Lotto Destroyer Review – Winning the Lottery Made Easy?

Lotto Destroyer Review

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lotto destroyer reviewIt’s one thing to work hard to earn money, but it’s even better if someone hands it to you.  That’s why millions of people play the lottery every day in the United States.  Of course, winning the lottery isn’t something you can plan to do; it’s all luck.

Or is it?  The author of Lotto Destroyer says that it’s not luck, and if you use their system to determine which numbers you should be playing, you’ll likely win quite a bit more than you have been.  That sounded interesting, and I enjoy a bit of gambling every now and again, so I thought I’d take a closer look and see what Lotto Destroyer is all about.  Is Lotto Destroyer a scam?

Read on for the full Lotto Destroyer review.

Lotto Destroyer Overview

Lotto Destroyer is an ebook in PDF format, so you can read it on just about any computer device.  You can also download it immediately after purchase.

When you purchase Lotto Destroyer, you’ll also be pressured to purchase access to a piece of software called the Auto Lotto Processor that supposedly will help you pick winning numbers more easily.  The price of the Auto Lotto Processor is $197 per month, but if you say no to the offer, you’ll be given the chance to buy it for $97 per month.  If you say no to that, you’ll be given a final chance to get it for $47 per month.


The Lotto Destroyer book itself runs some 143 pages, and there is no author credited.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

  • Chapter One: Hidden Secrets
  • Chapter Two: General Tips and Tricks on Winning the Lottery
  • Chapter Three: The Set of Numbers That Are More Likely to Win
  • Chapter Four: A Look at Two People Who Won the Lottery
  • Chapter Five: Auto Lotto Processor and Why You Should Use it
  • Chapter Six: Get Into the Habit of Following Past Winners Tips
  • Chapter Seven: Learning as Much as Possible from All the Information Out There
  • Chapter Eight: Following One Lotto System or Software Will Help You
  • Chapter Nine: Three Additional Things That Will Help You Win
  • Chapter Ten: Pick 3 – Hidden Techniques
  • Chapter Eleven: Pick 4 – Hidden Techniques
  • Chapter Twelve: Pick 5 – Hidden Techniques
  • Chapter Thirteen: Pick 6 – Hidden Techniques
  • Chapter Fourteen: The #1 Private Lottery Pool That Increases Your Chances of Winning By 1000%

I find it amusing that there’s a chapter 13 in Lotto Destroyer; most gamblers are pretty superstitious, and that’s a number a lot of people like to avoid.

lotto destroyer systemEarly on in the Lotto Destroyer, you’ll get an overview of basic lottery games, and the book is divided into sections that cover specific kinds of lottery games that are common in the majority of the states that have lotteries – Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6.  There’s also a section at the end about scratch off games.

The systems that are described in the Lotto Destroyer system are fairly similar to those I’ve seen described in other books, such as Lotto Crusher.  That’s not because the books are the same or because they have the same authors (though they might; I have no idea.)  It’s because there are only so many different ways you can come up with to play numbers for a random drawing.

And lotteries are random.  That’s the entire point, and each state goes to a great deal of trouble to make sure that their systems are both fair and random.  If they weren’t, people would quickly figure that out and take advantage of it.

That said, most of the systems described in Lotto Destroyer follow a predictable pattern:

  • Don’t choose all odd numbers
  • Don’t choose all even numbers
  • Don’t choose consecutive numbers
  • Don’t choose numbers that represent people’s birthdays
  • Pick numbers that have come up often in recent drawings
  • Pick numbers that have not come up often in recent drawings

There’s a certain amount of logic in avoiding numbers that represent birthdays, and that’s because a lot of people pick such numbers.  If you happen to pick a number that’s larger than 31, you’ll have a somewhat smaller chance of having to share your winnings with someone if you win.  That’s because lottery jackpots are aggregate, and the jackpot sum is divided among all winners.  Since fewer players choose larger numbers, that decreases your chances of having to share.

lotto destroyer scamIt does not increase your chances of winning, because the winning numbers are chosen randomly.  Lotto Destroyer says you should never pick all even numbers or all odd numbers or all consecutive numbers because “they never win.”  That may or may not be true, but the truth is that they could win.  The fact that all odd numbers weren’t chosen yesterday, anytime in the last week, or anytime in the last year doesn’t mean that all odd numbers won’t be chosen tomorrow.  It could happen.

If it makes you feel good to have some sort of “system” to play the lottery, then by all means, go ahead and find one and use it.  I don’t think that the systems presented in Lotto Destroyer can justify the $147 price tag for the book, and I don’t think they’ll help you win.

Pros and Cons of Lotto Destroyer


  • Good overview of various state lottery games
  • Reasonably well written book


  • Theories in the book rely on past results
  • Book is expensive

Lotto Destroyer Summary

lotto crusher - thumbs downLotto Destroyer is a lot more expensive than most ebooks, and that’s likely a psychological ploy.  You can win thousands or even millions playing the lottery.  If someone sold a book that might help you win millions for only $10, no one would believe that there was any value in it and it likely wouldn’t sell well.

On the other hand, if you charge a much higher price for it, such as $147, people will think that the price is somehow in line with the amount you’re going to win.   “Of course Lotto Destroyer is worth $147.  After all, it’s going to help me win thousands!” That’s the sort of logic that helps people sell books about how to win the lottery like Lotto Destroyer.  It’s also the sort of logic that keeps lotteries in business.

If you’re interested in making money, there are better ways to do it than by buying Lotto Destroyer.

Lotto Destroyer is not recommended.


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