Luckinews Review – Read News, Make Money

Luckinews Review – Easy Money, or Just a Scam?


People are always interested in making money online and particularly in working online from home.  It’s a grind having a regular job, so any opportunity to earn some cash on your own is a welcome one.  That’s especially true if the work is fairly easy.  After all, who wants to work hard if they don’t have to?  Luckinews is a new Website that says they’ll pay you $7 to read simple news articles, and you can earn even more if you refer friends to the site.  Does it really work, or is Luckinews a scam?  Read on for our full Luckinews review.

Luckinews Overview

luckinews reviewThat sounds pretty promising, so what’s involved?  How do you earn money with Luckinews?  The signup process couldn’t be simpler; you just provide an email address and a password and then you log in. You don’t even have to confirm via email.  Once you’ve logged in, you can click the link that says “Read News.”  You’re then going to see a list of recently-posted news articles.  You can click on one to read it.  Once you’ve done that, you have to answer a simple math problem in order to receive credit for having read the article.


You earn $7 for each article you read, and you can read up to 35 articles per day, for potential earnings of $245 per day for reading news articles alone.   You can earn more by referring friends and family; you receive a $35 bonus for each referral plus you earn 15% of the earnings of anyone you refer.   If you refer enough people (how many is not specified), you can become either an “expert” or a “professional” at Luckinews.  Experts earn an additional 30% for reading news, and Professionals earn 50% more.  Combined with the referral fees and earnings, it’s potentially possible to earn thousands of dollars a week with Luckinews.

Luckinews payments are made via Payza, PayPal, or Skrill.  You’ll have to provide your account information to get paid, and the minimum payout amount is $2300.  Of course, that’s only about ten days worth of reading articles, and even less if you refer other friends to the Luckinews site.

Of course, when things appear to be too good to be true, they often are, and that’s likely the case with Luckinews.  This site is very similar to other recent sites that offered similar deals, such as Quest of News and All News Round.  In fact, Luckinews likely has the same ownership as those sites, as it’s structured much the same way.  It’s hard to tell who owns the site, as the domain name was privately registered, but as I write this, the site is only a few weeks old.  Of course, the Luckinews site itself says that the company was founded in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY.  That’s rather hard to believe, as the language used on the site suggests that the content was written by someone who does not speak English as a native language.

luckinews scamThe real problem with Luckinews, of course, is that they’re unlikely to pay you.   Ever.  None of the other similar sites actually pay people, though they’ve had thousands of people sign up and they claim to have paid out millions of dollars to users and affiliates.  If Luckinews doesn’t actually pay, then what are they doing?  What’s the Website all about?

It’s hard to say, but there are a few ideas that come to mind.  The most likely is that the site is simply harvesting email addresses so that they can use them to send out spam to people.  Luckinews appears to have ties to Russia, and that country is notorious for spamming people.  Another possibility is that Luckinews is actually getting you to do work for them by asking you to complete the math problem after you read each news article.  Such a problem, used to determine if you’re a human or a robot, is known as a CAPTCHA.  Many sites use these for security purposes, and marketers who are interested in submitting content to CAPTCHA-protected Websites often use paid CAPTCHA-breaking services.  The fees are typically fairly low, but they do add up.  It’s quite possible that the people who own Luckinews are simply using people as a CAPTCHA-breaking service, either for their own needs or for those of others.

It’s also possible, of course, that the people who run Luckinews are using the site to hack into PayPal, Payza, or Skrill accounts.  That would be pretty profitable for them.

luckinews articleIt doesn’t really matter what they’re doing; what really matters is what it means to you.  After all, you’re not likely to sign up for Luckinews to do work for other people or to provide your email address to spammers.  You want to get paid.  The problem is that there’s no reason for any responsible news organization to pay anyone to have their news articles read.  That’s particularly true when you consider that the “articles” on the Luckinews site aren’t even full articles.  They’re just a couple of sentences and a headline.  There’s no real news there, and you’re not going to learn much by reading them, nor will any news organization gain anything from you having read them.

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Luckinews Summary

luckinews - thumbs downWhat’s the bottom line on Luckinews?  Is Luckinews a scam?  It is, sadly.  You can sign up and read all the news you like and you can sign up all of your friends and you can run your account balance up into the thousands of dollars.  It won’t matter, because you aren’t going to get paid.  What they’re actually doing is a matter of speculation, but this is all that matters – Luckinews isn’t going to pay you.  While that’s a shame, it’s not a total loss.  Making money online is a worthwhile thing to do, and you can actually do it in an honest way.  One great way to make money online is through affiliate marketing.  Don’t know anything about affiliate marketing?  Then instead of wasting your time on Luckinews, you should consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that will show you how to build your own business online and make money in a legitimate way.  There’s a user forum, easy to follow tutorials, instructional videos and even a “earn while you learn” program.  You can even sign up for free.  That’s a much better deal than wasting your time with Luckinews.

Luckinews is not recommended.


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