends to read the same articles.  Unfortunately, Lines News is a scam and they’re not going to pay you to do that and you’re not going to receive any money. You’re just wasting your time.  If you’re really interested in making money online, you should skip Lines News and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.  That site’s for real and you’ll learn a lot about making money there.  Lines News, on the other hand, is a complete waste of time.

Lines News is not recommended.


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