Long Tail Pro Review – Good Keyword Research Tool?

Long Tail Pro Review – Good Tool or Scam?

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long tail pro reviewIf you’re going to work online from home, you’re going to occasionally need to invest some money in software tools.  There are a number of tools that can make your job easier, but one of the most useful for affiliate marketers is some kind of keyword research tool, which will make it easier for you to find things to write about for your Website that will rank highly in the search engines.  One of the longer-established keyword tools is Long Tail Pro, and it claims to be the quickest way to get high quality keywords and targeted traffic.

Of course, all keyword research tools make these claims, so that’s not necessarily a selling point.  Still, Long Tail Pro has been around for five years and continues to sell well as a Clickbank product, so I decided it’s time for a Long Tail Pro review.  Is Long Tail Pro a scam? Does it really work?  Read on for more details.

Long Tail Pro Overview

As the name suggests, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that’s designed to find “long tail” keywords.  These are not the obvious keywords, which get lots of searches but are difficult to rank for, but longer terms and phrases that are less competitive but just as effective.  Instead of “dog training”, for instance, Long Tail Pro might return such phrases as “german shepherd obedience training.”   People still search for such terms, but fewer Websites attempt to rank for them, making them relatively easy targets, or “low hanging fruit.”

Long Tail Pro is a standalone software program that is designed to run on your desktop computer.  It runs on Adobe Air, so it will likely run on both Windows and Mac platforms.  The site lists three versions of the Long Tail Pro software, but there are actually only two – Long Tail Pro and Long Tail Pro Platinum.  The third version of the software listed in the comparison chart is actually just a 10 day trial version of the Pro version of the software.  The free version of Long Tail Pro does, however, include all of the features of the Pro version.  It’s just time-limited and will work for only 10 days.


As I write this, Long Tail Pro sells for a one-time price of $97.  The Platinum version, which includes some rather significant additional features, includes a subscription add-on for the Pro product.  You’ll have to pay the $97 for Long Tail Pro, plus a $17 per month fee for the Platinum upgrade to access the additional features.

From an operational standpoint, Long Tail Pro looks like the Google Keyword Planner on steroids.  By default, Long Tail Pro will return 800 words or so, and you can sort them by high, medium or low competition among Adwords bidders.  You can also see cost per click (CPC) estimates.

long tail pro featuresYou can pre-filter your keywords when you do a search, so that you’ll only see terms that are two words, three words or four words in length, for instance, or only those that include or exclude certain other words.  Long Tail Pro works quite quickly, and you’ll see results in seconds.  You can sort the results in a variety of ways and you can export your keyword lists in csv format.  You can also mark favorites and even leave notes on certain keywords if you like.

A nice feature of Long Tail Pro is that you can also see if certain long tail keywords are available as exact match domain names.  You can toggle a list of top level domains to see if the keywords you choose are available as .net, .com, .org and others, making it easy to find a domain name for which you can rank your site.

Long Tail Pro Issues

Long Tail Pro works well and certainly does its job, but it’s not perfect.  As it runs on the Adobe Air platform, it should run on both Windows and Mac machines, but Adobe Air is a somewhat flaky application that occasionally causes problems.  While it does allow for cross-platform software, it can be frustrating to work with.

The other big problem with Long Tail Pro is the distinction between the Pro and Platinum versions.  The Pro version does a lot, and for $97, it should.  But the Platinum version which also involves a monthly fee, has some features that a lot of affiliate marketers would find to be absolutely essential, including the ability to import lists of your own keywords and the ability to save your favorite keywords.

long tail pro pricingThe most important feature that comes only in Long Tail Pro Platinum is the ability to check to see how much competition there is for a particular keyword.  Before deciding to use a keyword, most affiliate marketers want to know exactly how many other sites are ranking for that term.  You can do that manually by going to Google, putting the term in quotes, and seeing how many sites come up in the search results.  You might have to go through a few pages to do it, and this can be particularly tedious if you have to do this for a lot of words.

Since the entire point of a long-tail keyword tool is to find terms for which you can easily rank, being able to check the competition for a given term is an absolute must.   And for this absolute must, you must pay an additional $17 per month on top of the $97 purchase price.  That’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but for me, there’s no reason to have a keyword tool that doesn’t include it, especially since other keyword tools include the ability to check for competition.

Long Tail Pro Summary

Is Long Tail Pro a scam?  No, Long Tail Pro is actually a very good keyword tool.  It can find lots of keywords, and lots of keywords that have multiple words and are easy to rank for.  You can sort them, export them, filter them, and basically manipulate them to your liking.  With just a few minutes of work, you can use Long Tail Pro to find a list of words that will allow you to rank in any niche.  My only hesitation is the price.  At $97 for a one-time purchase, Long Tail Pro is not a bad value.  But that price does not include the competition feature, which costs an extra $17.  If you’re going to spend that much, you might want to pass on Long Tail Pro and try Jaaxy instead, which has all of those features and more and does not have the hefty purchase price, but is instead subscription-based.  Jaaxy is also Web-based, and avoids some of the technical problems that come with using the occasionally-flaky Adobe Air.

All in all, Long Tail Pro is a pretty good product.  I recommend it, with reservations.


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